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Kabaron laughed and extended his hand to Himmel Soan.

“Youre a Moonian.

You do handshakes, right Or do you hug I dont do kissing, though.

Thats not an Atlantean thing.”

Himmel Soan frowned and said solemnly, “I was looking for a way to reach Atlantis, and here you are.

Thats very good timing!”

He reached out, and a whirlpool dragged Kabaron to his side.

“Remove the genes from all the fishmen right now, or Ill wipe Atlantis off the face of Earth!”

Kabaron looked confused and panic-stricken.


Soan, why are you doing this We have a deal! Atlantis will help Moon control the human race, and Moon will help us control all the creatures in the water.

Well swap weapons.

Are you going back on your word now” Kabarons face darkened.


Soan, if you want to go back on your word, there will be consequences! Yes, Moon is a powerful country, but Atlantis doesnt take offense well either!”

The whole world heard that conversation.

The viewers reacted strongly.

“What Moon wants to rule the human race”

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“Has Moon been working with Atlantis all along”

“It cant be! I dont believe it! Mr.

Soan has reached an agreement with Atlantis!”

“Didnt Atlantis contact Mr.

Soan before, using us as the bargaining chip to force Moon to give them the space cannon”

“Dont you understand Moon and Atlantis have put on a show for us.

When theres danger, people will unite, and the pressure could turn into motivation.

Atlantis is threatening the entire human race.

We were bound to reach out to Moon for help.

They will use this opportunity to rule us!”

“Thats right.

Im never the sharpest tool in the box.

If I can figure it out, why cant you”

“Moon is working with Atlantis! Theyre in it together!”

“Gosh! They almost had me! Thats abominable!”

“I see it now! If they hadnt let it slip, I would have believed Moon!”

At the bottom of the ocean.

Himmel Soan narrowed his eyes.

He grabbed Kabarons neck and crushed all the tubes and devices he was carrying.

“That was a clever move, trying to frame me.

It wont work though! I can end your life now! You only have a minute to consider.

If you dont remove the genes, Atlantis will lose its king!”

Kabaron smirked.

“Try it, then.

Atlantis will live forever.

Im only one of its kings, and my death wont affect my kingdom.

There will be more kings after me, but the 560 million fishmen will all die with me!”

Himmel Soan had expected that.

The Atlantean must have come prepared.

The king was so bold because he had control over so many human lives.

He snorted.

“The Atlantean population must be larger than 500 million.

For every Earthling you kill, Ill kill two Atlanteans!”

“Thats if you can find Atlantis!”

“Nothing can hide from me on this planet.

I can find you just as easily even if you hide in the universe.”

On the internet, an Atlantean robot wrote, “What show are they playing now”

Another AI wrote, “Mr.

Soan, dont say that! We dont want to die! Were not your bargaining chips! Even if you kill ten Atlanteans for one human being, it still wont bring back the dead! No one wants to die!”

A third AI wrote, “Theyre in it together! Stop pretending!”

Those words incited a lot of humans.

“Thats right.

This isnt the Academy Award!”

“Enough with the role-playing! Youve let it slip, and theres no point in covering up your lies!”

“I see! Thats why Moon could build the space cannon! Theyre partners with a higher-level civilization! That explains everything!”

“Thats right.

Neige questioned Moon earlier because their technology took such a great leap and omitted many things.

There are no shortcuts in science.

We all must work on our predecessors research findings.

Come to think of it, Atlantis can fill in the blanks! Theyre the missing part in that great leap!”

“I see what you mean! Moon is so ambitious! Himmel Soan is such a cunning man!”

Of course, a small group of people would always remain lucid.

No matter how the public opinion shifted, their opinions wouldnt change.

“You people are so idiotic! Its obviously a setup!”

“Are you seriously going to believe that How stupid are you Mr.

Soan has saved you!”

“If Mr.

Soan and Moon want to rule the world, why would they go through so much trouble If he didnt do anything when the meteorite came, you would have begged for his help and surrendered to him.

Did Mr.

Soan blackmail you with it Did Moon force you to do anything No, they didnt!”

“Its so obvious, but you just cant see it! Youre hopeless! Do you even have a brain”

“You dont deserve to be saved! Go to hell!”

Himmel Soan narrowed his eyes, and a map appeared in his mind.

Each route on the map contained countless “spider webs.” They formed the network that covered the whole Earth.

Following the webs, Himmel Soan found the Atlantean robots.

“Die!” Himmel Soans eyes lit up.

At that moment, 100 thousand robots that had disguised themselves as human beings all over the world exploded.


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