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However, Himmel Soan wasnt in his best shape now.

Building the moon had cost him an ample amount of energy.

After that, they built another network with his mental force to separate the presidents from the common people so that they could have secret meetings.

Right now, Himmel Soan had almost drained his spiritual essence and mental force.

It shouldnt have mattered much because even if he only had a streak of spiritual essence left, he would still be able to overrun Atlantis.

But he overexerted himself by destroying all the AI robots hidden among humans.

Killing robots with his mental force was difficult enough, let alone killing 100,000 all at once.

Before he could do it, he also had to locate every single one of them.

It couldnt have been an easy task.

After that, his mental force was practically disabled.

Yet, he wasnt finished.

He had to search for the transmitters before destroying them.

When he reached Atlantis, he was already exhausted.

Even so, he still tried his best to keep the network running.

He couldnt hold for much longer.

Once his mental force failed, Earth would lose the internet, and different countries wouldnt be able to communicate with one another.

It would affect the armies, too.

However, it was good news to the fishmen.

Without the network, ordinary people would be blind.

The fishmen could infect or kill people however they wanted.

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When that happened, Earth would be in utter chaos.

Himmel Soan was determined to find the top-grade essence stones.

The ones he had used were washed ashore, so there had to be more at the bottom of the ocean.

But he hadnt found any so far.

“Himmel Soan, do you seriously think you can wipe out the entire Atlantis all by yourself” Roams spoke to him through a large screen.

Atlantis looked like one of those sci-fi movies.

It was located in the deepest corner of the ocean and was a small world of its own.

Its “sky” was a dome, and the ground looked like a sandbox.

There was no sunlight, and the kingdom was lit up by Atlantean technology.

There was little gravity here.

The Atlanteans could easily swim up to the dome.

There were roads both on the ground and in mid-water.

They looked like railways built above the well-lit cities.

Looking down from above, Atlantis looked more prosperous than the busiest city on land.

Himmel Soan found the place exceedingly clean.

The whole kingdom was spotless, probably because it was in the ocean.

The water could have washed away all the garbage.

Either that or the Atlanteans were environmentally conscious.

It was also very bright.

Although the sunlight couldnt reach such a depth, the kingdom had no dark corners.

They must have found a way to bring the sunlight down here and enhance it.

Not only was it brighter than the actual sunlight, but it also felt warmer.

It was completely different from the environment Himmel Soan experienced at 40,000m.

Countless robots were waiting for Himmel Soan.

They surrounded him as soon as he set foot in Atlantis.

There were enormous screens on buildings, and Roams was talking to Himmel Soan through them.

With a wave of his hand, hundreds of robots turned into spare parts.

No matter how many robots came at him, he could defeat them with the same move.

However, he couldnt keep doing it for much longer because he had run out of spiritual essence and was about to exhaust his mental force as well.

He had to find the essence stones in Atlantis.

Otherwise, he might not be able to leave this place.

“Everybody, please stay away from the middle part of the North Snow Continent.

That region is swarming with fishmen.”

“We need help from Moon and Panthera.

The fishmen have surrounded us.

We cant hold them off for much longer.

Our location is…”

“Help! Winlands Ark-14 needs support! Were in…”

“Whats going… Can anybody… read…”

“The network is down…”

“WTF I cant get my message out! It took me thirty seconds to…”

“Can anyone read me Can you reply to my comment”

“The video wont load.

What the…”

“Youre all breaking down.

I cant hear you…”

Half-finished comments began to appear online as if the system had swallowed the second half of the sentences.

Some people repeatedly tapped their phones but couldnt get their messages out.

Others even received the prompt that the internet service was disrupted.

It was happening all over the world.

Even the Moonians were experiencing it.

And it got worse and worse.

“Why… Help…”


island… hear…”

“Nobody… fish… men…”

Broken comments kept appearing online.

People couldnt post coherent sentences.

Even the Moonian government website and Skynet were affected.

If one left the website, they couldnt open the page again.

No one could open any videos.


Soan, whats going on” Henry asked Warren.

Warren had no answer.

He was equally perplexed.

He immediately contacted Drake, who was on a mission outside.

Drake was a cultivator.

Although he was only a junior one, he knew something about mental force.

He knew the global network had been set up by his Patriarch, using his mental force.

If the network had problems, it meant his Patriarch was in trouble.

Something like this had never happened before!

He didnt know what level Himmel Soan was at, but it had to be beyond his imagination.

He wasnt going to share information about cultivators with ordinary people though.

“Patriarch is in trouble.

Contact him now.”

Hearing that, Warren switched on his communication device, trying to get in touch with Himmel Soan.

“Patriarch! Patriarch! Can you hear me Hello”

Without the internet, their communication line was breaking down as well.


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