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“I didnt teach her properly when she was little, so I had to finish this nonsense in my own way! Im willing to accept whatever punishment I deserve, even if its the capital sentence!”

The brother said, “Id rather I never had a sister! Shes an embarrassment to my family! I have to let everybody know that she has made up the whole thing! The Moonian soldiers were wonderful.

They didnt harm us in any way.

She only said those things because she used to be an influencer and had the habit of attracting attention in this way.”

“Im her mother.

I apologize for what my daughter said, and I agree with what my husband and son have done! If weve committed a crime, let the law punish us! I dont regret our choice!”

That girls family had shocked the world in another way.

The netizens felt conflicted over what had happened.

“Telling such a lie was despicable conduct, but I cant believe what her father and brother have done!”

“That was an overreaction.

They didnt have to stab her!”

“Didnt you say you wanted to find out who she was”

“I dont agree with what her parents have done! This is a heinous crime!”

“No one should insult the Moonian soldiers.

Yes, she has slandered them, but it wasnt a capital crime! Her family didnt have the right to take her life!”

“Thats not how justice should be served!”

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So many things had happened.

Many of them were controversial.

What happened to the girl was only one of them.

Some people tried to kiss the soldiers against their will, and some people sacrificed a soldier to rescue their pet dog.

Such things had all been discussed.

The online world always had something to talk about.

The meteorite was the greatest disaster in human history, and the number of deaths was beyond imagination.

As time passed, the meteorite pieces didnt fall as frequently.

The rain was going to end soon.

Camille predicted that it would last ten hours.

Eight hours had passed since then.

Two more hours, and Earth would be safe.

The catastrophe would be over.

One more hour to go!

The meteorite shower had almost finished.

A piece would fall every three or five minutes.

It was much better than before.

If someone had survived the first nine hours and got killed now, they would be extremely unlucky.

It would be something only fate could explain.

“Its finally going to end! Weve won this war!”

“We You didnt fight the war; the Moonians did! Without them, we would all be dead!”

“As a Moonian, I want to say that the victory belongs to the entire human race.”

The heads of all states posted letters of gratitude to thank the heroes.

Unfortunately, not all of them participated because some of them didnt survive the disaster.

“On behalf of the Woodians, Id like to thank Moonian soldiers and all the Moonian people.

We would also like to thank Padaski, Soleil, Panthera, and Hosia for their help!”

“Id like to thank Moon and all the countries that have helped Soilia.

Without you, our country may not exist anymore.

The Soilian people will be forever grateful!”

“Our bastard president has fled to Mars.

As the only surviving high-ranking official in Neige, Id like to thank Moon.

Thank you for helping my country and my people!”

As the catastrophe came to an end, many presidents took their stand.

The Moonian president replied to their letters.

“Although the catastrophe is coming to an end, we have to remain cautious.

Please do not go out just yet! The meteorite shower may be over, but other natural disasters can still happen.

Please dont let our efforts go to waste in the last moments!”

People all over the world felt the change.

Some of them posted comments on Skynet and the Moonian government website.

It was the tenth hour.

The meteorite shower was almost over.

“Something doesnt feel right.”

“I feel it, too! Has my strength grown I can jump two meters high!”

“I can jump three meters! This has never happened before!”

“I think the weight of many things has changed, too.”

“You may not believe this, but I saw a fish in the sky just then! This is so scary! Whats going on”

No one believed them at first, and some people even criticized them.

“Enough with the bull**! Youre only scaring yourself! The disaster is over, and we all want it to be over! Your rumors will create panic! Dont make me come after you!”

“A fish in the sky Why dont you tell us you can fly Dont make me laugh!”

“You people just wont give it a break, will you”

However, panic set in in the next thirty minutes.

Almost everybody realized the change.

“Its true! My leg went to sleep, so I stood up to move around.

The next thing I know, my head bumps into the ceiling! My forehead is bruised! Look! [pic]”

“Its the same with me! I can jump over two meters high! This is incredible!”

“Whats happening”

“Have we all mutated”

“No! That cant be happening! Im so scared!”

Finally, a scientist explained the phenomenon.

“Please stay calm.

Gravity has changed because the moon is moving away from us, and were losing gravity faster and faster!”

“What What should we do”

“@Sky Eye Were losing gravity! What are we going to do!”

“@Sky Eye Are we going to die without gravity Wheres Mr.

Soan Please tell us what to do!”

“@Sky Eye Could you please give us an answer Im so scared! Will I be able to pee Will my piss fly in the air What if I want to take a dump”

“Im cracking up here.

Dont worry! Well be fine! We must have faith in Moon.


Soan has destroyed the super meteorite, so Im sure he can build another moon for us!”


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