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Chapter 110 Science and Metaphysics

The goal was impossible to achieve without millions of years of effort.

Maybe out there, someone had succeeded.

Himmel Soan looked up at the sky.

There were countless planets in the universe, and Earth shouldnt be alone.

Earth couldnt be the only planet with a civilization.

Other planets had to have life forms as well.

He wondered how long a history those planets had.

Had they invented the mini space cannon yet

What was their technology standard

One of the reasons that Himmel Soan was confident about this conclusion was the super meteorite.

It didnt feel natural.

The speed was too high.

Could it be “man-made” somehow Then someone launched it from far, far away.

The meteorite could be a detector that collected information along the way and transmitted it back to its home planet.

That would be terrifying!

To create a super meteorite, that civilization had to be very advanced.

Earth would be nothing in comparison!

Himmel Soan pondered for a moment before rolling up his blueprints.



“Give these two blueprints to Viclan.

Tell him to start working on it right away.”

Himmel Soan then activated his mental force to search for the meteorite.

It had entered the solar system and would probably reach Earth in 36 hours.

He would fire the space cannon when it was an hour away.

That gave him 35 hours to prepare, about one day and a half days.

He had to use this time to build the spiritual essence storage device and the power source so that he could assemble the finished space cannon.

He still had time.

Moon had the largest population on Earth, and the workers were very efficient.

The construction of the device wouldnt be an issue.

Moreover, the storage device wasnt complicated to build.

The raw materials were the tricky part.

Now that the materials had been sorted out, they could start the mass production.

The mold was already prepared.

The materials would be put into the mold, and it would only take a few seconds for the parts to take shape.

The worker could then put them together.

It was that simple.


Soan, I heard youve built all the parts of the space cannon.”

Henry, Gordon, and the president arrived at the lab.

Himmel Soan nodded at them.

“The blueprints are done.

All we need to do is build the device.

How is it going out there”

The three mens faces darkened.

“Its not looking good.

The catastrophe is upon us.

Everything hit us at once, and many countries are in danger.

There are tens of billions of people on Earth, and we cant possibly build enough arks to shelter them all.

Our information suggests that over a million people have died.”

Gordon said, “Mr.

Soan, your IVE Extractor is amazing.

Our country has been hit by tornadoes, hurricanes, volcano eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis, and storms.

Thanks to the device, we havent had many casualties.

Most people have entered the underground shelter.

We couldnt move the signal towers, base stations, and power generators, so weve set up IVE Extractors around them.

So far, weve lost fewer than ten thousand facilities.

Cell services and electric power have remained relatively normal.”

Moon was a vast country.

Because of that, it had been hit by more disasters than other countries.

Moonians trusted Himmel Soans IVE Extractors and the underground shelter.

Over 90% of the population had been evacuated, and the rest 10% was considered missing for the time being

Some had gone abroad, and some might be in hiding.

All in all, no dead bodies had been found.

The casualties so far were 800, and most of them were workers and members of the Dragon Tribe and the Soan empire.

Very few civilians had died.


The meteorite hasnt arrived yet, and things will only get worse.

We cant let our guards down! Get everyone into the underground shelter pronto!”

“Of course!”

“What about other countries” Himmel Soan asked.

The president sighed.

“Its not very promising.

Weve sent them the devices, but few of them were willing to accept them.

They all believed we had tampered with the machines.

Weve opened up our borders.

If any individual or country asks for our help, well give them all the help we can offer.”

Gordon said, “The president has sent out troops to our neighboring countries.

They have the IVE Extractors with them and will rescue the people stranded by storms and hurricanes.”

That would work.

Himmel Soan didnt think of that before.

The soldiers carried tents, IVE Extractors, and power generators with them.

If they ran into disasters like a sand storm, they could set up the tent and shield it with innate vigorous energy.

That way, they could stay out of danger.

However, it wasnt 100% safe.

In the case of a flood, the water could enter the tent from below.

Similarly, there was little they could do when they ran into a landslide.

“Dont send any more people.

We need to guard this place.


President, Director Lang, General Marlow, we dont have much time left.

Get all the Moonians back.

Ill take it from here and lead a rescue team consisting of people of the three divisions only.”


Soan, we cant let you do that!” The president was nervous.

Himmel Soan was too important to the country, and they couldnt afford to lose him.

“Its alright, Mr.


Please go to the underground shelter immediately.

The Soan empire will take care of the rest.”

Himmel Soan then left the room and gave an order.

“Assemble the three divisions!”

Drake said, “The Himmelian Village is ready!”

Phoebe said, “The Himmelian Pavilion is ready!”

Liam said, “The Himmelians are ready!”

Members of the three divisions were all cultivators.

Some of them were only junior ones, but they were still far more capable than ordinary people.

An ordinary person would have no chance of surviving these tsunamis and earthquakes.

However, members of the three divisions would have a 90% survival rate.

The Villagers were the most capable ones.

They could walk in the ruins as if they were on level ground.

The Himmelians were the most nimble ones.

They could adapt to most situations.

The Himmelian Pavilion had the best swimmers, and they would work wonders in the flood and tsunamis.


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