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“Seriously Why is the internet down now”

“I cant open the Moonian government website anymore.

Is anyone still on the page If so, dont close it! You wont be able to open it again!”

“Im still on it, but my battery is running out.”

“Hold on! Does anybody have a charger Give it to him! Theres something wrong with the internet, so we must keep the page open! Are there any new updates”

“Is there a problem with the internet It doesnt feel that way.

If thats the case, we shouldnt be able to send messages to each other.

However, we still can, but half of our words are missing on the website.

It has to be a problem with the website!”

Ark passengers all over the world began to panic as they gradually lost their internet service.

Without the internet, how were they going to know what was going on outside

Without the internet, how could they avoid the fishmen

Earlier, people all over the world set up a map online, showing where the fishmen were found, the arks they were attacking, and those that were overrun.

Ordinary people could use this map to stay out of harms way.

There were also instructions from Moon, Panthera, and Hosia, telling people where the rendezvous points were and where to find help.

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Without the internet, they couldnt find such information anymore.

They wouldnt know where the fishmen were until they were at their doorstep.

Therefore, they had to ask those people to stay on the Moonian government website, hoping that the service would be back soon.

The people that had left the website regretted their decisions.

“No matter what the problems are, we cant leave the website! Refresh the page and see if theres any news!”

“I cant! The website is down!”

“Just keep refreshing it! Dont close the page!”

People gathered together in the ark, and dozens of people were staring at one phone.

They kept refreshing the page.

However, nothing happened.


The internet recovered for a second, and some news updates popped out.

However, the service was gone almost right away.

The passengers were thrilled.

“Look! Updates! Lets see whats new!”

“A group of fishmen is heading for the eastern coast! Arent we on that coast How many are there”

“It doesnt say! The service is coming and going, and I cant read everything!”

“The fishmen are coming! Shut the door! No one is allowed to leave!”

“Gosh! I hope Moon fixes the internet soon.

Otherwise, we may all get killed!”

“God wont help you now.

Youd better pray to Mr.


Give it a try and see if you can send messages.”

“I cant! Ive tried! The service is down!”

Everybody was chattering anxiously when the mans phone froze, and the page shut down.

“Whats going on”

“My page shut down.”

“Now Open it again!”

“I cant.

Once youre out, you cant open the webpage again.”

“Were doomed!”

He wasnt alone.

Everybody who had been on the webpage was forced out.

The Moonian government website was down.

Skynet was the only website left.

There were only 200,000 viewers online.

That was less than 0.01% of the global population.

Skynet was also semi-frozen.

People couldnt send or receive messages.

Every now and then, the service would recover for a split second.

A few messages would pop out before everything would freeze again.

Those 200,000 people didnt dare turn off their phones.

They were the human races last hope.

Presidents of Panthera, Hosia, and a few other countries wanted to discuss with Moon, but they realized the second network had stopped working as well.

They had lost contact with one another.

The fishmen were still attacking ordinary people, and the potions needed to be delivered to other countries.

Without the internet, none of that could proceed.

In Atlantis, Himmel Soan realized he couldnt go any further after a thousand meters.

If he did, he might not be able to come out again.

Atlantiss dome was about 4km high.

Himmel Soan had only covered a quarter of that distance.

He must have killed nearly 100,000 robots by now.

The entire Atlantis seemed to be shaking under his power.

Yet he was weakening as he moved deeper into the kingdom.

The mental force that used to wrap around Earth began to fade.

Himmel Soan didnt want to, but he couldnt help it.

He had to retrieve the mental force, or he would be severely injured.

After it came back to him, it would even help him recover some mental force.

His mental force was like an antenna that could extend infinitely.

The longer it extended, the heavier it would become.

One could think of Himmel Soan as Hercules.

When he was in his normal state, he could withstand an “antenna” that was 50km long.

But now, his strength was slipping, and even 30km was too much for him.

He had to either shorten the antenna to lower the weight or cut it off for good.

If he hesitated for too long, the antenna would snap.

Himmel Soan would be in a terrible state if his mental force was damaged.

The best that could happen was a decrease in his cultivation level, and he could even lose his mind.

The damage might even kill him.

The robots werent the most capable fighters, but they could be recycled and reused.

Himmel Soan saw robots picking up the spare parts that had fallen to the bottom of the ocean.

In another two hours, they would turn into brand new robots again.

That was what the future battle would look like.

It was so much more efficient than using humans.

Moreover, the robots were better fighters.

If those robots left the ocean, they could destroy an entire country on land.

However, they couldnt pose any threat to Himmel Soan.

He could destroy them with a wave of his hand.

If the robots were his only opponents, he could fight all the way to the deepest corner of Atlantis.

Obviously, robot soldiers werent all that Atlantis had.

They had to have much more powerful machines.

Himmel Soan was feeling worse every minute.

After weighing the pros and cons, he decided to return to the land.


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