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Chapter 118 Internet

“I dont care! No matter what method you use, you have to fix the energy cannon!”

“Yes, sir!”

In Goldia.


President, all the base stations have been destroyed, and the telecommunication is down! We cant contact other countries!”

“So be it.

Well have to go with the flow now.”

In Woodia.

In Soilia.

In Flamia.

In Winland.

In Panthera.

The telecommunication service was down in 95% of the countries, cutting them off from the rest of the world.

Even Moon was affected.

Although the base stations had been taken underground, they still needed satellites to work, and the signal couldnt be very good at that depth.

Moreover, the thick clouds and the constant thunderstorm would further affect things.

Somewhere in Moon, hundreds of trucks were trudging through a heavy tempest.

The downpour looked like a waterfall, and the drivers couldnt see anything three meters away.

The rain had blocked everything.

The GPS stopped working at that moment, rendering them completely blind.

They could only stop and wait for the end to come.

The meteorite would hit Earth in five hours.

They didnt need to wait that long.

Under such circumstances, they would be dead in thirty minutes.

The rain was so heavy.

This place would be submerged in half an hour, and they wouldnt be able to go anywhere.

Just then, a streak of light ripped open the rain curtain.

It was extremely bright.

Before they knew it, the light had reached them.

Immediately after that, the windshields were no longer covered by rain, and they could see far ahead of them.

Something strange was happening.

The area within a thousand meters from them had stopped raining.

The ground was still wet, and the downpour continued.

However, no rain fell upon them as if a giant umbrella had opened above them.

People in the vehicles couldnt help but step out to see what was going on.

The water outside had reached their knees.

Small vehicles wouldnt be able to operate in a situation like this.

Luckily, the trucks were tall enough.

They saw a man floating in mid-air above them.

The man was glowing, and the light covered the entire fleet.

Not a single droplet of rain could penetrate the light.

The man was none other than Himmel Soan.


“This is amazing! Patriarch has come here to help us!”

“Patriarch really is like God!”

“Long live the Patriarch!”

Himmel Soan calmly said, “Go ahead.

You must get into the underground shelter in the Pegasus Grassland in three hours.”

“Yes, sir!”

The people went back to their vehicles and drove toward the grassland as fast as possible But the water was too deep, significantly slowing them down.

Himmel Soan activated his mental force as he escorted the fleet.

He had to make sure the global communication remained functioning.

If it broke down, it would lead to many unforeseeable dangers, and more people would die.

For instance, all arks were equipped with radars that could detect incoming threats.

Once the radar system failed, the arks would be blind.

If they ran into large buildings or fell over cliffs, the people inside would be killed.

Therefore, he had to get the global communication system back.

At that thought, Himmel Soan activated all his spiritual essence and used himself as the global signal provider.

The vehicles beneath him detected something.


The GPS was back.


The GPS is working again.”

“How come”

“It has to be the Patriarch! Hes helping us!”

In Neige.


Ding! The internet was working again.

The Neigerian engineers had been working on getting the signals back when the devices became normal again.

“The signal is back.”


“How did that happen Its so stable!”

“Hey, Grace, what did you do How did you fix it so quickly”

“It wasnt me! I havent started yet!”

“Then who is it”

The scientists and engineers were both surprised and confused.

“Where did the signal come from Its so strong!”

“I found it! Its from Moon, not one of our bases!”

“Moon How can their signal cover our land Have they invaded our system”

“Report it to Mr.


Neige wasnt alone.

The signal returned in Woodia, Flamia, Goldia, Panthera, and other countries as well.

The world was back online.

People in the arks and shelters were surprised when they saw that they could use the internet on their phones just like before.

“My phone can go online again! Ive got a full signal! Whats going on”

“Its so fast, even faster than 5G!”

“Too bad that we dont have much to look online.

Most of the servers have been destroyed.”

“Moonian websites are still working.

The Neigerian ones, too! This is amazing!”

“I think only websites of those two countries are still accessible.

I didnt know Moon had such advanced technology.

Its almost Neiges equal!” “Youre missing the point! Where did the signal come from Im behind on payment on my phone bill, but I can still use the internet.

How strange!”

Himmel Soan split his spiritual essence into billions of portions.

They turned into invisible threads and knitted a giant web that covered the entire sky.

The web linked all the devices.

Himmel Soan had built an information network all by himself.

The Moonian devices were also back online.

The country immediately received a video call request from Neige.

Henry Lang answered it on behalf of the president.

As soon as the call went through, Oraman shouted at him, “Did you hack our system and invade our network Answer me!”

Henry had no patience to deal with him now.

At this point, there was no need to put up with him anymore.

After everything the man had done, Henry decided he had had enough.

“Oraman, have you lost your mind”


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