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His socks were stuffed full, and spikes were coming through them.

Where did those spikes come from

It was too difficult to remove the socks, so Yamano found a dagger and cut them open.


He saw fish tails!

“No! No!”

The entire ark could hear his scream.

He wasnt the only one that was going through this.

Such things didnt happen just to the Flamians either.

Not all the affected had private rooms.

In an Iceanian ar, a group of young people was chatting and laughing.

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A man brushed past one of them when he ran into them in the corridor.

The young man frowned when he felt a sharp pain in his arm.

He looked down and saw a scratch.

“Dude, watch where youre going!”

“Are you talking to me” The middle-aged man asked in annoyance.

The young man pointed at his elbow.

“Youve scratched my arm.

I think the least you can do is apologize to me.”

The middle-aged man was amused.

He had only brushed past the young man.

How could he have scratched him

“Did you say I scratched your arm How am I supposed to do that Im not carrying any knives or sharp objects! Youre making things up!”

The young mans friends became angry and surrounded the middle-aged man.

“We all saw it! You scratched him! Dont try to deny it!”

“I know whats going on here You think you can bully me because you have more people! Tell me how I scratched him! Do I have spikes on me”

“Who knows Take off your clothes, then!”

“Thats enough! Youve gone too far!” The middle-aged man lost his temper.

The scene attracted much attention.

“I think thats enough.

Theres only so much space in the ark, and its inevitable that we bump into each other.

Dont make a big deal out of it.

Just apologize and walk away!”

“Thats right.

Dont fight over petty things like this! Lets be civil.

Just apologize, man!”

“We should be more considerate.

Moon is working on restoring gravity, and well be out of here soon.

Just bear with each other for a few more moments, alright Dont fight!”

The middle-aged man felt wronged as well.

“I have no problem apologizing, but he said I scratched him, and I wont have it! Were both flesh and bones, so how am I supposed to hurt him It doesnt make sense! Your gravity hasnt been restored, and youre still hopping around.

That was why something like this had happened! We could have avoided this if you had knelt at the ocean! You only have yourself to blame!”

“Are you saying that its our fault” the young man asked angrily.

The middle-aged man said indifferently, “You know perfectly well what I mean.”

Some people supported the young man, while others supported the middle-aged man.

“I agree with him.

If you had knelt at the ocean, you wouldnt have regained your gravity by now.

Something like this would never have happened.

I know how youre feeling.

You cant control your movements, and its normal to bump into each other.”

“No, its not like that! I didnt kneel, but I could still control my body.

I think these young men are to be blamed!”

Somebody said, “With or without gravity, people dont bleed from bumping into each other! These young men are trying to swindle this man!”

The young man was agitated.

“What did you say Are you calling me a liar He definitely has a knife! If you dont believe me, let him take off his clothes, and well examine him! Ill kneel and apologize immediately if we cant find anything sharp on him!”

“I dont have any knives!” The middle-aged man argued.

“Take off your clothes, then! Show everybody youre telling the truth!” The young mans friends insisted.

The middle-aged man nodded.


Ill show you if I have any blades! If I dont have any, you must apologize to me for ruining my reputation!”

“No problem! Go ahead!” the young man replied without hesitation.

The middle-aged man took off his shirt in front of all the people.

However, as soon as he did that, the crowd stepped back in unison and gasped in astonishment.

Some children even screamed and burst into tears.

“Mom, Im scared!”

“Whats that on his back”

“Gosh! Thats terrible!”

“Is that a skin condition Lets stay away from him!”

“Hes a monster!”

The middle-aged man was confused by the panic.

He looked at the young man and noticed that he and his friends looked scared as well.

They had moved as far away from him as possible.

“Whats the matter Do I have something on me Is it dust” The middle-aged man couldnt understand their reaction.

However, he was shocked when he looked down at his stomach.

It was covered by scales.

That wasnt it.

Some spikes had stuck out of his arms around the elbows and looked rather like fins.

In that case, were those spikes the reason he scratched the young mans skin

“Why is this happening to me Whats going on”

He was still trying to figure out what had happened when somebody else shouted in the crowd.

“Look! He has scales, too!”

“OMG! So does he! Run! Theyre monsters!”

“Thomas, why do you have scales, too Wait! Why do I have them”

“Look! His feet have turned into fish tails! Holy **! This is so scary! Have we been invaded by aliens”

“Youre not one of us! Youre all aliens!”

“I cant believe this is happening! Its like a sci-fi movie!”

“I cant breathe! Im suffocating! I need water!”

The people with scales all had the same symptoms.

As the artificial moon rose and gravity increased, they started having difficulty breathing.

They stuck their faces underwater as if they were driven by some instinct.


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