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Episode 16


If I had known it would turn out like this, I would have said I was raising Pirori.

It was better to get caught with Pirori than to get caught with potion.

Pirori said he would release him, but it's enough to meet him outside.

In contrast, Susan...

… .

No, no.

I kept trying to keep the feeling of digging into the ground.

Yes, the water has already been spilled.

If it had continued like this, if it had been like that, there was nothing good to think about.

We had to devise measures to get out of this crisis quickly.

I muttered more quietly to Pirori, who was still playing cute with me.

“It would be nice if Pirori could talk.”

Pirori cannot prove my innocence.

I laughed at the sudden thought.

“Look how I really am.”

To expect the help of a bird, not a person.

If I were a normal child who died and returned at the age of 10, I was a body with the knowledge of reading the original work.

Because I have reincarnated and returned.

Still, such an absurd idea.

Conversely, it also meant that it was so desperate.

Suddenly, I remembered that Pirori hurts when I think bad thoughts.

“What should I do, Pirori”


“Pirori told me not to do bad things.”

No, I read it that way with my expression.

“I must get my revenge.”

"beep… … .”

“Otherwise I have no face with Susan.

And you won't even survive.”

Pirori blinked as if she didn't know why, but she didn't seem to stop me.

No, rather, he judged me with a calm expression.

Then, he walked up to my shoulder with a gun.


Pirori patted the side of my head with its wide wings.


It's like 'I forgive your sins.' As if cheering for my revenge.

* * *

Outside the window, it was already dark.

I heard a gurgling sound from the boat, but no one brought me food.

In the meantime, I sat helplessly on the sofa with Pirori.

Growling, the boat's horn roared loudly again.

Pirori, who had been calm to him, suddenly became enraged.

“Beep! Beep beep!”

Then he flew to the door and scratched the doorknob with his claws.

However, outside the tightly closed door, no one could hear any signs of presence.

I called Pirori like that.

“Pirori, don’t strain yourself for nothing.”


'But those!' Pirori got angry.

“I’m fine, so you can go out and eat something.”


“You can go out the window.

There must be nuts or earthworms in the garden.”

“Beep… … .”

'How can I leave you' Pirori's expression became sullen for a moment.

I laughed helplessly because Pirori was so cute and commendable.

“Come on, I’m fine.”

After thinking for a while, Pirori said, 'I'll bring some fruit.' As if she flew out the window.

But it was at this time.

The Pirori that was flying away is Tup.

It was captured by an unexpected intruder.


“… … bird"

The intruder brought the pirori right in front of me.

I was startled and jumped up from my seat.

“Ka, Karsian”

The person who broke in through the window was none other than Karcian.

The moon was shining brightly behind Karcian.

The light of the bluish moonlit night reflected Karsian's handsome face.

He is still young, only 10 years old, but he is indeed a male protagonist.

The true value of crazy beauty was demonstrated in the dim light.

I watched in a daze as Karcian was turning Pirori around.

No, he was right when he said that his gaze was stolen.


'Don't just watch, help!' It was only after Pirori shouted that that she finally came to her senses.

“Ka, Karsian.


… No, let that bird go.

It hurts.”

“I didn’t know you kept birds.”

“Not long ago.”

At my words, Karsian let Pirori go.

Pirori 'This shameful fellow!' I slap Karsian's hand with my wings and returned to me.

As he held out his finger, the pip loli that sat there chattered.

“Beep beep, beep! Beep!”

It was as if he was protesting why he had been watching without saving him.

I apologized to Pirori and turned to Karsian.

"What happened… … ah."

Like an idiot, I almost asked what was going on.

Knowing that I was locked in a room for stealing potions, I must have come through the window.

I took out a letter from the drawer and handed it over.

“So, are you here to get this”

The fact that I was caught possessing magic potion means that there is a possibility that I have finished restoring the stationery.

Carcian had come to receive the letter.

But contrary to my expectations, Carcian seldom received the letter.

Rather, 'Oh, there was this.' It was a look that I realized only now.

Carcian said as he took the letter and put it in his pocket.

“I have this too.”


“But it’s not just the stationery.”

