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Chapter 107 Chaos

“Run! Its a tsunami!”


“Help! Help me!”

“Mom! Mom!”

“Honey, grab my hand!”

“Oh my god! Its an earthquake! Run!”

“Where can we go We dont have the money for the arks! We cant escape!”

“Look! Theres a helicopter! Over here! Help


“Are they blind Over here!”

“Thats so scary.

I feel so lucky that were on the ark!”

“I wonder whats going on outside”

“What do you think All the cell towers are destroyed, and we cant get any service.

It doesnt look promising…”

All hell had broken loose.

Winland and Flamia were coastal countries, and they were the first to be affected by the tsunami.

All 88 arks were activated, but they werent big enough to fit all their citizens.

The rich people had taken shelter in Neige, and the poor had stayed behind.

The Flamian and Winish arks werent free either.

One still had to buy a ticket.

Moreover, the seats were limited, and many people couldnt get in.

“I heard Moonian shelters are free.

Is that true”

“Are you serious Do you still have faith in them Theres an ocean between us and that country! Its impossible to travel by boat now.

So what if theyre free! Are you going to


“Even if you get there, how do you know their shelter is safe If seawater floods that country, itll pour into the underground shelter, and everyone inside will drown!”

When the tsunami was finally over, the survivors gathered together, all soaking wet and anxious.

They were trying to figure out a solution.

They were surrounded by seawater, and the wind was billowing.

If they hadnt had a roof over their heads, they would freeze to death.

The building they were in was a 99m tall skyscraper, but only a few floors were above the water level now.

It looked like a lone island in the sea.

Flamia and Winland were hit by the tsunami, whereas Neige and Woodia had earthquakes.

The super earthquake tore the ground open, devouring countless lives.

Helicopters kept flying back and forth in the sky, and some still had working communication devices.

However, they never stopped to help the survivors.

They were picking up the rich people.

Tickets to the Neigerian arks were sold at 1 billion Neigerian dollars at their peak.

The price then dropped and remained at 30 million.

But only very few people could afford it.

Many Neigerians survived on bank loans.

They couldnt raise 30 thousand, let alone 30 million.

They had lost all hope.

“Please help us!” They shouted at the helicopters when they flew by, but their efforts were in vain.

Neige had built over 1,000 arks, more than any other country in the world.

But they were all filled to the brim.

The passengers were wealthy people from all over the world.

It was common knowledge that Neige was the wealthiest country in the world and only wanted the best for themselves.

They valued profit above anything else.

If one had the money, Neige didnt care if they were a criminal.

Without the money, no one could board the arks, not even a native Neigerian.

Although many countries had arks, they werent as durable as the Neigerian ones.

Most countries believed that Neige was the real shelter.

The arks were sent into the ocean when the earthquake hit, and Neige was on the brink of crisis.

Countless people lost their homes.

Maybe those killed in the catastrophe were the lucky ones.

The dead didnt need to worry about finding food, shelter, and ways to get onto the arks.

Padaski, Panthera, and Iceana werent close to the sea, but they were located above where the tectonic plates joined and were overwhelmed by the erupting volcanoes and tornadoes.

Over two hundred volcanoes erupted one after another, and the hurricanes in some areas were unprecedented.

How strong were they

A gust of wind could peel off the top layer of the ground, uprooting the trees and even the buildings.

However, strange things were happening in Panthera, Padaski, and Lumia.

The tornadoes looked like they could destroy everything between heaven and earth, and magma fell like thunderstorms.

No trees or buildings could withstand a natural disaster of this scale.

Rocks, trees, cars, and even trains were blown off the ground and flew in the air.

However, in each major city of these countries, a large house remained standing.

They were the above-ground shelters.

Inside was the passageway leading to the underground shelters.

No matter how strong the wind was or how much magma was falling, anything landing on the big house would be bounced off.

The house itself was packed.

The people inside were looking at the sky in terror and astonishment.

No wind could budge the house even a little.

Rocks made loud thumps when they hit the roof, but the house remained unaffected.

That was because the house was supported by over fifty high-power IVE Extractors.

Thousands of people had put their hands on the devices, and an endless stream of innate vigorous energy defended the house against the turmoil outside.

Apart from spiritual essence, nothing could breach the shield.

“Thats incredible! Were still alive! We survived!”

When they looked out of the windows again, they saw a bleak view.

The hurricane had destroyed all the plants, vehicles, and buildings in the city.

This shelter was the only thing still standing.

It looked like a lone reef in the ocean.

No tidal wave could make it move.

“Are we safe The IVE Extractors are amazing! Its a miracle!”


President has ordered us to go underground.

Its too dangerous here.

The meteorite will hit Earth in about 40 hours.”


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