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Zhuo Yun quickly followed behind Min Yu.

“No, we havent found her yet.

I have to say though that things are starting to feel strange.

We tracked Lu Xia down to a particular state before she disappeared into thin air.”

Min Yu pursed his lips.

“Oh really”

Zhuo Yun looked at his boss cautiously before he continued.

“Since there were lots of powerful people in the state where she was last seen, I reckon someone important was helping her.”

Min Yu thought about the strange things Lu Xia had mentioned to him when they were at the wake in the countryside.

A knowing look swept across his eyes as he said, “Did you investigate her background”

Zhuo Yun did not quite get his drift.

“What do you mean Are you referring to her life before she found out that she was swapped at birth”

“Uh huh,” acknowledged Min Yu as he nodded mildly.

“Not really.

I only investigated Miss Huos background before this timeline,” replied Zhuo Yun.

“If anything, Miss Huo seems to have changed more between the two of them.”

Min Yu lowered his eyes slightly and said, “Investigate Lu Xia as well.”

“Yes, Boss,” acknowledged Zhuo Yun.

Out of curiosity, he simply had to ask.

“Why do you suddenly want her background investigated”

The two of them had already walked out of the Weapons Bureau building.

The sun outside was bright.

It reflected off the bureau logo of an imposing eagle and gave off a gold glint.

After they got in front of the car, Min Yu finally came to a stop and answered Zhuo Yun.

“I suspect shes not the same anymore.”

The moment he finished his sentence, he opened the car door and got into the car.

Zhuo Yun stood motionlessly.

He could not wrap his mind around his bosss answer.

What did he mean by that

How could someone change

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