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The original heroine, Iris, suffers from homesickness due to the shock and longing of her country being destroyed.

Carcian wants to be her strength.

After her rumors, she saves a flower that only grows in the country of Iris.

But she seldom blooms, and in the middle of her headache, Carcian comes up with her grouan top.

Even though the guild has gone bankrupt, they have the know-how of growing many plants.

By that time, Celltron's sister had passed away.

She was discouraged by the reality that Celltron could not even hold her sister's funeral, and she became a disabled person.

Carcian, who heard the circumstances, cursed the family of the Marquis of Gladellis together and held the funeral of his dead sister.

And in the process, it is revealed that Celtron is a descendant of the Druids.

The reason why the medicinal herbs of the Gruan Merchant Merchants were uniquely excellent and of good quality was because there was a Druid among the ancestors of the Gruan family.

Druids are a heterogeneous race with very good abilities in handling plants.

The story that had been dismissed as just a legend handed down in the family was true.

What's obvious after that

Carcian, who had a flower in bloom, gave it to Yeoju as a gift, and love blossomed between them...

… With a grateful heart, I invested in the top of Gruan and blah… … .

In any case, I intended to do what Carcian did in the future.

Informing them that they have druid abilities and helping to rebuild the Gruan Merchants.

“First of all, my father will know the details of the transaction in advance, and then I will inform the merchant.

The Gruan Merchant intercepts it and delivers higher quality herbs.”

“But is that going to be a deal again I'm not competitive anyway...

… .”

Even if I called myself an industrial spy, Celltron's worries continued.

Of course I got it.

Insignificant effect, but cheap and large amount of herbs VS Effective, but expensive and small amount of herbs If you compete like this, you cannot know the winner.

But what if the words 'growers are descendents of druids' were added to the products of the Grouan Merchants

It is said that the herbs cultivated by druids have special abilities besides the basic effects.

It was clear that Celltron would have such expectations.

I said with a grin.

"Do not worry.

That's because I have a way.”

I will attract customers, so you just grow.

Celtron's sister won't die unless the upper house collapses.

Also, this would be better for Carcian, who is coming for Iris.

In the meantime, what if I create a borrowed-name account and collect the salary I received from the Grouan Merchant A happy ending for everyone!

Celltron, unaware of this deep meaning, still looked at me with shaky eyes.

Her gaze showed that she did not know the young lady's true intentions.

I figured I'd have to put a wedge in.

“You can take it slow.

If I'm really in doubt...

… .


Let me give you a taste.”

I asked Susan to bring me the amethyst necklace my father had given me.

“This is a necklace handcrafted by the Graham Jewelery Shop.

Graham's signature product is amethyst.

But not anymore.”

“No, you mean”

“Not too long ago, my father bought a stake in the Girol Amethyst Mine.

There, bi-color amethyst.

In other words, two-color amethyst is mined.

And my family has been doing business with the Graham Jewelry Shop for a long time.”

“… … .”

“In a month at the latest, the Graham Jewelry Shop's flagship product will change.

Please confirm it."

I said confidently.

"And I'll buy all the herbs you brought today with this necklace."

"Ugh… … .”

“With this, I will be able to buy my sister's medicine for the next half year.

Or you could buy a new seedling.

Instead, dispose of it quickly.

When bi-color amethyst comes out, the price will drop.”

I looked frowning until I winked.

Celltron still looked at me in disbelief, then took the necklace with trembling hands.

However, Celltron said in a hesitant voice even after accepting her necklace.

"I… … can i accept this really"


"that is… … .”

Celltron smirked, saying 'illegitimate son'.

I widened my eyes.

Are you concerned about my standing

In fact, after researching the topic, I realized that I was an illegitimate child in my family.

It was strange that I hadn't noticed it until now, since I didn't even have my own money.

no, what Before I returned, I was just a 10-year-old who wanted mother's love.

After arguing, I smiled at Celltron as if it was okay.

“What does it matter In the world, I am the eldest daughter of the Marquis of Gladellis, Latia Gladellis.”

In short, it's not like I don't have jewelry or dresses at all.

Even if all of them were abandoned by Elene because she was fed up with them.

However, I was happy to get a glimpse of Celltron's kind heart.

I told him proudly.

“Think of the positive side of getting me a job at the top.”

"ah… … .”

“Let’s talk about the terms of the employment contract at that time.”

