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Chapter 12.


Yeriel's ability at the top of all things was truly amazing.

The magic potion used in the siren's stationery, aside from being expensive, was quite difficult to obtain.

It was one of the magic potion items directly managed by Hwangseong because it could be used illegally.

However, the siren's magic potion was delivered in one day.

I muttered as I spread the magic potion widely on the dry, well-dried letter paper.

“I'm already in direct contact with Yeriel Sangsanju.

The Gruan Merchants will grow enormously.”

And Celltron is also vaguely feeling that.

That's why you have such infinite trust in me.

Susan stared at me, acting as if I knew the whole future.

'It's really amazing.

It seems that the world and the situation are moving according to the lady's thoughts.' It was a look.

At this point, I thought I should clear up Susan's doubts.

Looking at the romantic stories read by 'me' from the previous life, the ladies-in-waiting do not doubt even if the heroine who has returned moves freely.

Just 'my lady has changed!' And she just accepts with delight.

But what about the nanny who has been with her since the moment she was born

You may be feeling a sense of incongruity with the sudden change in my appearance.

It would be better to cover my actions with words that a child would say.

Thinking so, I turned to Susan and said.

“You know, Susan.”


“Can I tell you a secret”

“A secret story”


You know, I have an angel.”

“… … yes"

I giggled, covering the corners of my mouth like a child thinking of a very interesting story.

“I have a guardian angel.

So tell me everything I should do.”

At that, Susan only blinked her eyes in dismay.

Then she smiled softly again.

'Even though he sometimes acts like an adult, he's still a child.'

Susan said, 'A sudden guardian angel' She did and gave me a petting look.

But it was true.

Because that guardian angel was 'me' in the previous life after reading this book, and Ratia before returning to death.

As long as I had my protection, I was confident that I would never fail in this life.

But that was then.

"Beep, beep...

… beep...

… .


The familiar chirping of a bird cut off as if it were a game.

I turned my head in surprise, there.

"uh that bird...

… !”

The baby bird that Susan and I had been taking care of had passed out, biting into crab foam.

* * *

The stunned bird, whose name is 'the one who has obtained forbidden knowledge, the messenger of the high sky, and the compassionate one for all who wander'.

The principal called it 'Geumja' for short because it was too long.

It was said that it was taken from the first letter and the last letter.

And Geumja was a guardian angel.

To be precise, a great guardian angel preparing to become a god.

The names of these guardian angels were a way of listing the abilities they could use.

So, in terms of gold, it is as follows.


There is forbidden knowledge.

In other words, he has obtained knowledge that is not of this world.


It is the messenger of the lofty sky.

As Geumja was a messenger, she could listen to God's words or transmit them.

Last 3.

Compassion for all those who wander.

To be merciful means to be pitiful and to care for.

So, to put it in one word, Geumja is smart, can expect divine power, and is a merciful guardian angel to those who wander.

Guardian angels are qualified to take the test to become a god when they have 4 abilities to handle.

The way to acquire the ability was simple yet difficult, and it was to help the child's talent blossom.

The guardian angel had the insight to recognize the talents of children.

So Geumja chose Latia.

Because she was the bud of a tycoon who would become a major dealer in the future.

The other day, Geum-ja was injured while peeping at Ratia to see if she was a good child.

Ratia brought Geumja and took good care of her, and by the time she thought that she could be with such a good child.

'Latia started harassing Carcian.'

So Geum-ja was disappointed and left her.

Because guardian angels are always 'angels', they can only be with children with good hearts.

'But these days, somehow, the energy has changed.'

There was only good energy in Latia's heart.

Occasionally, 'desire' is glimpsed, but this is about survival, never evil.

So, I was wondering what kind of wind was blowing on Latia, so I was looking around.

But at this time, Latia made a shocking remark.


You know, I have an angel.”

For a moment, Geum-ja doubted her ears.

She even scratched where her ears might be with her finely folded wings.

However, no matter how much she scratched, Latia's words meant only one thing.

“I have a guardian angel.

So tell me everything I have to do.”

That the guardian angel himself was discovered by Latia!

Geumja thought unconsciously.


Of course, the guardian angel had to go back to the beginning and start again from the next child if his identity was revealed to the child.

'All the hard work I've done so far will be nothing...

… !'

Thinking that far, Geum-ja fainted in shock.

