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Episode 13


"I… … I had a bad idea.”

At my words, Susan put on a puzzled expression.

So I made a supplementary explanation.

“I thought bad thoughts and Pirori got sick.”

What I am saying now is 100% pure truth.

But I don't know how it sounds to Susan's ears.

Susan looked at me with a puzzled look on her face and then slowly stroked my hair.

"I see.

Did the young lady have a bad idea”

“… … Really."

"I see.

Then I won't have any bad thoughts in the future.

Pirori will be sick every time.”

She didn't seem to believe me at all, but she was very fond of me.

She had no intention of persuading or convincing Susan anyway.

I stared at Pirori, receiving Susan's touch.

If I'm really sick because I'm thinking bad thoughts...

… What is his true identity Come to think of it, it certainly looks extraordinary, unlike a normal bird.

It was mysterious that the elongated body was silvery white and that only the tail feathers were red like a burning flame.

I'll have to ask the top of all things Yeriel through Celtron.

Is there another bird like Pirori, and if so, what is its identity

“Come on, lady.

I'll be watching Pirori.

Should we go get something to eat”

Susan gave it gently.

I looked at Pirori with a strange expression and headed to the table where breakfast was placed.

* * *

“Oh my God, it suits you so well!”

Susan clapped her hands cheerfully.

She was showing off herself as if Pirori, who had regained her vigor in half a day in front of him, swaggered.

To be precise, myself wearing a necklace.

'hurry! Come on, make me more beautiful!'

It seemed that such words could be heard from Pirori's expression.

I looked at Pirori like that and looked back at Celltron, who was clapping his hands with a benign face.

“Can I really take it”

The leash that Pirori is wearing now was a gift from Celltron.

A little while ago, after breakfast, I immediately called Celltron.

To ask if there is a bird similar to Pirori, and to request a request from the top of all things, Yeriel.

However, instead of saying yes, Celltron said in a voice full of curiosity.

'New Miss, do you keep birds'

'yes Ah yes.

It's a bird that I've treated and released before, but somehow I ended up protecting it again.'

'Oh my gosh… … !'

Celltron cut off communication, saying that they would come to see Pirori right away.

Thanks to that, I only blinked in vain in the communication room in the center of the mansion.

And not long after, Celltron showed up with all kinds of supplies needed for raising birds.

“It is a very pretty bird.

It's the prettiest bird I've ever seen in my life!”

It turns out that Celltron was an extreme animal lover.

Well, there is nothing strange about it.

Celtron is a descendant of a clan of druids.

Druids who love nature were very friendly with plants as well as animals.

“Of all animals, I like birds the most.

It catches and eats pests.”

Celtron laughed innocently and said honestly.

Later, when they move to a nice house, the sponsor will create a paradise for wild birds.

“Pirik! Beep!”

Pirori showed off her wings trembling, as if she really liked the leash Celltron gave her.

It has a simple design with sparkling beads attached to a silver ribbon.

However, the Pirori was so flashy that it suited her very well.

“By the way, what is the pendant in the middle of that leash It's not just marbles.”

“Oh, that one”

Celltron took the luck insignificantly, but soon shut up.

Then he smirked like someone with a surprise hidden behind his back.

“It's a secret.

But if you get close to Pirori, it will definitely help the lady someday.”

“If you get close to Pirori, what”

I looked up at Celltron with a puzzled face, but he didn't tell me.

Celtron said.

"Oh, I'll definitely ask if there is a bird of the same species as Pirori."


Please put the commission fee on my salary.”

"If it's the lady's salary, you'll pay it back soon."

“I will work hard.”

I got a job as a staff member at Celltron in Sangam-ju.

In the future, planning and coordination or management support were planned.

Simply put, it means that I come up with an idea.

So I decided to take 10% of my net profit.

It's as if I opened the way for the Gurouan Merchants, but I should be treated like this.

But this is a double-edged sword.

It also means that if I come up with a good idea and sell a lot, I get a big salary, and if I can't sell it, I get a lot of money.

I prepared to go out with Susan to see off Celltron and deliver Siren's letter to Carcian.