“What do you mean”

“He said he was punished by not being able to drink even a sip of water.”

"ah… … .”

Are you here to make fun of me I haven't seen it so calmly...

… phew, no

I have done wrong to Karcian.

As much as I want to get revenge on Betty, Karsian will want to get revenge on me too.

In order to really repent of my wrongdoing, I have to accept Carcian's revenge.

I nodded as if resigned.

But instead of making fun of me, Carcian did something unexpected.


“… … uh"

Suddenly, bread was served.


You're not hungry.”

I blankly looked at the bread Carcian was holding.

“Beep… … .”

Pirori was also surprised.

With a small voice, Carcian pulled out an unripe fruit from her pocket with her other hand.

“I brought this for dessert, but I will give it to your pet bird.”


Pirori 'Who's a pet bird!' I protested as if I was going to, but it immediately flew into Carcian's hand with her fruit.

I was still looking at the bread Carcian handed me.

Karsian hesitantly said.

“Or do you hate eating without soup … … Sheesh, soup is hard to steal.”

Karsian frowned as if in trouble.

“Then wait.

I will steal...

… .”

“No, no.”

I tightly grabbed Karsian's hand, who seemed to be turning away at any moment.

With his two hands, he grabbed my wrist, which was harder than mine, and pulled it towards me.

“Something like that… … no."

For some reason, my throat was stuffed up.

More precisely, I felt like crying.

The emotion I'm feeling right now is an obvious regret.

Oh, I must have bullied such a sweet child.

You've been bullying such a caring Carcian.

I muttered in a choking voice.

"I… … You don't deserve this.”

“… … .”


There was no answer from Karsian.

My heart was pounding and my stomach was rumbling.

The days when I tormented him in order to receive his mother's love, the days when I vaguely decided 'I have to do well in the future in order to live!'

As we kept our heads down, Karsian said.

“Then throw it away”

"What That doesn't mean...

… !”

When he raised his head in surprise, there was a frowning Carcian in front of him.

He looked down at my wrist held in my hands and nodded as if to accept the bread.

“Then take it.”

“I, I still… … .”


Despite the threat, which was not scary, I hurriedly accepted the bread.

Then, he lowered his head again.

“… … woah."


“… … Thank you.”

Her voice, wet from crying, trembled thinly.

I don't have the courage to look at Carcian's face.

Frankly, I was conceited.

Even though it was a letter, it was like that.

I thought it was natural that he didn't trust me, but on the other hand, I thought he'd do what I said.

Because he knew Carcian had no other options.

So I took advantage of Karcian's desperation.

That said, I took advantage of such a friendly person.

I couldn't forgive myself for saying that my nose grew three, or that it was to survive.

While I was still lowering my head at this thought, Karsian said.

“What are you so sorry about and thankful for”

Karsian said bluntly.

Then, as if to ask him to look up, he tapped my cheek with his other hand.

I raised my head without realizing it.

He smiled at me with his back to the moonlight.

“Your debt has been paid.”

Karsian was really kind to the end.

But Carcian's laughter did not last long.

"why are you crying."

Because my eyes were full of tears.

“Are you that hungry if not… … Where does it hurt”

Rough fingers, which could hardly be seen as a youngsik from the count's family, gently stroked her eyes.

His fingers were wet.

I vowed to remember this roughness that touched my eyes for the rest of my life.

So even if in the future Karcian is happy to meet his father, he thought to return the favor to him.

And he promised to reveal that I was not terminally ill.



“From now on, I will only make you really happy.”

You are having a big fight with the princess who will later become your wife, and I will help you with that.

I won't just run away, I'll tell you how to solve it and leave.

I looked at him resolutely.

Karsian looked at me like that and tapped my forehead.

“Eat some bread.”

Oh, I don't believe it.

But since I'm real, I'll only make you happy in the future.

I thought so, but just as Carcian said, I quietly bit off the bread.

“… … delicious."

The bread had cooled and hardened, but it was still delicious.

I don't know if it's because I'm very hungry, or if it's because of Carcian's heart that brought me this bread.


Karsian just stared at me for a while as I hurriedly ate the bread.


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