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Lin Yis words stunned everyone present.

Wasnt it only right to lend a helping hand when someone needed help

“Kid, dont you have any morals This old gentleman has acute appendicitis, and you wont even let us borrow your car!” The bespectacled man said angrily.

“Dont worry, I wont ask for a discounted fare, and Ill even pay you double!”

“Im not short of money.”

Hearing Lin Yis words, the bespectacled man glanced back and said disdainfully.

“Are you just afraid of dirtying your car Whats so great about a shabby Shari Whats wrong with letting someone else sit in it!”

Seeing Lin Yis indifference, the people around echoed.

“People nowadays really dont have any sense of social responsibility at all.

How can they just turn a blind eye to something like this”

“After they become successful, they dont even want to repay society.

Theyre really hopeless!”


In my opinion, people like him who dont have any sense of social responsibility should be charged!”

“Not only should they be charged, but they should also be fined heavily.

They should all be fined until all their money is gone, and then it should be given to the poor!”

Everyone pointed at Lin Yi one after another, and the man with the glasses looked pleased as if he had found a way to punish Lin Yi.

“Kid, you heard it yourself.

If you continue to act like this, you might drown in saliva!”

The man with the glasses didnt seem to be satisfied and continued.

“Also, this old man has acute appendicitis, and if his life is in danger.

If something really happens, you will be held fully responsible!”

Lin Yi laughed in anger.

“This is the first time Ive seen someone talk about moral kidnapping in such a dignified manner.

Which law in the country says that you have to save someone when theyre at deaths door Youre useless, and yet youre blaming others for being rich”

“Im not your father, and youre not my son.

Helping you is a favor, but my choice to do so is my right.

What right do you have to order me around”

The bespectacled man was dumbfounded by Lin Yis continuous questions.

He didnt expect this guy to be so sharp-tongued!

“Stop talking nonsense.

Its your fault that he cant be saved.

When the time comes, Ill post this on Weibo and let all the people of Huaxia blame you!”

“You keep saying that Im not saving him.

Id really like to know, what right do you have to say that hes dying in the first place” Lin Yi said.

“Or rather, who told you that he has acute appendicitis” The bespectacled man asked

“Are you kidding me Ive already diagnosed him.

Theres no way Im wrong.

Its clearly the symptoms of acute appendicitis!” The bespectacled man explained loudly.

“Whats wrong with this guy Hes driving a broken down Shari, and yet, hes questioning a doctor from Huashan Hospital”

“Common diseases like acute appendicitis have been shown on TV before.

Even a middle-aged woman like me can tell that these are the symptoms of acute appendicitis, let alone a professional doctor.

Despite this, hes still saying that its not the case.

Hes clearly not trying to help and is looking for an excuse.”

“I agree.

People nowadays look pretty good, but their bones are rotten.

They have no conscience at all.”

Lin Yi shrugged and said,

“Since you say its appendicitis, then treat it as appendicitis.

I can bring him along, but Ill have to trouble you to be conscientious and help him raise some medical fees.

With Huashan Hospitals standards, an appendicitis surgery costs about twenty thousand yuan.

Each of you can donate a small amount.”

The little girl looked at the people around her with hope in her eyes.

“Uncles and Aunties, I beg you to lend me some money.

My family background is not bad.

When the time comes, leave your names and Ill return the money to you.”


The people around her subconsciously stepped back, their eyes filled with wariness.

“I dont have any money in my pocket.

Dont look at me like that.”

“I still have to use my money to buy a house for my son.

I cant lend you anything.”

“This might be the case, but when the time comes to ask for the repayment, who will return it”

“Uncle, Auntie, please,” the little girl cried.

“When my grandfather recovers, Ill tell my parents to return the money to you.”

“Youd better not promise this.

Youre simply asking for too much.

Our money didnt fall from the sky.”

“Miss, dont ask these people.

Ask the uncle who is treating your grandfather.

Hes the most responsible person here, and saving lives is a doctors duty.

Hell definitely help you,” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“Uncle, can you help me”


The bespectacled man was speechless.

Twenty thousand yuan wasnt a small amount.

If he lent her money, what would he do if they didnt return it

There were too many cases like this in the hospital.

He couldnt take the risk.

“Uncle doesnt have that much money.”

“No money That cant be right, right” Lin Yi said.

“I saw your watch.

Its an Omega.

Its worth a lot of money if you pawn it.

Its your duty to save lives, even so, youre not even willing to help them, sigh…”

Damn it!

The bespectacled man was so angry that he wanted to curse!

Youre f*cking toying with me!

Lin Yi shrugged.

“You guys were going on and on preaching about my morals.

When its your turn to contribute, each and every one of you ran faster than a rabbit.

Its not like Im asking you to pay for all of it.

Cant you even loan them a few hundred dollars”

No one said a word.

They all looked at Lin Yi awkwardly, wishing they could find a hole to hide in.

“Stop standing there and criticizing us!” The bespectacled man shouted.

“If youre so capable, how about you lend them the money”

The little girl looked at Lin Yi with pleading eyes.

“Big Brother, please help me.

If you dont send my grandfather to the hospital, his life will be in danger.”

Lin Yi patted the little girls head.

“Dont worry, your grandfathers life wont be in danger.”

“Why wont he be in danger Acute appendicitis…”

“Dont listen to him,” Lin Yi said.

“He ate the wrong thing this morning.

Theres gas in his stomach.

Its not acute appendicitis at all.”

“Youre saying he ate the wrong thing!”

The bespectacled man raised his voice and confronted Lin Yi.

“Kid, I think you just dont want to lend them money, so just make up an excuse to lie to them!”

“Yeah, that must be it!” The crowd chimed in.

“Look at him, hes just a worker.

He must be afraid of being ripped off, thats why hes making up this excuse to escape the situation!”

“Sigh, the world is really getting worse.

He doesnt even have moral integrity anymore.”

“Hes doubting the standards of the doctors in Huashan Hospital.

What a joke!”

The people who were watching Lin Yi all shared their own complaints.

Now that they had found a place to vent their anger, they started scolding Lin Yi, trying to get back at him after getting embarrassed.

Lin Yi ignored them and took out 100 yuan, handing it to the little girl.

“Go to the pharmacy next door and buy lactic acid bacteria and galactosidase.

Hurry up.”

“Got it, Big Brother.”

The little girl took Lin Yis money and rushed to the pharmacy.

She bought the medicine back in less than two minutes.

“Give me the water bottle in your bag.”


Lin Yi took out two pills and fed them to the old man.

Then, he rubbed the old mans abdomen clockwise for a while.

“Burp, burp, burp…”

After about half an hour, the old man burped a few times.

His face was much better than before, and he was not as pale as before.

After another half a minute, the old man, who was almost unconscious, woke up on his own!

His pale face returned to normal, and he now like a normal person.

“Grandpa, Grandpa, are you okay now” The little girl asked nervously.

“I feel much better now.

Im fine now.

This little brother is the best.

He can tell that I ate something bad with just one look.”

The people standing around were stunned when they heard that.

It… It really was just a case of bad digestion!

“But this big brother said that you have acute appendicitis.”

The old man looked at the bespectacled man.

“This guy is so unprofessional, and he probably always jumps to conclusions.

Whoever gets him as a doctor him will be really unlucky.”

Lin Yi stood to the side and looked at the others.

“Didnt you guys agree that he had acute appendicitis Now that his symptoms have improved, Im guessing you still want to him for surgery.”


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