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The quality of the herbs at the top of Groan was very good.

However, the price was as high as it was excellent, but as soon as my father became the head of household, he presented an outrageous delivery amount.

It was cut by half of the original value.

The Marquis of Gladellis is very aristocratic on the outside, and is respected by many people.

To the extent that rumors spread that there was a problem with the Merchant, which had lost business with our family.

In the end, the Gruan upper house had no choice but to deliver at an outrageous price.

It was only natural that the wages of the employees would decrease as they received less money.

His father penetrated this gap and bribed the people of the Gruan Merchants and stole the seedlings and cultivation methods.

So, in the patronage of the Marquis, there are herbs grown with the cultivation method stole from the Grouan Merchants.

Since we have been trading for generations, it became natural for our family to know the secrets of the Gruan Merchant.

'It must have been because they were close to each other.'

'What a wonderful family the Marquis of Gladellis is, so they couldn't have had a bad heart'

'It's a family that is a model of noblesse oblige, so I can trust it!'

Is that kind of public opinion formed

In addition, our family sold the herbs grown in large quantities at a much lower price than the Gruan Merchant.

Although the quality was low, they competed in quantity instead.

As a result, the Grouan Merchants gradually lost their place, and in the end, they were treated like merchants.

Looking back, our family is really evil...

… .

With the good image that my grandfather had built up, I fell asleep after doing all the bad things in the world.

As I was thinking about that, Susan said as if she felt sorry for her.

"It's really pitiful to work as the top lord's sister."

“Ah, yes.

It is said that it is a disease that can be cured by taking medicine.”

Fortunately, the medicine wasn't that expensive.

However, because of our family's power-hungry, the corps went bankrupt and became a beggar.

They don't even have the money to cover the cost of those cheap drugs.

It was said that her illness was difficult to treat with only raw herbs.

She was the daughter of the Herbalist Merchant, and she was dying because there was no medicine.

Well… … Honestly, I want to help, but that doesn't mean I can't support my younger sister until she gets better...

… .

Besides, I don't have the personal resources to provide continuous support.

“It would be nice to be able to stand tall as the first runner at the top of herbal medicine again.

The stuff was really good.”

"I know.

Even if they were raised in the same way, they said they couldn’t compare to those of our family.”

I wanted to help him, but now my nose is three.

Because I am an illegitimate child, I have a narrow position, and I will die in the future.

you have to live with me

Thinking so, I tried to turn around, but I stopped involuntarily.

wait, i...

… You know how the Gruan Merchants can get back on their feet!

Besides, thinking about it, my final goal was from Carcian's mouth, 'He's not a bad person.' not hearing the sound By the time Carcian's father returned, I was only ten years old.

How can a 10-year-old daughter of an extinct family guarantee her safety

I had to find a place to trust myself until I became an adult.

And just as I did, I knew how to rebuild the Gruan Merchant.

The brain spun rapidly and then shone.

“Susan, follow me!”

I quickly headed towards the front door where the scuffle was taking place.

The knights who spotted me quickly hid their weapons.

I passed them and went to the front of the upper caution.


Gruane Sangsanju looked down at me with a puzzled face.

Then, perhaps realizing that I was the young lady of the Marquis, I quickly greeted her politely.

“Hello, Lady Gladellis.”

It was a complex face, but it was polite and sincere.

I said with a smile.

“I need some medicinal herbs that are very effective.

Could you show me your catalog, please”

“A catalog Mm, of course!”

“My lady, if it's medicinal herbs, aren't they also in the backyard of the mansion There's no need to bring in such peddlers.”

The knight intercepted the words of the top lord.

The expression of Sang Sangju became gloomy again at the word 'miscellaneous merchant'.

I went to the side of the upper section and said to the driver.

“Have you not heard of the need for 'highly effective herbs' And I don't think I ever gave you permission to speak.”

The cool knight hesitated for a moment.

'Why is this illegitimate child doing this all of a sudden' It was an expression that seemed to be estimating.

Why are you doing this, I, an illegitimate child, am trying to clear up one of our family's mistakes.

I'm surviving a bit too.

I looked around the top bar again without answering the article.

“Shall we go inside and talk slowly”

About how the Gruan Merchant can rise again and how to entrust me.

