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Chapter 289: The strange world of gourmet

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The wizard community had a total of 1000 game servers.

Now that three of them had left them and entered a different world, it would be a lie to say that he didnt feel heartbroken!

After all, there were nearly three thousand players in the entire server! It was equivalent to moving the server to another world.

“Oh my God, this benefit is too great! Back then, how many Cthulhu had entered”

“Youre blowing up the production team! As expected, you wont let us down every time!”


This was crazy.

The entire wizard community on the internet was in pain and envious of the players who won the lottery.

After all, how many people had entered the other world until now They were all big shots and could be counted on one hand!

What a colorful Second Life, to live another life … Just the thought of it was something that people could only dream of.

It was simply so precious that it could make people go crazy.

Not to mention, these people, let alone becoming spore players, they couldnt even get a place to write a thesis!

“Thank you, Big Boss! Thank you, Father! (Tears running)”

I Love You, Daddy!

“To all my brothers who didnt make it into the top three, do you think Im as happy as you think I am No! Im a happiness you cant imagine! (Happy)”

A bunch of people came out to show off their wealth, which made people gnash their teeth in hatred.

Did you guys learn to be stoic and not speak

Countless people were so angry that their hearts ached.

This was a collective glory.

Their own district had lost, but they would definitely win it back next year.

However, some people also looked forward to it.

What kind of world was the food industry

[ when I heard it, I knew it was a friendly and leisurely world full of delicious food (happy) ]

“But thinking about it, somethings not right.

E-sports, no food! (This matter isnt as simple as it seems)”

“I dont care.

Once we go in, well definitely have a good meal.”

They all looked forward to it and began to cheer.

They felt that this was a reward after the war.

The food for the dinner party would not be too bad.

Many people even had a good meal that night, expressing that they would enjoy the food in advance and prepare for the opening of the food world the next day.


At this very moment.

Xu Zhi left the small, exquisite sandbox building in the Wizarding community and strode back to the living room, ready to eat and take a shower.

the finals have come to an end.

The food industry that was previously renewed has to continue.

Xu Zhi was very indifferent.

Where was it

Of course, it was in his stomach.

Otherwise, how could it be called a delicacy

In fact, this was just a small world of leisure food.

Since it was open to the public, the time of living things would naturally not be too fast.

It was not a hundred years in a day.

It was still the time of the Sorcerer community, one day to one year.

As usual, they logged in one character alternately.

Each person had a time limit of 30 seconds, which was three hours in the game.

This was a large sandbox similar to the one in the Sorcerer community.

He was a level six giant.

At this time, he had already deduced and opened his sixth aperture, and his inner world was even larger than the previous daluotian.

As for the position of each space, it could be adjusted to connect to a continent.

Although the reasonable form of battle stability was the nine Star Pearl, otherwise, the internal space was too big.

When they were connected, if one space was broken, the whole space would be broken, and he would die instantly.

However, Xu Zhi was not going to fight, so it was naturally not important …

“Its a beautiful environment,”

A mirror image appeared in his inner world.

This was the second mirror image that Xu Zhi had just created.

The further he went, the more difficult it became.

Although it was the lowest level of the heartless mirror image, it would have taken some time, but it could not withstand the all-knowing scholar who loved to learn.

“However, the sun is still not ready.”

Xu Zhis head ached.

and his expression turned strange.

but the rules of the food world have already been set … Perhaps Ill have to rely on the creatures in the world of gourmet to create a gourmet sun.”


The next morning, the sun was shining brightly.

The end of the first season was already a thing of the past.

Everyone had worked hard for a long time, and the disappointment after the victory had been washed away.

Their eyes were focused on the newly opened world of leisure, the world of gourmet.

According to the speculations of some big shots:

the food industry is not a community.

It should be a special small world, but its enough to experience life in a different world!

if the wizard community is just a small social community, then the food industry may be a real online game world, a Second Life for us.

“As for the level Experience Level up by killing monsters I dont think theres a need to look forward to it.

According to the characteristics of , there wont be any of these! Of course, its because of this hardcore nature that we feel its real.”

There were many speculations, but only three people entered.

Patrick Star, Demon King buck, and Batman were the three big bosses of the competition.

Although they logged in alternately, they had glory and were naturally the first to log in and experience everything in the food industry.

It was only natural.

Another reason was that these three bosses had extraordinary combat power.

He let them come in first and explore the unknown food world.


A young man who looked like Batman, an alien covered in green hair, and a pink pentagram appeared in a green forest.

