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Chapter 102 Space Cannon

Neige was the top travel destination at the moment, and countless people had arrived there from all over the world.

They were all very rich.

If this incident stopped these wealthy guys from boarding the arks, they would definitely create a scene.

20% of the population controlled 80% of the resources.

Those rich people were the 20%.

If they started a riot, the global economy would decline.

To appease these people, these countries had to comply.

The press conference continued.

Sending away the scientist was an adequate warning, and no one dared to interject after that.

Himmel Soan could talk about the space cannon in peace.

“Please take a look.

These are the theories of the space cannon, including the fuel, the air valve, the disk haler, the barrel, the air vent, and the power source…”

The detailed structure of the space cannon appeared on the screen.

If Himmel Soan were to go into the basics, he would still be here for the next 24 hours.

It was also what was drawn on the roll of cloth that Viclan had taken away.

The contents were too profound and complicated.

One could only comprehend less than 5% of them with the current scientific theories.

The remaining 95% still belonged to the unknown.

Ordinary people wouldnt understand a word, and only scientists could understand part of


The scientists in the audience smirked when they saw the graph at first.

However, they were astonished once they started paying attention.

“I see decomposition and fusion here.

Thats ridiculous.

You cant have a third element.


Is it because Z30 is added Will a third element be produced when oxygen meets 230 Yes! Yes, it would! Thats because it contains five sub-elements.

Why didnt I think of that!”

“This is bull**.

Whats that formula Ive never seen it before.

Did he draw it from his imagination Whats that Is that the Soanian Theory So, that formula is derived from the Soanian Theory.

Everything here is correct! The formula is correct!”

“This is amazing! I see it now! Why didnt I think of it before Oh my god! Everything here is correct!”

The scientists mouths fell open when they carefully studied the graph.

Himmel Soan pointed at the cameras.

“Record this graph and post it online so that everyone can study it.”

The graph was posted online via high-definition cameras.

“Dont make me laugh! Whats all this gibberish You cant call that a theory!”

“They dont make any sense at all, no matter how many formulas there are! Ive studied physics and chemistry!”

“Oh, shut your stupid mouth already! How old are you Most of the formulas are all correct!”

“Yes, they are! Not most of them! All of them! My dad and I are both scientists, and I understand these formulas.

The unknown formulas can be deduced from the known ones.

The graph is absolutely correct!”

“Holy crap! Is this the work of a human being Its so profound! I can only understand a little, but I believe its 100% correct!”

If one were to draw an analogy, scientists in this world would have only learned addition and subtraction, whereas Himmel Soan had mastered multiplication and division.

He had even gone far beyond that, introducing concepts like “fractions and “square root.” It was only expected that other people wouldnt understand his theories.

Someone who knew addition and subtraction might be able to understand multiplication and addition, but there was no way they could understand fractions and square roots.

They could comprehend at most 10% of the graph.

Himmel Soan was the only one who could understand everything.

Viclan had worked on it for ten hours, and he only understood a fraction of it.

Although the formulas had been written out, one couldnt understand them straight away.

“Heres the breakdown of the space cannon.

Feel free to study it on your own.

Based on this graph, we know were facing three difficult points.

The fuel, the storage of the fuel, and the power source.

Ill explain all three of them.”

The image on the screen switched to a video, illustrating the theories.

However, no matter how detailed Himmel Soans explanation was, the others still couldnt understand it because of a gap in their knowledge.

Using the previous analogy again, the scientists only knew addition and subtraction, whereas Himmel Soan was touching on factorization that involved a lot of multiplication and division, neither of which the scientists had learned.

It was impossible for them to understand factorization.

No matter how thorough Himmel Soans explanation was, they were still confused.

In the end, Himmel took out a small syringe that contained some green spiritual essence.

“This is the material Ive refined.

As I said, its powerful enough to destroy the solar system.

You may not believe me, so Im going to demonstrate it to you.

Himmel Soan put a drop of spiritual essence into a miniature space cannon.

The cannon wasnt much bigger than a finger.

No one believed it could destroy anything.

However, the scene next astonished everyone.

The energy ejected by the space cannon blew away the roof of the city hall.

After a loud bang, the top half of the walls were gone, and the roof was pulverized.

A beam of light shot into the sky until it disappeared into space.

That was one drop of spiritual essence.

How formidable!

Himmel Soan said, “Thats only a tiny fraction of the real space cannons power.

A full-sized space cannon is hundreds of billions of times more powerful!”

The room was dead silent.

Turning around, Himmel Soan saw all the scientists sitting there with their mouths hanging open.

They didnt understand the explanation, but the demonstration was pretty straightforward.

It was thousands of times more powerful than the energy cannon.

“Gosh! What was that”

“Where did the roof go”

“Is that the space cannon” “Thats the effect of one drop! Seriously”

“OMG! I cant believe it!”

The bullet chats and comments stopped for twenty seconds before coming back at much higher frequencies.

The world was shocked.


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