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“… … therefore"

He asked me after drinking the water Carcian brought me.

“What are you going to do next”

A little while ago, I revealed to him that the drug Betty had obtained was obtained through my own abilities.

He said several times that he never stole it.

I was afraid that Carcian would treat me like a stray cat.

“The Marquis will definitely not believe you.”

At Karsian's words, I nodded grimly.


If I told you I was innocent, I'd hurt Susan even more.”

“But isn’t that why you can’t just leave your hands alone like this”

Carcian felt sorry for the story that Susan was being taken and beaten instead of me.

I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand and nodded.

“Actually, I already have an idea.”


“If this is the case, not only will I get rid of Betty, but I will also get **ed by my father… … no.

I can embarrass you.”

I tipped off part of my plan to Carcian.

Karsian, who had been listening with a silent nod of his head, suddenly looked at me with a curious expression.

“Why are you looking at me like that”

“No, I thought you were this smart.”

He wrinkled his nose and laughed.

He had already read the expression once and knew it, but hearing it in his voice made me feel strange.

Actually, I'm kind of...

… I was very stupid

Perhaps even Carcian knew that I was thirsty for my mother's love.

But in the future, it will be completely different!

I glanced at Carcian once and said.

“But there is a problem with this plan.”



There is no evidence.”

The people of the Marquis wouldn't even listen to me.

I muttered, fiddling with my thumbnails.

“We need evidence that everyone has to admit.”

Karsian took my hand and said.

“There must be a way.

Don't be in a hurry.”

Then he touched the tip of his sharpened fingernails and clicked his tongue.

The look was so natural, I entrusted my hand to him without realizing it.

In the original story, Karcian was a very sensitive child before losing his emotions because of the people of the Marquis.

So when she later regains her feelings due to her mistress, the princess, she becomes a very delicate and affectionate obsessive man.

Delicate and caring to my woman, delicate and relentless to my enemies.

The scene where even the hidden enemies are expelled was like a horror movie.

Karsian said with a face that he didn't care if he was unconsciously fiddling with my hand.

“By the way, what is the pendant on Pirori’s necklace It was very shiny from before.”

Every time the Pirori moved, the jewel-like beads glistened in the moonlight.

"I do not know either.

It was a gift from the owner of Grouan, and he said that it would be helpful if I became friends with Pirori.”

“If you become friends with birds, is that pendant helpful”

Karsian asked as if wondering.

He pondered something, then snapped his fingers.

"i get it.

Pirori, come here.”

When Karsian held out his hand, Pirori, who was walking on the table, gave him a fierce look.

'Am I a dog! Go when I call!'

However, Carcian couldn't read Pirori's expression and only urged him to fly.

I read the light of enlightenment on Karcian's face astutely.

“Pirori, go to Karsian.”

At my words, Pirori said, 'Latia, even you...

… !' I was shocked, but I had no choice but to fly to Carcian.

Karsian clasped his fingers tightly and examined Pirori's necklace.


he said with a condescending smile.



“You owe me.”

huh What is this sound

As I tilted my head as if I didn't know why, Karsian whispered to me.

I widened my eyes at his words.

“This way… … !”

“You must not forget the debt you owe me.”

Karsian growled.

I nodded broadly.

“Yes, I will never forget! I will pay you back for the rest of my life!”

I laughed like an idiot, hehe, at the burst of joy.

For a moment, Carcian's eyes fluttered, but it was a very short moment.

* * *

Three days later, my father sent me a glass of water, saying, “If I did this, I would have regretted it.” It was just enough to quench your throat.

It was not a warm heart, but the way he gave me a glass of cold water and spoke as if he was patronizing, I was full of energy.

Seeing this, Pirori became enraged and threatened to pluck all of her hair and make her bald.

The anger subsided by itself as I calmed down Pirori.

Thanks to that, I was able to think with cold reason.

On the day he punished me, he must have confirmed that the magic potion was still in the study.

But his father is very proud.

He said it was his mistake, and there was no way he would reap the punishment he had once inflicted.

In other words, my father deliberately starved for three days even though he knew it was not my fault.

