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“We can help Atlantis! We wont live there for free! We can prove our value!”

“Value If you dont have any value here, what makes you think you can have value there Your body is the only thing you can offer them! Didnt General Marlow explain everything to us The Atlanteans want your flesh to fuel their latest invention.

Thats your value!”

“You people are all paranoid! I dont care if you believe the Atlanteans.

I do! Im going!”

“Go, then.

You wont come back anyway! Youre not a Padaskian anymore!”

“You dont get to decide that! Who the hell do you think you are”

“I have a question.

If Atlantis is so powerful and can easily annihilate us, why dont they Why have they gone so far to trick us Explain that to me.

If you can convince me, Ill believe the Moonians!”

“Dont you understand They havent made a move because we have Mr.

Soan! Hes the god of science, and his space cannon is a threat to Atlantis.

Thats why Atlantis hasnt done anything!”

“You think too highly of Mr.


Yes, hes very talented, but hes just one individual.

How can he threaten the entire civilization He has the space cannon, but is he going to use it Firing it will wipe out the human race together with Atlantis! Moon will be destroyed, too!”

“Youre so stupid! I dont want to waste my time talking to you!”

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The argument among the common people finally attracted the attention of the high-ranking officials.

Presidents of the allied countries immediately contacted Gordon, asking for an explanation.

But Moon had already given them one.

It was a trust issue.

Once again, those presidents chose to believe Moon.

They had trusted Moons decision twice, and Moon was right on both occasions.

They believed this time would be no exception.

Himmel Soan had reached the bottom of the ocean.

If Atlantis wanted to play a game, he would entertain them.

In Atlantis, Kabaron and Roams stood in front of the monitor and watched Himmel Soan dive deeper and deeper into the ocean.

“Hes impatient.

Hes made a move!”

“Im curious.

Why is he bold enough to come here without bringing any devices or weapons”

Kabaron was confused when he saw Himmel Soan didnt even have an oxygen bottle.

“Can he breathe in water”

Roams put on his high-tech glasses and stared at the screen.

“Is he a robot Hes 30,000m under the surface now, but he hasnt been crushed by the water pressure.

Even a person from the sixth age cant do that! Only a robot can!”

Atlantis had hidden in the seabed and covered itself with mud.

It had disappeared from the bottom of the ocean.

However, it couldnt hide from Himmel Soans mental power.

When he reached 40,000m, he heard noises in the darkness around him.

Ferocious sea beasts had woken up.

A school of sharks over ten meters long charged at Himmel Soan.

Sharks shouldnt exist at such depth.

They were AI sharks built by Atlantis.

Himmel Soan only stared at the sharks, and they exploded, their blood turning the seawater into a red color and waking up even more monsters.

He noticed chips floating in the red water.

The sharks were organic AIs, a combination of living creatures and machines.

They werent robots because they still had flesh and blood.

They werent organic creatures either because they were controlled by computers.

Over 37% of their bodies were metal.

Atlantis wanted to turn human beings into such creatures because they would have enhanced strength, speed, and stamina.

Moreover, such creatures didnt need to eat anything.

It was the ideal form of labor.

They could work around the clock, and the cellular regeneration technology also allowed them to be duplicated.

Atlantis could build 40 billion AI robots with 400 million human beings.

They would become excellent cannon fodders.

With the wishing power, Atlantis could build more I-Soldiers.

If they could combine I-Soldiers with cellular regeneration and AI brains, they could build even more powerful semi-machine soldiers.

With them, Atlantis would rule half the universe.

They didnt know if there were more advanced alien civilizations, but they knew they were one of the most advanced in the eastern universe.

And there was also the space cannon.

It would definitely give Roams more inspiration and usher them into the sixth age, where they could control time and space.

Manipulation of time and space was an incredible technology.

Himmel Soan had talked about transferring all the Earthlings to another planet, and to do that, he would manipulate time and space.

Because of that, Roams and Kabaron had reason to believe that he had transmigrated from the sixth age.

Transmigration was a manipulation of time.

It was proof of Himmel Soans identity.

The claim was correct when somebody said that Atlantis didnt dare to attack the human race now because they were afraid of Himmel Soan.

Himmel Soan himself could threaten an entire civilization.

Roams didnt know if Himmel Soan knew other advanced technologies.

However, he had invaded the Atlantean network, indicating he knew more than he demonstrated.

Maybe Himmel Soan could paralyze the Atlantean network or do some detrimental damage to the kingdom if they tried to attack the human race.

Therefore, they had to figure out what Himmel Soan was capable of before they made a move.

The infected humans were also their bargaining chips.

As long as they were still infected, Himmel Soan wouldnt try anything too dangerous.

Hearing the howling sounds around him, Himmel Soan waved his hands, and the noises disappeared.

The smell of blood grew denser.

Kabaron was frightened by this, and even Roams was perplexed.

They couldnt figure out how Himmel Soan did that.


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