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“Is that Phoebe” That was the first name that came to Himmel Soans mind.

He couldnt think of anybody else.

Ordinary people would have been torn apart by the storm.

Being a cultivator, Phoebe might be able to withstand the lightning for a while.

However, he didnt think she was capable enough to go inside a cyclone.

That woman had dived into the sea, suggesting that she was an excellent swimmer, which fit Phoebes characteristics as well.

“Phoebe!” Himmel Soan spoke to his earphones.

Phoebe soon replied, “Yes, Patriarch.

How may I help”

“What are you doing in the middle of the ocean Didnt I send you out on a rescue mission Be on your way!”

“What Patriarch, I dont understand.

Im not in the middle of the ocean.

Im in Grassia; Im helping them with the flood!”

“What Youre in Grassia”

Grassia was half a world away.

“Yes, Patriarch.

Im nowhere near an ocean.

Did you mistake one of my brothers for me”

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“I see.

You can go back to your work.”

“Yes, sir!”

Himmel Soan then contacted Drake and Liam.

“Which of you is in the middle of the ocean Or did you send someone here”

Himmel Soan was sure he had seen a woman.

He didnt think it was either of the brothers.

Maybe he was mistaken, but it was highly unlikely.

One had to be very capable to survive the lightning storm.

Of all the members of the three divisions, only a few high-ranking leaders had that kind of skill.

“Its not me, Patriarch.

Im in the arctic.”

“Patriarch, Im in Lingino.

Its close to the sea, but Im not there.”

Both Drake and Liam replied.

“Did you send someone here A woman”

“Of course not.

Patriarch, let me ask Phoebe.

Maybe it was her.”

“Thats alright.

Ive asked her already.

Dont worry about it.”

“Why, Patriarch Did you see a woman in the middle of the ocean”

“I said its alright! Go back to your work!”

“Yes, sir!”

If it wasnt one of the three siblings or anyone from the three divisions, who could it be

Himmel Soan was perplexed.

But his priority was to stop this lightning storm.


He exhaled, and his spiritual essence turned into a giant web, which wrapped around the thunderclouds.

He then dragged them away.

The sun was back, and the crisis was over.

Himmel Soan looked down at the sea surface and hesitated.

So many people needed his saving, but he still wanted to figure out who that woman was.

In the end, he dived into the ocean.

He detected a lot of undercurrents below the surface.

The fish had been startled by the weather and were moving in all directions.

Sharks shuttled back and forth in the fish stocks.

Even some deep-sea fish had been attracted to the surface by a mysterious force.

Because of the different water pressure, they couldnt survive in the shallow water.

Once the internal and external pressures couldnt balance out each other, the fish would explode.

The seawater had turned red and was filled with dead fish.

A blue whale whooshed past Himmel.

He quickly shifted to the side.

Looking around at the frightened fish, he felt something was off but couldnt pinpoint it.

That woman had disappeared as if she had never existed in the first place.

So be it.

Himmel Soan didnt have time to linger here.

He looked around again and left the area.

Once Panthera, Soleil, and Hosia joined in, the rescue mission became a little easier.

Almost all countries received some assistance.

The IVE Extractors were delivered to all countries in the world.

Moon was still manufacturing the devices in case more were needed.

Himmel Soan didnt need to do everything on his own now.

He had a more difficult task at hand.

He needed to get Earths moon back.

Earths moon was moving further away, and with that, Earths gravity would change as well.

It hadnt been too long, so the feeling wasnt too obvious yet.

If someone were to weigh themself now, they would realize their weight had dropped.

A slim adult would probably weigh less than 70 pounds.

The disturbance in the sea and the chaotic magnetic field were both the result of the departing moon.

The moon could explain at least 70% of the anomalies.

If the moon kept moving away, gravity would decrease so much that people on earth would float in the air.

The deepsea fish rose to the shallow water probably because of the same reason.

It was a difficult task because Himmel Soan was exhausted.

He was drained of his strength and mental force.

He had a little spiritual essence left, but it wouldnt be easy to pull the moon back.

There wasnt enough spiritual essence in him.

“Viclan, how much SE do we have in the space cannon” He had no choice but to extract spiritual essence from the cannon.

Most of the spiritual essence had been used, and there wasnt much left.

“Patriarch, we have 5% left, and were extracting more as we speak.”

5% might not be enough.

But he had to give it a go.


Extract faster.

I need it.”

“Yes, sir!”

It had been seven hours since the meteorite pieces began to fall.

Moon had been very efficient.

By now, all other countries had received assistance.

A lot of refugees had been transported to the Moonian underground shelters.

Most of them were those that hadnt purchased ark tickets and had nowhere to go.

They took up the most significant percentage of the global population.

There were over ten billion people in the world.

Half of that had become refugees.

Two billion Moonian all went into the underground shelters, and two billion people boarded the arks.

Countries like Padaski, Panthera, and Soleil took Moons advice and built underground shelters, where their people took refuge.

This group of people totaled up to half a billion.

The other five billion people had nowhere to go.

They were doomed.


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