Because of that petty pride.

It would have been very difficult if Karsian and Pirori had not helped.

Pirori secretly traveled underground and 'told' Susan's story.

And today, two more days later, I received a call from my father.

“The Marquis told me to bring him quickly, but… … You should wash before that.”

The maid looked at me and held her nose.

It's as if something stinks from me.

funny, really

In the meantime, with the help of Karcian and Pirori, I have solved not only eating but also washing.

Although it's not as perfect as when Susan took care of her, at least it doesn't stink.

“Come on, wash up.”

The maid nodded her head as she filled the bathtub with cold water.

She didn't even have water to wash her face.

It seemed to me that she was not even worth the bath water.

After staring at the maid, I washed myself.

I felt chills because I washed it with cold water, but I gnashed my teeth and endured it.

I must escape from this filthy and despicable house.

So on the day of their execution, they will survive alone.

The bullying of the people at the place of the marquis only quenched my vengeful spirit.

While I was waiting in the drawing room, my father came in.

My father didn't even greet me properly, but I got up and greeted him.

But my father ignored me.

“Do you know why I called you here today”

Well, it must be to entrust me with the management of the illegal fighting arena.

In my previous life, as soon as my father found out that I was good at arithmetic, he immediately ordered me to work.

Originally, my father had entrusted me with simple calculations that would take time to do.

It was such a simple job that it was difficult to hire people, so it always took up my father's time.

I wanted to be praised and acknowledged by my father.

So I worked hard, and I checked it several times, reducing my sleep at night in case I was wrong.

After that, when I never made a single mistake, my father started giving me more and more difficult tasks.

By the time I died, I was even in charge of stake management.

At just 10 years of age.

However, this is what 'me' knows, not 'Latia in this life'.

So I carefully shook my head and answered.


I do not know."

Is it because I washed it with cold water Because of the chills, a thin voice came out, like someone who had starved for days.

His father said with a satisfied face.

“I hear you often meet up with Guan Sangju these days”

“… … yes"

I was so surprised at the moment that I opened my eyes wide and asked.

No, why is this subject brought up here

Since he hadn't secretly met Celltron, he expected the news to reach his father's ears.

However, the top group of Gruan was very weak, and even after realizing the ability of a druid, they did not do anything outstanding.

Because I'm not working with my father yet, so I don't have any information to pass on to him.

So, in the father's eyes, it would be nothing more than a 'meeting of an illegitimate child who has no personal resources and a collapsing upperclassman'.

Isn't that why you haven't bothered in the past By the way, he brings up the story of the Gruan Merchant when he has to entrust the work of the illegal fighting arena

I was dazed, but then waited for my father's words with a fierce expression as if I didn't know anything.

The more vigilant the opponent is, the more information they will reveal.

And my thoughts were right on point.

“You are the eldest daughter of the Marquis of Gladellis.”

My father began to speak in a voice that pretended to be kind.

“What will other people think if they hear that you are not from another guild and that you hang out with the Gruan guild”

“… … .”

“Shouldn’t I act without realizing it as a gladelis and harm the family”

He spoke sternly, as if his father were admonishing him.

At that, I bowed my head like a dead child.

My father looked at me for a while and said,

“You are overly innocent and have a naive side.”

It is also a talent to turn the word stupid like this.

“Surely that swindler must have seduced you.”

My father's blue eyes glinted at me greedily.

my father said

“I hear you said you came to sell herbs at first, and then you wanted to buy them.”

"yes that's right."

“What do you need herbs for If it's the herbs sold at the Grouan Merchant, aren't they also in the backyard"

At this time, I realized why my father had brought up the story of the Gruan Merchant.

I told the knights at the time that they needed 'herbs with high efficacy'.

And I took Celtron to my room.

“It's a medicinal herb with excellent efficacy...

… .

So, are you saying that the medicinal herbs grown in the garden are weak”


At my answer, my father's blue eyes shone insidiously.

“What makes you think so”

The voice that interrogated me was kind and sharp, like a child.


Apparently, my father was curious about the conversation between me and Celtron.


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