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Earths gravity had completely gone awry.

“What…” Henry looked down.

His little jump took him over half a meter off the ground, and he was suspended in the air for about half a second before he fell back.

Outside, the seawater acted abnormally as well.

The waves wouldnt fall back, and when the wind blew, they flew into the air.

Everybody would drown if the entire sea rose into the air.

If all the oceans left the seabed, the seawater would cover the entire earth, and the water would be 300m thick.

It would be taller than skyscrapers!

“Notify Mr.

Soan now!”

Moon wasnt the only country that had experienced the loss of gravity.

The entire world felt it.

With the moon moving away and the end of the meteorite rain, Earth officially entered the phase with low gravity.

The atmosphere wouldnt last much longer either.

Without it, the unfiltered sunlight would mercilessly hit the face of Earth.

When that happened, the human race would be wiped out.

The sunlight would instantly mummify everybody, turning them into human charcoal sticks.

In the online world.

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“Shit! Shit! My phone is floating, and so am I!”

“Oh god! Were losing gravity! What should we do Didnt Mr.

Soan say he knew what to do”

“Yes, where is Mr.

Soan Please take care of our gravity!”

“Im having trouble breathing! I feel like Im running out of air!”

“I think its the air pressure.

If this goes on, well explode!”

“I feel awful! I cant handle it anymore! Help us!”

“Wheres Mr.

Soan Why wouldnt he do something Mr.

Soan, help us!”

“Look! Thats your payback for exploring the ocean!”

“The ocean is taking revenge! Are you happy now”

“Bull**! You sound like you wont be affected.

If Earth loses gravity, everybody will die! Dont be an idiot!”

“Youre the idiots! Enjoy the gravity-free environment!”

“You people are unbelievable.

Im going to remind you one last time.

Dont let me find you, or Ill crush all your teeth!”

Back in Moon in Viclans lab, Warren jumped over seven meters far and rushed into the lab.

“Patriarch, gravity has lost control! Please do something!”

After that, he noticed a black-and-white energy ball floating in Himmel Soans palm.

It was surrounded by lightning arcs like a magnetic sphere.

“I see.

Go back out there and tell everybody not to panic.

Hold on for another ten minutes, and Earth will be back to normal.”


“Please go.”

“Yes! Yes!” Warren jumped out of the room and delivered the news.

It immediately calmed everybody down.

The announcement settled their minds.

Most people were no longer in a panic, except for a handful.

The group of people who had laughed at Himmel Soan became active again.

“Ten minutes Do you really consider him a god Is he going to build a moon in ten minutes”

“Its hilarious! I admit that Himmel Soan has some abilities, but thats it.

Building a moon is much harder than destroying a meteorite.

What makes you think he can do it in ten minutes”

“You people are so stupid! Let me tell you a very effective method, and its up to you to believe it or not.

Go out, kneel on the ground, and say, “Ill be a sea slave forever,” like you mean it.

After that, the disaster will end!”

Someone tried it and came back to post a comment.

“Guys, Ive tried it, and its true! I can stand firmly on the ground now! You should all try it!”

“Which mental hospital did you escape from No one will believe something so ridiculous! I went to college, you know”

“Youre the ridiculous one! I see youve learned nothing in college.

You can go to hell! How could you argue here without even trying it I tried it, and Im standing on the ground now!”

“Really! You sound incredible! All you need is one sentence I dont buy it!”

Some secret support wrote, “Its true! I tried it, too! I got my gravity back as soon as I tried it! Please give it a go!”

“I tried it, too! Its true! I cant believe it! Whats going on Is it some kind of supernatural power”

“It cant be real.

Hold on, guys.

Im going to try it myself and videotape the entire process! Youre welcome to watch!”

“Im going, too! Guys, follow me, and Ill bring you along!”

Old habits die hard.

Some influencers still tried to grab attention in a time like this.

They voluntarily left the shelters and arks and walked toward the flood.

“Guys, Im going to verify that claim for you! Here it goes!”

“Guys, show me some support, and Ill demonstrate it for you!”

“Guys, look! Im almost flying now! The ocean is right in front of me! Youre going to see the result immediately!”

Vloggers all over the world used this opportunity to attract more fans.

There were major disasters, and the Moonian government website was the only place where they could post videos.

It was now or never.

The whole world was watching.

If they succeeded, they could gain hundreds of millions of followers.

Once Earth was safe again, they would become major influencers.

They could grab as much money as they could.

They would do anything for the money and a better life in the future.

Moreover, it wasnt anything dangerous.

They only needed to kneel and say those words.

What could possibly happen

There was nothing to be afraid of.

Just then, Himmel Soan sent Henry a message.

“Do not follow that instruction! Shut down all the vlogs! No one can kneel!”


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