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Having spent enough time around Himmel Soan, Henry knew the man better now.

There was always a reason behind his every action.

He reached for the comm, but movements had a larger impact under low gravity, and he used a little too much force.

Instead of grabbing the comm, he pushed it further away.

The comm moved as if it was floating in the water.

It moved for some distance before slowly falling to the floor.

Henry moved toward it.

Because of the loss of gravity, he wasnt used to his own body anymore.

It was more difficult than wearing roller skates.

Each step would take him three meters away.

Meanwhile, the vloggers started trying the ritual.

“Guys, look!”

Beanie, the famous vlogger, reached the seashore and knelt on the ground.

Six million people were watching his channel.

Lynch, another famous vlogger, also knelt on the seashore and prostrated on the ground.

Over twenty million viewers were watching him.

The celebrity vlogger Royce did the same thing.

He knelt and said the words.

Over forty million people were watching him.

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Similar things were all happening overseas.

The Moonians were under control.

It wasnt that the Moonian vloggers didnt want to do the same.

Countless Moonian also wanted to become famous.

When they didnt have the professional skills to achieve that, they tried to do it in unconventional ways.

If it could make someone famous, they would mind eating their own feces.

However, all the Moonian shelters were underground, and the doors had been sealed.

Moreover, the Pegasus Grassland had been flooded.

The seawater would gush in when they opened the three gates.

After Sammy and Vivians actions, Sky Eye and the Dragon Tribe realized how serious the issue was.

The exits of all the zones were guarded by soldiers, and no one was allowed to leave the shelters.

Therefore, the vloggers couldnt go to the seaside even if they wanted to.

They could only watch the live streams on their phones like everybody else.

Things were different overseas.

They were less concerned with death and cared more about their freedom.

Moreover, they were in arks.

Some arks were anchored in the ocean.

Some arks were in unknown corners.

Some arks happened to be anchored by the seashore.

Their presidents couldnt stop the people when they demanded to go out.

After all, their freedom was part of their human rights that no one could deprive them of.

They demanded to open the door.

If their presidents refused, they would revolt and tear the door down.

In such countries, the head of the states couldnt stop their people.

They had no choice but to open the door.

Many other vloggers did the same.

They knelt, facing the ocean with their hands holding up.

Together, they had over two billion viewers, equivalent to the Moonian population.

“Ill be a sea slave forever!” said Royce.

Lynch shouted, “Ill be a sea slave forever! Forever!”

“Ill be a sea slave forever!”

“Ill be a sea slave forever!”

Countless vloggers shouted at the ocean.

They waited for a few seconds, but no miracles happened.

Royce stood up and jumped.

He could still jump three meters high.

“Guys, are you seeing this Its nonsense! Im—” He suddenly fell on his butt and burst into tears in pain.

He looked like a piece of floating paper that had just gotten wet.

Royce rubbed his butt and stood up with a grimace.

“What happened”

He jumped again but was pulled down by gravity.

This time, he couldnt jump higher than half a meter.

“Why cant I jump higher now My gravity is back! Guys, Im back to normal!”

The same thing happened to Lynch.

He felt the normal gravity after claiming himself to be a sea slave.

“Guys, its true! Its not a joke! Saying those words worked!”

Beanie made the same claim.

“Its true! Those people didnt lie to us! Im back to normal! I feel the pressure around me back to normal as well! My breathing is perfectly fine, too!”




Just then, all the live streams were shut down, and the screens all turned dark.

“What happened Why is the signal gone”

“Whats going on”

“Why did the live stream stop Does that really work, or is it a scam I didnt get to ask them!”

“Why ask at all All the vloggers have experimented, and of course, its true! See it with your own eyes! Lets go! The ocean is right outside!”

“Its true! Lets go, people! The elderly and children should go out first.

Theyre having more trouble breathing! The others can follow!”

Instantly, countless people pushed through the corridors.

The way they hopped around was both hilarious and horrifying.

Meanwhile, Sky Eye posted an announcement on the Moonian government website and Skynet in over a dozen languages.

“Attention, please! Heres an announcement for people in all countries! Do not approach the ocean or kneel on the beach! Its very dangerous! Mr.

Soan wont allow anyone to go near the ocean! Please tell your family and friends! In a few minutes, Mr.

Soan will restore gravity!”

The announcement confused a lot of people.

“Why Why is it dangerous”

“Thats right! How dangerous can it be Im only going to shout at the ocean!”

“I dont get it.

Why cant we do it”

“Can Moon give us an explanation Why”

“What was that”

“Its obviously working! Why wont Moon let us do it”

“What do they want Are they going to control our movements now Why cant we kneel Do the Moonians want to rule the world”

“Yes, I think theyve gone a bit too far.

Why cant we go out and kneel on the beach That wont affect them, will it”


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