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Huo Yao pressed her brow and said, “Can you stop cultivating dangerous plants”

Mi Wei cleared his throat nervously.

“You know me.

Im really into poison.”

Huo Yao shook her head.

She raised her wrist to check the time and said, “Enough already.

Time for you to board your flight.

Take care, okay”

“Uh huh,” acknowledged Mi Wei.

He pulled his luggage along and left.

After taking a couple of steps, he turned to look at the young woman.

He could not help feeling a little annoyed when she looked completely normal and did not seem sad that he was leaving.

He veered his eyes disappointedly with his shoulders slumped.

From behind, he looked very miserable.

Huo Yao paused briefly.

She sighed powerlessly and strode toward Mi Wei.

After embracing him gently, she said, “Uncle Wei, take care.

Each one of you has to take care.”

She spoke softly and sounded unusually serious.

Mi Wei suddenly felt a tremor in his heart.

He felt both sad and happy.

Mi Wei was pleased that the lass had finally developed some normal emotions.

Then, he felt a little sad since he could sense melancholy coming from her.

Mi Wei patted Huo Yaos back comfortingly.

“That goes without saying.”

Even if everyone might come to no good end, they had to ensure that Shangguan Yu was fine.

Before long, Mi Wei went for his customs security check.

Huo Yao stood outside until he was completely out of sight and turned to leave.


Meanwhile, at the Weapons Bureau located in Country M.

Min Yu sat in the chair as he spun his pen every now and then.

Dozens of department heads sat around the oval conference table.

They were having a meeting, but they spoke aggressively and kept glaring at each other.

After the meeting had gone on for nearly two hours, Min Yu finally stood up angrily and glanced at them coolly.

“I didnt come here to listen to this bull**.

If you dont come up with a plan by tomorrow, dont ask me to come over.”

The moment he finished his sentence, he hurled the pen on the table and walked out of the room.

Everyone looked at each other quizzically.

They were annoyed, but no one dared to say anything until the man had disappeared through the door.

“The boss doesnt care about us anymore,” blurted someone uncontrollably.

“Well, hes the boss, right Can you make the kind of weapons he does” scoffed someone else.

Despite the mocking tone, the man clearly sounded equally annoyed by Min Yu.

“Im sure you know his personality well.

Why dont you spend your time solving the problem rather than bitching about it”

The moment he finished his sentence, everyone became quiet.

There were dozens of people there and they were split into three factions.

They had offered three proposals and no one wanted to compromise, so it was impossible to solve the problem.

Zhuo Yun was waiting outside the conference room.

When Min Yu left the room, Zhuo Yun quickly followed behind him.

“Things in the bureau are very political.

If this goes on, its just a matter of time before it runs into big trouble.” Zhuo Yun did not join the meeting, but he could easily guess the outcome without even stepping into the room.

Min Yu remained calm and did not take the matter to heart.

“I dont care.”

Zhuo Yun had already figured out what his boss would say.

He sighed gently and said in a powerless tone, “If you dont do something about them, Im sure things might implode one day.”

Min Yu halted in his steps and turned his head sideways with a nonchalant look on his face.

“We need a bait if we want to get what we want, right”

He veered his eyes and continued walking.

“Have you found Lu Xia yet”

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