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To be honest, I was offended by Betty, the maid, talking back to me as the eldest daughter.

But she said it was so natural and natural that no one pointed it out to her.

stupid people.

The longer the conversation between Betty and I was, the more it was like revealing my position within the Marquis.

While my father was sobbing, a tense fight continued.

'Look at this' on Betty's face.

I was young.

I shrugged.

I'm sorry, I'm still far away.

I pursed my lips as if upset.

“You made me into a maid or a bullying mistress.

I'm sorry, Betty.

I prepared even the softest for you.”

When I held out my hand, the pirori that was sitting on my shoulder flew lightly.

“Oh, Betty.

Hasn't Betty ever been like that I wish animals could talk, I want to have a conversation.

What do you mean”

I gently stroked Pirori's head and looked at Betty.

Betty only put on a wary look, but he didn't answer.

“I have So I put this on Pirori.”

The pendant on Pirori's neckline shone brightly.

Elene, who had been looking at Pirori the whole time, her eyes lit up as if she was curious.

“Betty, how did I know you were sneaking into my room and taking my money”

Betty didn't even properly deny this.

Are you really stupid, or do you think it's okay to steal things from your illegitimate son

I thought it might be the latter.

Of course, it was understandable that Betty felt this way.

Because I was a stupid Latia who always lived with suffering.

But the problem is, I'm no longer stupid, and I have Celtron where I am now.

I looked around the crowd and said, as if telling a very interesting story.

“Pirori told me.”

“Pirori… … go"

Elene asked incredulously.

I turned the pendant half a turn without answering.


[Say it Say it Say it]

Light came out of the pendant, and letters floated in the air.

It's like watching a movie through a projector.

I looked at Betty and said.

“You know, this is a magic tool.

With this, I can talk to any animal.”

It is a kind of animal language translator.

A new letter appeared in the air.

[All of what Latia said is true.

i've seen it all That maid named Betty didn't even really cheat, did she She searched Latia's room.

to find her money.

Oh, right.

Then what drug did she discover]

Suddenly, the flower pot slipped from Betty's hand.

Amidst the sound of pots breaking, the words that translated Pirori's words continued.

[She saw the medicine and immediately said, 'It belongs to the Marquis.' Later, she heard from Latia that the same medicine was in the study of the Marquis, so it was misunderstood.]

Beep, Pirori tilted her head.

[But isn’t it strange How did Betty know as soon as she saw the medicine that it was the same as the one in the Marquis' study]

“That, that.”

Before my father could say anything, the words came to mind again.

[It's as if I've been to the Marquis' study.]

* * *

At Pirori's words, Laceyna jumped out of her seat and stood up.

“Betty! How did you know that the magic potion was in the Marquis' study I can't believe I really went into the study...

… !”

In an instant, a light of realization flashed across Racina's face, saying, 'Come to think of it!' It was something she hadn't noticed when she heard Betty accuse her of having Latia with her pills.

It was natural for Laceyna to react so sensitively.

Albus had only told Reishina that there were very valuable things in the library.

With the fear that if even the smallest dust in the study were to be revealed to the world, the marquis' family would collapse.

So even her marquise wife, Laceyna, has never entered Albus' study.

Since getting married, not even once!

But to say that a maid went into that library, that Betty, an amputee maid, and no one else

Besides, Betty is a maid with a scandal of an affair with Albus.

Laceyna thought I had nothing left behind Betty.

'Where I couldn't enter, Betty...

… !'

It was something to keep an eye on.

“Oh no! lady! Misunderstanding!”

Betty, of course, denied it.

Then, with a blushing face, she alternately pointed her finger at Pirori and Latia.

“It's nonsense! All of this is nonsense!”

In the midst of her rage, Laceyna still seemed to have a long way to go.

She seemed to think that it was too soon to believe the words of Ratia and the bird.

Betty raised her voice even more as Laceyna seemed to wince.

“To frame me with a magical tool of unknown origin! Ruining the luncheon with such nonsense is like deceiving the Marquis!”

Betty tried to snatch Pirori.

[Where, where! It's okay if you catch me!]

Pirori fluttered and made fun of Betty.

