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Chapter 0604: First Princess' Investment.

"A Duke expert!" Li Luo’s eyes started shining like saucers and his breathing instantly became heavy as he looked at the noble and beautiful lady before him.

For a moment, hot tears welled up in his eyes.

Wasn't that the whole point of him reaching out to Vice Principal Su Xin To find a Duke expert for assistance  

In the end, the college was unable to assist.

Yet the First Princess was willing to deliver firewood in the midst of winter.

He was literally on cloud nine.

But at this point, he suddenly calmed down and snapped back to reality.

"Your Highness, if I may.

Could I know the reason for your abrupt support" The First Princess might have access to virtually limitless wealth and she had shown goodwill to Jiang Qing'e and him previously, but it was never to this extent.

Simply speaking, she had never gone out of her way for them, unlike now.

In the past, she had always offered support verbally.

Words were cheap after all and did not always have to be backed with actions.

But this was completely different.

She was clearly expressing the side she was taking by providing a Duke expert.

This meant that she was truly investing and taking a bet on House Luolan.

The First Princess gave a faint smile.

"Why It's because of you.

You're becoming more and more valuable even in my eyes.

The previous House Luolan only had Jiang Qing'e supporting it, and things were uncertain.

Nowadays, I am more and more convinced that your potential is in no way inferior to hers.

When the two of you are allowed to bloom, the possibilities will be endless.

Absolutely unfathomable.

My investment in House Luolan will be worth more than ten times what I've put in today." 

After which, she winked at Li Luo.

"Don't you think I'm very pragmatic" 

Li Luo nodded attentively.

"No, no.

I just think that your foresight is impeccable.

I'm the best choice around after all." 

Hearing his characteristic cockiness, her smile became even more dignified.

"Li Luo, no one knows what will happen next.

If House Luolan cannot be protected, I hope you'll do the smart thing and give up.

So long as you and Jiang Qing'e remain alive, House Luolan will exist in spirit.

Reckless action without strength will only lead to an early end.

Forbearance is your friend.

You will then be able to win the war despite losing the battle." 

The First Princess' warning was the exact same as Vice Principal Su Xin's.

Li Luo took both their words very seriously.

He understood perfectly that potential needed time to blossom.

Without that, it was worthless.

Potential was not strength that could be mobilized immediately, so it did not possess any deterrent effect at all.

"I'll remember your words clearly, Your Highness.

I do have to add that if you want to make sure your investment is not wasted...

Why not bet a little more I reckon if you can send three Dukes, this crisis will easily end in a flash.

What do you think Isn't that a great idea" Li Luo laughed.

The First Princess rolled her eyes in response.

"Do you think Duke experts are cabbages that are found anywhere The number of Duke experts in the entire royal court can be counted with your fingers, and we can only command so many.

Furthermore, the safety of the Emperor is of the utmost priority.

How can we provide three Dukes so easily" Li Luo guffawed mischievously.

He'd thrown it out just for fun, and similar to the situation with the vice principal, he knew that such a request was simply impossible.

Additionally, if one considered the circumstances the royal court was in, the bulk of the power she was talking about was probably held by the Regent.


"Additionally..." The First Princess paused as she vacuously stared at the halls before them, a heavy expression forming on her face.

"Whilst House Luolan has problems, we have ones of our own.

In fact, it won't be too many days after your Housemeet."

Li Luo paused for a moment, and that was when it struck him.

He furtively glanced around before whispering softly, "Your Highness, are you referring to the throne ascension ceremony" 

Ever since the old king had passed away, the young Little Emperor had been responsible for taking his place and eventually succeeding him.

But the fact was that he merely carried an empty title.

The true power was held by the Regent as the Little Emperor was merely a child.

Although the First Princess was cognizant of this fact, she was quite young too, and resisting the Regent was practically impossible at that point in time. 

As time passed, the Little Emperor grew older and the First Princess made a name for herself in the Xia Kingdom and the royal court with her achievements, increasing their factional strength over time.

This inevitably threw them into direct conflict and a power struggle against the Regent.

It was only natural as they sought to regain control and displace him. 

The Little Emperor's throne ascension ceremony would be the turning point where the Regent would accede power back to the throne.

Once this was completed, the Little Emperor would formally become the Emperor as well. 

Of course, whether or not the Regent was truly willing to hand over his authority was a separate question altogether.

The kingdom was rife with speculation, whether it was amongst the populace or the powers that be.

Everything going smoothly would be most ideal, but if anything happened, it would undoubtedly lead to startling changes within the kingdom.

Frankly speaking, this was of much more consequence compared to House Luolan's Housemeet.

The internal turmoil of a family could not compare to that of a kingdom.

As a result, Li Luo sympathized with the First Princess' concerns.

Furthermore, he was familiar with the Regent and how far reaching his strength and influence were.

This was basically the most powerful man in the Xia Kingdom bar none.

Additionally, it seemed as though the royal court had become increasingly tyrannical through his guidance.

From another point of view, perhaps the Regent was indeed suited to rule a kingdom.

However, the fact remained that the Little Emperor was the rightful heir.

Despite a tranquil look on the First Princess' beautiful face, her eyes were shrouded with an unfathomable deepness that seemed to contain immeasurable worry.

"Your Highness, there is no need to worry.

This was something the Regent promised to the entire Xia Kingdom long ago.

The Little Emperor is the true ruler, and there are many within the royal court that support him," Li Luo said after a moment of thought.

The First Princess heaved a deep sigh.

"I hope for that too.

Uncle Regent has contributed greatly to the royal family, and I don't want things to end this way." Li Luo nodded.

Things had definitely become complicated. 

With the First Princess' support, this would mean that House Luolan would also inevitably be branded as a supporter of theirs.

Whether or not he agreed with it no longer mattered because anyone else would think that way.

If that was the case, how would the Regent deal with them

This realization caused Li Luo to heave a sigh of his own.

Clearly, there was no such thing as a free lunch.

Unfortunately, there was no other way around it.

The First Princess had provided her assistance.

Who knew what the Regent was thinking anyway.

If House Luolan could not overcome this trial, there was no need to care about the Regent.

Li Luo would just have to slink back into the Astral Sage College and cultivate to the Duke Stage.

At that point, he would have his revenge and these enemies slinking in the dark shouldn't think of escaping. 

"I'll walk you out." The First Princess did not continue to discuss the topic with Li Luo.

All of this was royal politics that should not involve outsiders.

If she had not decided to take a bet on him and Jiang Qing'e, she would never have shared so much about their internal situation. 

Li Luo nodded and was escorted out, directly heading back towards House Luolan.

Upon arriving home, he was greeted by good news.

The miracle paste concocted by Ox Biaobiao was finally completed.


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