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Chapter 127 Reply

“Patriarch, the whole world is asking us questions.

Are we really not going to give them any answers” Yosef doubled back after taking a few steps to confirm with Himmel Soan.


That wont be necessary.”

There was no need to answer any of the questions now.

Neige wouldnt be Earths savior, and the energy cannon wouldnt be a threat to Moon either.

It was only those peoples wishful thinking

The Neigerians would wake up when their hope was shattered.

So would the rest of the world.

The meteorite would arrive in less than two hours.

There was no time for unnecessary explanations.

“I see!”

Presidents of the major countries were anxiously waiting online.

Should they say yes or not

Neige was blatantly threatening them.

Many countries were furious.

But there was nothing they could do.

“What did Moon say How confident are they” the Winish president asked his vice-president.

He had instructed the vice-president to contact Moon.

He wanted to seek help from Moon, or at least hear the truth from them.

Would Moon be able to destroy the meteorite

If the answer was yes, they wouldnt need to surrender to Neige.

However, Moon didnt reply.

Winland wasnt alone.

Countries like Soilia, Woodia, and Goldia were all trying to get in touch with Moon.

They did all they could to contact Henry Lang, Gordon Marlow, and the Moonian president, but all their efforts bore no fruit.

The entire country seemed to have switched to the mute mode and showed no intention to intervene.

Oraman checked the countdown and saw that there were 25 minutes to go.

He grinned like a monkey.

“My fellow presidents, you dont have much time left.

The meteorite will arrive in 25 minutes.

If you still refuse to take my offer, Ill take off with Eternity and wait on Mars until this is over.

Good luck!”

Maruse gloated.

“You had this coming, so dont blame us for being unhelpful.”

The Goldian president shouted, “What Mars Weve given you everything, and youre abandoning us”

Oraman shrugged.

“Dont blame me.

You were stupid enough to give them to me in the first place.”

“How can you say such things Youre shameless!”

To build the energy cannon, all the countries had given away all they had and offered the precious metals to Neige for free.

The countries that didnt have any materials to offer made huge donations.

They put all their hope on Neige.

However, the Neigerian ark was going to leave Earth.

They had never heard of such shameless deeds before.

“Oraman, God is going to punish you for this!”


President of Goldia, you seem to have a lot of opinions about me!”

“I…” The Goldian president wanted to speak, but his vice-president stopped him.

Protests were useless now.

It was clear what they needed to do.

They had to give Oraman what he wanted.

It was the only way to save Earth.

Oraman and Neige would gain world domination.

If someone offended Oraman now, their country could be removed from the world map in the future.

“Keep talking,” Oraman smirked.

The Goldian vice-president smiled apologetically.


President Oraman, Goldia agrees with all your terms! Neige will readjust the national territories when this is over, and Goldia will cooperate.”

Goldia had given in.

It was the second country to surrender after Flamia.

At this point, Oraman couldnt be bothered to put on an appearance anymore.

He laughed out loud.

With the energy cannon, he could rule the world.

All the survivors would obey him!

Maruse looked at the other presidents.

“What about you guys Have you made up your mind


The other presidents looked like they were going to throw up.

They all had miserable looks on their faces and were pale as dead bodies.

People all over the world were cursing Oraman.

The angry comments drowned the ones written by the paid posters.

Everyone participated in condemning Neige; people were cursing with the worst thing they could think of.

“Oraman, go to hell!” “Oraman must resign! Hes a dog!” “Oraman, God will never forgive you! Youll be condemned forever!”

“Hell is the only place youre going! Even if you become the king of Earth, you cant cover up your crime! Id rather die than surrender to you! Ill wait for you in hell!”

What good could their protests do

The general trend was unstoppable.

Some people were undaunted by death, but most people feared the prospect.

Oraman would rule the world even if they died, and their death would achieve nothing.

After much consideration, the presidents finally gave in.

“What now You still have fifteen minutes.

Have you made up your mind”

“Winland will cooperate.”

“Soilia, too.” “So will Woodia.”




Over eighty countries said yes.

Oraman smiled.

“I wont force anyone.

I support democracy, and you all have your rights.

I respect it if you wont accept my terms.

I could make the suggestion after the catastrophe was over, but I didnt do that.

I asked you in advance because I didnt want to threaten you.

Ive given you a choice, havent I”

The Winish president cut him off.

“Save you spit, Oraman.

Just launch the energy cannon!”

Oraman smiled.


Since everyone has said yes, I wont waste any more time.

Maruse, show us the image of the meteorite being destroyed.”

“Yes, sir!”

The video call ended, and the surveillance footage from the satellite filled the screen.

The meteorite was very close.

It was as if it would crash into Earth in the next second.

“Get the energy cannon ready.”

Oraman gave the order.

A smaller screen appeared in the lower right corner, showing the outside of Eternity and the operators in the control room.

The giant cannon barrel slowly rose, and the operators adjusted its angle until it was aiming at the super meteorite.

All the scientists in the control room were on the alert and combat-ready.


President, the energy cannon is ready.

We can launch at any moment!”

Oraman nodded and looked at the countdown clock.

10 minutes 51 seconds.

10 minutes 50 seconds…


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