I messed with her hair with her sharp claws and pecked at the rake-like hands that were trying to catch me.

“Oops! This damn bird...

… !”

It was around the time that Betty's face had a small scratch.

“Oh no!”

Albus slammed the table and shouted.

Everyone froze at the voice echoing in the Grand Hall.

It didn't seem to matter to her anymore that she was in front of a guest named Celtron.

Only the sound of flapping and flapping wings resounded in the quiet grand hall.

Albus glared at Latia with a shameful face as if he couldn't stand it any longer.

He's neither Betty nor Ratia.

"this… … What kind of fuss is this at a place where you have a precious guest”

Albus was thinking of leaving everything to Latia, who caused a commotion in the first place.

It was clear that he was secretly trying to cover up his affair.

Latia was stunned.

'No matter what, I am the daughter of the Marquis.'

If there is something suspicious about the maid, isn't it in order to rebuke her first What's more, now it's in front of guests.

However, Latia did not express herself.

'What can I expect from my father'

On the one hand, Albus' expression was read and understood.

Albus was displeased that Celltron, whom he had ignored, was treating him like this while standing at the threshold of the grand corps.

But, in front of Celtron, something within the family was discovered, and soybean flour was discovered!

“You too, stop making a fuss and take a seat.”

Albus said to Laceyna, who still looked confused.

She then winked at Pirori, who was flapping her wings.

“Hurry up and throw away that leash that looks like you’re catching garbage that you don’t even know where it came from.

No, break it.”

In that case, the father pretended to be patronizing, saying that he would leave this matter aside.

Latia thought that now was the right time.

She glanced at Celtron, and he nodded her head.

“Sorry for the fuss.

Latia is still very young, so she doesn't know how to choose the right time and place.

But you see, how much she cares for her maid.

She's obviously a good top tier...

… .”

Albus tried to defuse the situation by putting the disheveled napkin back on his collar.

It was at this time.


… Click!

A sheet of paper fell from the sky and stuck to Albus' greasy forehead.

“… … .”

“… … .”

Another silence hung over the hall.

Albus twitched his mustache and removed the paper from his forehead.


The paper was thin and the writing was clear.

Because of that, I could clearly see what was written on the paper even on the back page.

Albus' face turned red.

"dare… … Who dares to play such a joke...

… !”

It was when Albus was about to vent his anger.

Pallang again...

… Click again!

This time, it clung to Albus' left cheek.

Albus nervously removed the paper and read it.


“How dare you!”

Albus even put together the pieces of paper that said "Idiot" and tossed them on the floor.

Then he jumped up from his seat and cried out.

"What kind of fool did you play a prank like this!"

The loud voice resounded again, fluttering and snapping!

Starting with the piece of paper stuck to Albus' right cheek, sorghum.



Countless papers poured from the empty air, engulfing not only Albus but also Laceyna sitting nearby.

Even those papers were all warranties!

“Profit, this, this… … !”

Albus struggled amidst the guarantees pouring down like heavy rain.

“Honey, honey!”

This situation was the same for Laceyna, so the couple held hands and swam in the sea of ​​paper as if they were dancing a waltz.

“Ahahaha, hahahaha!”

Then, a loud laugh was heard in the air.

It was a joyful laugh, as if he couldn't stand this ridiculous sight.

"I know."

Again, along with an unfamiliar voice, the sound of high heels hitting the floor was heard.

“You can’t carelessly disparage my stuff.

So you were punished.”

Through the open door, white light leaked in.

Because of that, the silhouette of a woman standing crookedly and coquettishly appeared even darker.

“What kind of guy are you!”

My father, who managed to get out of the sea of ​​guarantees, asked with a messed up look.


The woman spoke in a captivating voice and walked arrogantly.

The woman who came closer had jet-black hair and eyes that were as shiny as black pearls.

Chuck, she smiled as she fanned out her black peacock-feathered fan, waving hers.

As the sharp corners of his eyes curled like a fox, Albus had to stare blankly at her.

She was equally alluring and dangerous at the same time.

Then the woman spoke.


“The top of the top of all things Yeriel sold with a leash that seems to catch garbage of unknown origin.”


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