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“Hold on! Well get to you all!”

The flying soldiers moved fast.

They caught the falling ones first and took them to the surface before returning for the people hanging on the cliffside.

They picked up several survivors each time.

From afar, they looked like strings of pearls.

Uraphon was even smaller than Scentia, with a population of a little over a million.

The arctic was a rough place to live, and the people there didnt have the energy to produce so many children.

All the flying soldiers were from the three divisions, and most of them were from the Himmelians and the Himmelian Village.

They were capable fighters with spiritual essence.

Not only did they catch the falling ones, but they had also pulled all the people out of the sea, dead or alive.

“Thank you! Thank you so much!” After Hanse and Handus were saved, they knelt on the ground and thanked the flying soldiers.

“You dont need to do this!”

“Youre our saviors! I cant thank you enough!”

Other people around them dropped to their knees as well.

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Soon, a few helicopters arrived with IVE Extractors.

There were many ice caves in the area.

With the devices, they would only need to find some large caves to keep themselves safe.

But that would only happen if the ice beneath them didnt crack open, or nothing could save them.

Uraphon hadnt built any arks.

The president and the high-ranking officials had all gone missing.

Some people said the president had taken refuge in another country, some said he had already been killed, and others said he was hiding in some unknown place in the country.

It made the rescue mission much more difficult because the soldiers had to deliver the IVE Extractors to all groups of people.

The Uraphonian president was very important to the people.

Sky Eye and the Dragon Tribe had been constantly posting messages on the Moonian website, updating the people with news from all over the world.

The rescue time from the 19th division of Sky Eye:

“Arrived at Flamia at 3:04.

“Rescued Arks 27, 29, and 33 at 3:19.

“Rescued Arks 24, 19, and 20 at 3:28.

“Took 300 injured Flamians to Moon at 3:21.”

Cook from the Dragon Tribe rescue team posted:

“Arrived at Winland at 3:07.

“Rescued Arks 88, 41, and 55 at 3:20.

“Rescued Arks 26, 40, and 37 at 3:30.

“Mission failed at 3:55.

Ark-9 was hit by the meteorite during the rescue.

There were no survivors.

Weve lost 64 of our 80 members.

“At 4:06, Cook requests to go back to Moon!”

Randy from the Himmelian Pavilion posted:

“Arrived at Woodia at 3:12.

“Rescued Arks 2, 3, and 5 at 3:26.

“Rescued Arks 8 and 11 at 3:47.

“Hit by a tsunami at 4:08 and lost thirteen men.

Were still pushing in.”

Despite the casualties, the three divisions were dauntless.

Nothing could stop them.

Skynet was also broadcasting the rescue missions live.

The image had the same high definition as the live stream of Despair One.

Nobody knew how such a video was shot, nor were they in the mood to find out.

Everybody was praying for the soldiers safe return.

“Stay safe, my heroes!”

“May God bless them!”

“Tosh! Its a storm! Please dont let anything happen to them! Come back!”

“Its too dangerous over there! Dont go!”

“I was so scared! Im so glad theyre alright!”

“Im sure God will bless them!”

“Please keep them safe!”

The people watched as the three divisions reached the southern hemisphere and the arctic.

They saw a member of the Dragon Tribe throw a child onto the surface before he fell over the cliff.

They saw people of Sky Eye use their helicopter to shield an ark from a falling meteorite piece.

All the viewers burst into tears.

They would never forget what those people had done for the world.

All of them were heroes, and their names would be remembered forever.

“I hope we Goldians can always remember Tob, Chad, Flynn, Troy, and Jack.

They saved us with their lives!”

It happened when the Moonians were rescuing Ark-9 of Goldia.

A meteorite piece fell toward them.

Ark-9 wasnt equipped with the IVE Extractors yet and was very fragile.

If the meteorite piece landed on the ark, it would be pulverized.

The passengers huddled together and trembled, waiting for the end to arrive.

However, five people drove two helicopters and hovered above the ark, trying to stop the meteorite.

The helicopters had IVE Extractors.

However, they werent very effective.

The IVE Extractors needed many operators to extract Innate Vigorous Energy, but the helicopters couldnt contain so many people.

Large helicopters could carry fifteen to twenty people at most, and that was before an IVE Extractor was put inside.

The smallest IVE Extractors would require twenty people to operate.

The two helicopters could never stop the meteorite.

But the effort wasnt futile.

The two helicopters flew up into the air and crashed into the meteorite.

They immediately turned into balls of fire.

After the explosion, the meteorite piece kept falling, but the impact had shifted its course away from Ark-9.

Ark-9 was saved.

So was everybody aboard.


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