“Pirik! Beep!”

Pirori clamored to take me with him, but unfortunately he couldn't.

Even if it wasn't so, Celltron came in and out so much that the staff's eyes became a bit harsh.

Not to mention Betty, her mother's watchdog.

If Pirori is caught in this situation, it is clear that they will put more pressure on me, saying, 'I raise animals without permission'.

Then it becomes difficult for me to win Carcian's favor, and the probability of getting caught raising money in a borrowed-name account increases.

“You have to be quiet.

Quiet, okay”

I put the lid on top of the basket containing Pirori and said.

'Leave me alone!'

Pirori protested with that look on her face.

But she didn't seem to get into any particular trouble, so she was relieved.

“I’ll go and give you something delicious.”

I smiled harmlessly at Pirori and left the room with Susan.

* * *

It was shortly after Latia left the room.


… .

Someone carefully opened the door.

'Um, uh...

… what… … .'

Pirori rubbed her sleepy eyes.

As soon as people left and the noisy room became quiet, sleep poured out.

Of course, in the morning, Latia suddenly had a bad thought and got sick.

Fortunately, the time when Latia had a bad heart wasn't long.

Still, it was true that his body was overtaxed, and he was very tired.

But now, I felt a dubious presence that even made me feel sleepy.

Pirori lifted her head from the basket with the lid slantingly open.

A maid was looking through Latia's room while muttering.

“These days, the Guan Merchant Brewery is frequenting.”

Aside from the dark red eyes, she was a very creepy woman with ferocious green eyes.

The maid looked through Latia's room as if she was used to it.

Her appearance was even professional, as she kept it as undisturbed as possible so that the owner of her room would not suspect it.

He took some money and stole a few expensive-looking ribbons.

Meanwhile, the maid clicked her tongue and muttered something unpleasant.

“Sheesh, nothing great.

I thought I bought something from the Grouan Merchant again...

… .”

The maid opened the drawers at random, grumbling to see if she had anything more to steal.

But that was then.


Inadvertently opening a drawer, I found an unexpected object.

The maid took out her medicine bottle with her puzzled face.

“This is obviously… … .”

For an instant, an indescribable evil energy settled on her face.

The tail feathers of Pirori, the archangel, trembled.

'It's ominous, it's ominous...

… .'

The maid smiled with satisfaction and took the vial and left Latia's room.

'Something, I think something great is going to happen.'

Pirori got goosebumps and was worried while arranging the upturned feathers.

And a little later, as Pirori expected, a great commotion broke out in the mansion of the Marquis of Gladellis.

* * *

“Go carefully.”

It was the time when he was heading towards the stable where Carcian would be to see Celtron off and deliver the letter.


An angry voice was heard from somewhere.

I raised my head in surprise.


The main character of that shrill voice was none other than her mother, Reishina.

Her mother clutched at the railing of the second-floor terrace, staring at me with a sharp expression.

What's going on

Aside from the number of times my mother has called me, such a high-pitched voice

It was somehow ominous.

My mother stared at me for a long time before saying,

“Come to my room!”

Then he turned around and went inside.

The terrace windows were slammed shut, and the curtains drawn.

At the same time, Susan and I stiffened.


Because the woman who drew the curtains and laughed at me was none other than Betty! Also, it was clear that she was playing something trick.

“… … miss.

Uh, what would you like to do”

Susan's hand trembled slightly.

She knew instinctively that something was going wrong.

But that didn't mean I was given a choice.

“What can I do Mother is calling.”

I clenched my fists to hide my trembling hands.

“I have to go.”

At my words, Susan swallowed dryly.

"it's okay.

You can use this as an opportunity to see how far Betty knows.”

What is it Gruan top week's work Are you familiar with Karcian Or else...

… Could it be Pirori

I calmed down and headed for my mother's room.

my mother said

“Latia, you know what this is.”

Tuk, Degururr.

It was none other than the one that rolled in front of me as I knelt down.

“… … Three, it is a magic potion used to make siren's stationery.”


It was the Siren magic potion that Celltron had saved through the top of all things in Yeriel.


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