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They realized they could breathe much more easily when they put their faces underwater.

However, they still felt strange.

It would be great if they could soak themselves in water.

In Woodia, Goldia, Soilia, Flamia, Iceana, and many other countries, similar “mermaid incidents” were spotted.

Ordinary people discovered in astonishment that people around them were covered with scales while maintaining a human form.

“What the hell is going on Our ark is filled with monsters! Help! Can somebody help us”

“Were not monsters! I dont know why this is happening to me! Dont be afraid! We mean you no harm! Weve probably caught something.

Thats all!”

“During this catastrophe, an unknown virus might have come from outer space! Those people must have mutated because of the infection!”

“It doesnt seem to be the case! Theyre not contagious!”

“No, they are! After his fin scratched me, the cut has been getting itchier! Im growing scales, too!”

“Theyre monsters! We must catch all of them and put them in one place so that we can control them!”

“Thats easy for you to say! Whos going to catch them Help! I dont want to stay with these monsters!”

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It didnt just happen to ordinary people.

Some people of higher social status also began to grow scales, including Jade, the famous DJ, Sid, the popular TV personnel, Kyro Kim, the influencer, and Dusty, the pop idol.

And there were so many more.

Even the high-ranking officials in some countries had started growing scales.

After looking into these affectees past, the other people reached a conclusion: all of them had knelt to the ocean before!

“Seriously That sounds unbelievable! Does kneeling to the ocean give them scales”

“I dont want to believe it either, but its happening! We found it unbelievable before when they got their gravity back by kneeling to the ocean, but they did recover.”

“Is that why Moon wouldnt let us kneel”

“I dont care about that! I just want to know why they look like that How did this happen”

“@Sky Eye, can you explain it”

“Whats going on Mr.

Soan, could you give us an answer”

“I dont want to be like this! I want to be a normal human being! I cant even breathe now! My skin feels so dry that I want to hide in the water!”

“Why is this happening I dont want to become a fish! Help me!”

In some arks, all the passengers had turned into this half-human and half-fish form.

In other arks, only half the passengers had mutated.

Some of the arks had remained unchanged.

Everybody could tell if somebody else had knelt at the ocean.


They could be 100% sure now.

Those that had knelt at the sea would grow scales, and so would the people that had been stabbed or scratched by the people with the scales.

“@Sky Eye, please answer us!”

“@Dragon Tribe, whats going on Can you give us an explanation The world is panting, and were all scared!”

“@Sky Eye, please say something! Its time to speak up!”

About 500 million people had grown scales.

All the presidents were asking Moon for an answer.

No other country could give them an answer now, though.

Himmel Soan was probably the only one who had an answer!

Some Moonians had grown scales as well, but they were very rare.

There were only three people in total.

Some onlookers caught them right away and handed them to Sky Eye.

Henry Lang, the director of the Soan empire, immediately went to see Warren and the other members of the Soan empire.

At the same time, Warren went to report to Himmel Soan.

“Patriarch! Patriarch!”

“Patriarch, please open the door!” Warren and Yosef anxiously knocked on Himmel Soans lab door.

Himmel Soan pressed a button, and the door opened.

The two men rushed in, telling him about the abnormal things happening all over the world.

Himmel Soan listened as he stirred a bottle of green potion in his hands.

“Patriarch, did you hear what I said”

“Yes, the scales.”

“You know about that”

“Yes, I knew something bad was going to happen when they started kneeling.

I just didnt know what exactly.

It seems that the other force has activated their genes in those people.”

Warren and Yosef looked at each other.

Warren asked, “What genes”

Yosef said, “What other force”

They were greatly confused by Himmel Soans words.

What was he talking about

What were those genes

“Patriarch, do we have other enemies”

“Yes, the Atlanteans!”

“As in Atlantis”

Both Warren and Yosef were shocked.

“I thought it was a long-gone civilization.”

“It disappeared but wasnt destroyed.

Theyve remained hidden from us and have been watching us.

Because of the moon, they couldnt leave the bottom of the ocean.

After the moon was gone, gravity disappeared, and they were no longer trapped.

They can leave the ocean now!”

“The bottom of the ocean Is that where Atlantis is”

Himmel Soan didnt try to explain.

He poured the green potion into another container and handed it to Warren.

“Take it.

Its the first potion Ive concocted.

I cant guarantee itll work, but I think itll probably do the trick.

Give it to the three people and note its effects.

Get their consent before you feed it to them!”

“Yes, sir!”

Himmel Soan then went to the presidents office, where the president was holding a conference with the other heads of states.

Over five billion people were watching them, all trying to find out what was going on.

However, without Himmel Soan, they couldnt think of anything no matter how long they discussed.


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