They were surrounded by all kinds of incredible beasts, small animals, and plants.

[ please explore the rules of this world on your own.


The three of them instantly felt their teeth ache.

As expected, he was as stubborn as ever.

They could only guess that it was related to food from the name.

just treat it as a decryption hardcore game.

Be careful.

After all.


casual food world, but leisure … Yuan Qinghua smiled.

in the previous spore evolution sandbox, I started with a spore.

It was also called leisure, but it turned out to be extremely hard … The food industry in front of us doesnt just provide us with good food.

Its more likely that they treat us as good food.

Its a very cruel world!”

its possible.

Delicious food.

Maybe were the delicious food.

Kexis face was serious.

She felt that the benefits were not that simple.

lets explore the area and ensure the safety of the people who come later.

After all, we only have one life.

If we die, well probably leave this food industry.

The noob said.

They knew that each person could only be online for three hours, and then the next person would come online.

The players that came later were not as fierce as them, and each of them was not as strong in battle.

Even though they were now 4th rank Wizards.

In theory, the gourmet world should not be a battle World.

4th rank Wizards were considered above average in the extraordinary world.

With the three of them working together, they could even fight against a 5th rank wizard without fear, but they still had to be careful.

They explored for three hours and explored a large area around them.

He found that the species in this world were simply too weak.

They were all gourmet plants and animals.

The highest level was only at the second rank.

The most powerful one was the final chicken.

Its poison could kill a fourth rank, but its combat power was weak.

Also, the sun in the sky was a little strange.

The light it emitted was not soft, it was the unnatural sunlight, and upon closer inspection, it was oval in shape … It looked like a light bulb.

Are we seeing things

They looked at the sky in a daze.

this is really a leisure food world with low combat power.

After a while, the three of them heaved a sigh of relief.

The time was up, and they silently went offline, allowing the other player to come online.

They had been in there for three hours, which was only thirty seconds in reality.

In the eyes of outsiders, it was equivalent to entering and coming out.

everyone, weve explored the food world once.

Unless there are some terrifying creatures that are hiding, its very safe.

currently, no traces of intelligent civilization activity have been found!



One by one, the screenshots were released.

Everyone looked at the pictures and saw that they were all kinds of delicious plants and animals, including various Magi, ancient worlds, and even some unknown delicious plants that they did not understand.


“Its really a world of leisure and entertainment!”

“You want us to cook delicious food in there A place to relax”

come to think of it, its really quite boring.

But its indeed a very good place.

Countless people looked at the screenshots and were delighted.

The world was so big and vast, but they somewhat failed to live up to their expectations.

It was just food; all the living things in the world were made up of food.

But in reality, they were looking forward to a corrupted civilization with intelligent creatures and all kinds of intelligent races, a vast and beautiful extraordinary world like the Sorcerer world and the ancient primordial world.

However, someone said, ”

I dont think its that simple.

The planning team must have had a deeper meaning.

“Yup! The planning team had a good conscience.

Perhaps, there were really humans in this world Various civilizations We just didnt notice it If thats the case, we have to be careful.

After all, were using the same account and the same server.

If one of us dies while controlling his body, our entire server will be wiped out!”

“Its like this,”

“It looks ordinary, but perhaps there are some rules of the world inside For example, the ancient tree world has the rebirth altars world law, and the world law inside is related to food”

In just a few minutes of discussion, a batch came out every thirty seconds.

Several batches had already come out, and more than ten hours had passed.

Many players said that they had tried to cook and make delicious food, but nothing had happened.

Everyone was instantly disappointed.

But suddenly, a player came out and said, ”

“F * ck! Something strange is happening.

The food I make will glow!”


It was an extremely delicious dish.

Just looking at it would cause ones appetite to increase, and it was emitting a faint white light.

a dish that can glow! Everyone was stunned.

Then, another person from the group of three continued to say, ” youll never imagine it if I tell you! what happened the three of us were dumbfounded.

The delicious food he made actually gave birth to a new life! The gourmet cells!”

At this time, the last person came out.

His tone was even more exaggerated and extremely strange.

It affected everyones nerves.

this world may be more terrifying than the latitude courtyard of the God of creation and the sandbox of spore evolution.

A good scheme.

Im blowing my own trumpet! In the future, our Magus community will no longer be afraid of those spore players!”

What kind of terrifying secret was hidden in that food world

Everyone was shocked and immediately asked what had happened.

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