Celltron looked at me and nodded saying he knew.

“Susan, see Celltron off.”

"all right.


Susan smiled kindly and left the room with Celltron.

From the bay window I watched the two walk through the porch and into the garden.

She was now convincing Celltron to hire me with all her heart and soul.

In fact, I told Susan another plan of mine on the way to my room.

'If I get a job at the top, Carcian will be able to find out more ways to contact his father.'

'Somehow, the young lady has plans!'

Susan happily promised to help me.

Susan, who saw Celltron off, smiled at me.

She seems to have heard the answer from Celltron that she will think positively.

I smiled and waved to Susan, then inadvertently turned my head.

Then, he met eyes with Carcian, who was standing in the corner of the garden.

were you looking at me

I was startled and my heart skipped a beat.

Karsian stared at me with red eyes, then quickly turned his head.

a week after that.

The Graham Jewelery Shop presented the world with a set of earrings and necklaces made of bi-color amethyst.

And I met with Celtron and wrote an employment contract.

"I hope to go along well.

Miss Tiana Amethyst.”

“I’m begging you well.

Lord of the top.”

“Please feel free to call me Celltron.”

"I can't, you're my employer."

Celltron and I laughed amicably and shook hands.

Tiana Amethyst is my fake identity.

It was made in preparation for when my father, who will fail every time in a transaction, thinks strangely and digs up his back.

Before returning, helping my father run an illegal arena and creating fake identities for gambling aristocrats helped me like this.

In the Tiana Amethyst account, funds for my future will be accumulated one by one.

More precisely, funds for the future that are out of the original! Just thinking about it makes my heart swell.

And that night, Karsian finally came.

* * *

In the past few days, the only thing that had dominated Karcian's mind was, without a doubt, Latia Gladellis.

From the time he opened his eyes in the morning until he closed them at dawn, he thought only of Latia.

'Please stop thinking about it.'

Karsian was in agony.

After a short break, Latia's voice echoed in my head.

'Yes, I believe.'

That voice drove me crazy.

Karsian himself was well aware of how the people in the mansion were looking at me and how frantic they were to harass me.

'No one believes me.'

The fact that there was no one on his side made Karsian more lonely than the fact that he was being abused or neglected.

In fact, I was resigned to that day as well.

Like Bill said, no one would believe Karsian's words.

But then, Latia appeared.

'I believe, Carcian's words.'

He was shorter than Karsian, but why did his voice sound so firm when he said that Latia was trusting Karsian without wavering.

Latia even drank smelt water to save me.

'Is that all Water of reconciliation, is that all Then I'll drink that instead.

Then you'll be reconciled.

This thing is covered.'

Later, Latia even helped her hear apologies from Bill and Ron.

'What the hell am I even doing that...

… .

Susan said, she said she was on drugs, but she must be really okay'

I was very worried that I might get sick.

But apart from that, he appeared like the wind to help, disappeared like the wind, and didn't even show respect, like a hero.

Karsian had a disease that caused the tips of his ears to turn red whenever he thought of Latia.

Seeing his heart pounding and his breathing quickening, he must be seriously ill.

Besides, I saw Latia save someone else a week ago.

'Didn't you hear that you need 'medicine with excellent efficacy' And I don't think I ever gave you permission to speak.'

The voice that spoke to the knights who had given Gruan Sangsanju an embarrassing voice was clear.

It was a cold attitude, but it was to protect the weak, and it wasn't rude like the knights.

Latia spoke affectionately to the merchant with a gloomy face.

'Shall we go inside and talk slowly'

It was a fragmentary scene, but Carcian could see that Latia had saved Grouan Sangju.

At the same time, after Latia shared the food, the worries I had been thinking about so far came to mind.

'… … Latia is strange.'

Latia has changed to the point where you can see her sincerity even in the eyes of Carcian, who is trying to hate her these days.

Afterwards, Latia had a brief conversation with Susan as she took San Sangju to her room.

'I didn't mean to steal.'

Just in time, there was Karsian outside the window of the hallway where Latia was passing.

'If I get a job at the top, Carcian will be able to find out more ways to contact his father.'

'How can it be that the lady has an idea!'

It was a series of shocks.

Not only did he overcome the difficult situation of the upper class, but he was also paying attention to himself!


There was no longer any excuse to deny Latia.


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