"Beep, beep...

… beep...

… .


damn it When will you do that again!

That's what it meant.

* * *

Susan placed a small hot water bottle around Geumja and said worriedly.

“I was worried about where I was going, but to come back in pain like this… … .”

Latia muttered as she looked at Geum-ja, who seemed to be lying down with her chin resting on her chin.

"How can I live in the wild when I'm so pretty and weak"

Suddenly, he thought that he resembled this little bird.

'I didn't have the strength either, so I died in a poor way in my last life.'

Even today, I sometimes have nightmares about my neck being slapped.

'I want to be poisonous in this life so that it doesn't happen, but honestly, it's hard to be so nervous about everything.'

However, if you put your mind to it, you don't have a guardian with power.

'There are no adults around me who have the ability to protect me, just as I pick up and care for this bird.'

Sorry Susan, but it was true.

Because Susan could never go against the Marquis, and she would never be able to deal with it.

Latia softly stroked Geumja's head as she grunted.

“You have to stay alert and live.

Otherwise, it will be swallowed up.”

Susan said as if to evoke the surroundings of Latia, who looked somewhat gloomy.

“How about giving me a name now, lady”



I think we'll have to take care of it for a while, but we couldn't name it last time.”

"yes… … .

Come to think of it, I just called him 'Baby Bird'.”

It seems that his expression became ferocious every time he was called a 'baby bird'.

It's like, 'I have a name too!' like you do

'I don't know what its name is, but...' … It's not difficult to give it a new name.'

Ratia pondered.

“Beep… … Beep...

… .”

Geumja groaned like someone who had suffered a very injustice.

Stars twinkled in Latia's eyes as she heard the chirping.




Beep, beep, beep, you cry like that.”

Dogs bark and meow, and cats meow and meow, so birds should also be called pirori.

'Wouldn't that be a tweet'

However, Susan laughed out loud because Latia was cute when she expressed her feelings like a child.

On the other hand, as soon as Ratia gave him a name, an invisible stigma of 'Pirori' was engraved on Geumja's body.

Of course, because it is the language of God, Ratia and Susan did not know.

However, the gold character became 'Pirori'.

No matter how much he is said to be a great guardian angel who is about to be promoted to a god, it is Pirori when his chosen child, Ratia, calls him Pirori.

* * *

“Hello, Pirori.”

I greeted Pirori, who blinked awake, affectionately.

Pirori looked around and gave a puzzled look at the voice I called.

'Pirori … … me'

It was like that.

I was amazed again.

It's really amazing, you can even read the expression of a bird.

… … Hmm, shall we go to the gambling hall

With this mind-reading ability, you might even be able to read the poker faces of seasoned gamblers.

How about becoming the best gambler in the empire It would be more certain to make it bigger than the money you get little by little by growing the top...

… .

It was the time when I was thinking about that with the Pirori in front of me.


Pirori, who had been looking around normally, suddenly let out a painful groan and collapsed on her stomach.


“Beep… … Beep, beep...

… .”

I was startled and put my hand on Pirori's torso.

"Oh my gosh! You have a fever!”

“Beep, beep, beep… … .”

Pirori closed her eyes tightly and wrapped her hands in her wings while panting.

Then he opened his eyes and looked at me.

'then no.

You mustn't do bad things.'

I know it's ridiculous, but Pirori's expression right now is like an adult admonishing me.

I can't believe I shouldn't do bad things...

… .

Is it because I thought of a gambling house

I tried to mumble a little because it was long.

“I will be the best gambler in the world.”

“Beep… … !”

“… … I, I am going to do very bad things with the money I gamble.”


Pirori's astonished body soon stiffened.

And then it was knocked down in no time.


I was startled and looked at the Pirori.

His whole body was like a ball of fire, and he didn't even move as if he had passed out.

I guess my prediction was correct.

"what should we do… … .


I will never think of that again.”

I put my hand on the weakly drooping Pirori and apologized.

“Oh, is the Pirori awake”

Susan, who had gone to get breakfast, returned just in time.

“Yeah, but I passed out again… … .”

"yes Is it Pirori”

Susan quickly put the tray down and came toward me.

“Oh, I have a fever.

Why is this all of a sudden”

I muttered as I watched Susan pour water between the gaps in Pirori's beak.


"I… … I had a bad idea.”




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