I smiled as harmlessly as possible.

* * *

Susan served hot tea.

"Oh, thank you."

Gruan's young top lord, Celltron, entered my room and sat across from me with a bewildered face.

Susan smiled at him and went to stand behind me.

Celltron took a sip of the tea with a bewildered expression, probably unfamiliar with such kindness.

I sighed and said to him

“Please get me a job at the Grouan Merchant.”


At my words, Celltron spewed out the tea he drank.

“Heh, heh! Sin, sorry!”

Celltron panicked, not knowing what to do, but fortunately it didn't jump out at me because it was far away.

I said it with the mildest expression possible.

“I will be of help to the Grouan Merchant.”

Celltron wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and looked at me with a bewildered face.

'What is this young lady saying' A look of puzzlement was evident.

However, 'Yes, then.' With a smile on her face, she bowed her head.

To hear that he had brought me to show me the catalog was a job, and I felt very discouraged.

he said in a disappointed voice.

“I'm sorry, but our guild cannot increase staff right now.

because… … .”

“Because the top is very difficult The Merchant of the Marquis of Gladellis sells a lot of herbs that are handled by the Gurouan Merchant at a low price.”

At my words, Celltron's body froze.

As if I didn't know I could talk like this in an adult way.

Is that why In an instant, Celltron's expression said, 'Knowing everything.' Resentment, not resentment, was young.

I leaned towards him and said.

“So you have to get me a job all the more.”

"miss… … .”

“My father, the Marquis of Gladellis, bribed the people of the Grouan Merchants and stole information.”

In an instant, Celltron's eyes widened.

'How do you even know that' It was a look.

At the same time, anger toward Gladellis rose up.

Because of that anger, it didn't matter anymore that I was only 7 years old.

It's fortunate that our family has a very gentlemanly image on the outside.

Generation after generation has a great passion for learning, so it is said that all children are grown-ups.

That's why Celtron knows the Gladellis family well, 'what the hell is this lady' I didn't have the same question.

After his regression, the family that only laughed at is so helpful.

I spoke in a whispering voice as if to stir up his heart.

“You can’t just be suffering, can you Please get me a job.”

“My lady, so now you have betrayed the family of the Marquis of Gladellis… … .”

Celltron noticed me.

I said as I lifted the teacup.

“I think it’s too early to talk about it in depth.


I glanced at Susan, who was standing behind me.

Susan is my only friend who is despised in this life as well as in the past.

So she can be trusted as much as she is.

I took a sip of tea and talked quietly.

“I am actually an illegitimate child.”

“… … !”

As Celltron's eyes widened, I could feel Susan's gaze on me.

I only looked at Celltron and said.

“I think I would have understood enough.”

His eyes were quivering mercilessly.

It's hard to believe.

Of course, I am known to the world as 'the eldest daughter of the Marquis de Gladellis'.

There are no rumors of an illegitimate child.

It's because my father is tightly clamping down on the servants.

So Celltron is the first to hear this story.

I said to the thoughtful Celltron.

“Please get me a job at the Gurouan Merchant.

I can help you directly or indirectly.”

“… … .”

"Because I'm going to help my father with the business he runs soon."

For an instant, Celltron's eyes shone.

I said, ignoring the fact that Celtron's pupils were shining because of the calculation.

“So, I can instantly know which trades my father is dealing with with which guild.”

The sound of me setting down the teacup spread quietly.

I have been in my father's business since about this time in my last life.

The operation of the fighting arena, which was the decisive factor in receiving the death penalty.

I was exceptionally good at arithmetic and had overall talent for upper management.

Later, he took me on a deal, and there were quite a few big deals made thanks to me.

But no matter how much, my parents didn't love me.

The tip of my tongue was bitter at the bitter memory, but I opened my mouth quickly so as not to tremble.

“And I know how the Grouan Caravan can rise again.”

“Is that really true”


I nodded my head and thought of the original.

In the original work, the Gruan Merchant later prospers as a caravan that supplies medicinal herbs to the Hwangseong.

To be precise, the male lead Karsian made it that way.


A few years after taking revenge on our family, Carcian returns after rescuing a fallen princess from the trade she left with her father.

And she is the heroine of this book, Iris.


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