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Chapter 129 Global Catastrophe

Any animal that inhaled the toxic air would grow larger and go into a frantic state.

No one cared about those wild animals in a chaotic time like this though.

Various countries kept cubs and genes of wild animals.

Heatia was a poor country, and only 10% of its population got into the arks.

The other 90% were left to die.

The frantic beasts charged into cities and hunted the people by following their scents.

Humans also went berserk when they inhaled the toxic substance and began to attack animals and other humans.

All hell broke loose in Heatia.

Heatia was close to the equator and wasnt affected by tsunamis or earthquakes.

There were no volcanoes on its land either.

It had never occurred to them that they would escape the natural disasters only to die in the hands of their own people.

Meanwhile, the Pegasus Volcano on the Pegasus Grassland began to wake up.

Rumbling noises kept coming from the bowels of the earth as if something could explode at any moment.

The glacier on both poles melted, raising the sea level, and the seawater flooded the land.

The catastrophe had reached a global scale.

Raging storms and tidal waves attacked countless arks floating in the oceans.

Most of them were built with durable materials to withstand the horrible weather.

However, they would have to count themselves unlucky if they were struck by lightning

Although the metal hull of the arks was flame- and cold-resistant, it could still conduct electricity.

If an ark was struck by lightning, all the electronic devices would explode, and the engine could also be destroyed.

When that happened, the passengers would be trapped in the sea.

It wasnt an unlikely event.

Some arks were already hit by lightning and sank into the sea.

There was little hope of finding any survivors.

Himmel Soan used his mental force to track the disasters all over the globe and would save as many people as his power could handle.

But with so many things happening simultaneously, he couldnt be everywhere all at once.

Something would happen in the west when he was in the east.

Someone in the north would be in danger when he went to save lives in the south.

He couldnt cover so many countries all at once unless he recovered enough power to create his own avatars.

He barely had enough strength to help others now.

If he had the spare power to create avatars, he might not even be able to protect Moon.

Himmel Soan immediately detected the abnormality in Pegasus Grassland.

He focused his mental force on the volcano through the crater.

Although he couldnt stop the eruption, he would hold it off for ten or twenty hours.

More and more people were posting comments online.

“Gosh! I just saw a nearby ark sink into the sea!”

“Thats nothing.

I saw a Frostian ark melt into liquid! It was so scary!”

“What Melt into liquid Hows that possible”

“Its true! Frostia became so bright just then! I dont know what happened, but everything was burnt down! The houses were turned into piles of ashes! It was so horrible! I cant imagine what happened to those people!”

“Its the end of the world! Nature is taking its revenge! Earth is purging us!”

“Shut up! Its a meteorite, not some great purge! Lord, please help us get through this catastrophe!”

“Whats Oraman waiting for Why hasnt he launched the cannon”

“Is he too old to remember what he should


“Dont rush him! He must be waiting for the optimal launching time!”

“Dont rush him Its easy for you to say! Theres a thunderstorm outside, and everybody on this ark will die if were struck by lightning! We cant wait anymore! We only have less than ten minutes left! The meteorite is almost upon us!” “Launch the cannon, damn it! People are dying!”

The world was in a state of panic.

In Eternitys control room, the scientists were trembling.

Their hands were on the launch buttons, but they couldnt press them.

Oraman hadnt given the order yet.


President, are we going to launch it We have eight minutes left.

I think we need to do it now.”

Oraman looked at the clock on the big screen.

“Eight minutes.

Lets launch it now!”

“Ready to launch!”

“Ready to launch!”

All the scientists focused on the control panel.

“Countdown! Ten!



The world was nervously watching the launch protocol.

Everybody was praying.

It was their last hope.





“Launch the energy cannon!”

The scientists hit the buttons.

The screen then showed what was going on outside Eternity.

The cannon barrel began to absorb light until it gave off a red glow.

The cost of one launch was thirty billion.

Developing countries couldnt even dream about it.

Even Neige, the wealthiest country in the world, could only afford the materials for one launch.

That was how expensive it was.

There was a loud thump.

Poof, just like that, thirty billion was gone.

A thick streak of light with a 200m diameter shot up the clouds.

The image on the screen changed again.

It showed the streak of light rising into the sky.

One could see that the light was in fact a giant missile.

It flew away from earth at lightning speed.

The fire around it disappeared after it entered outer space because nothing burnt in the vacuum.

The missile flew toward the meteorite.

The camera on the satellite followed it closely while everyone on Earth watched nervously.

“Look! The Moonian website is showing the missile, too! The image is so clear!”

“Gosh! Its a hundred times better than the Neigerian image!”

“How can it be I thought Moon was only showing recordings.

How can they be following the energy cannon So, its true that they do have a camera out there.

They werent showing CGI videos!”

“That cant be! If thats the case, how advanced will their technology have to be”

“The two websites are showing the same thing! The angles are identical! If Neige is broadcasting the launch, so is Moon! Moon couldnt have predicted what the missile looked like and put it in their recording! Look, the two images are exactly the same! It means Moon is broadcasting the launch, too!”


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