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If he could find the essence stones now, he wouldnt need to go back.

By the looks of it, that wasnt going to happen.

There were so many robots to kill, and they were using up his energy bit by bit.

On the other end, the human race was in crisis.

Without the network, they couldnt set up defense lines in time.

The fishmen took this opportunity and occupied over a dozen arks.

The number of fishmen grew rapidly.

Right now, there were close to 700 million fishmen on Earth.

“Damn it!” Himmel Soan turned around and was ready to retreat.

Roams laughed.

Himmel Soan was retreating!

He must be afraid!

Himmel Soan was retreating!

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It meant he had reached his limit!

“He has used up his ammunition! Surround him!”

Although Himmel Soan had killed their king, it didnt affect the Atlanteans.

As the leading scientist, Roams had the same level of authority as the king.

Himmel Soan struck out at a few hundred robots coming toward him.

A strange force shook the robots before they turned into spare parts and sank to the seabed.

Taking the opportunity, Himmel Soan swam upward.

However, a sword came down on his head as soon as he turned around.

Himmel Soan pinched the blade with his two fingers.

At that moment, over half a dozen different robots appeared above him.

Their eyes were glowing red.


The robot with the sword disappeared.

The next second, it reappeared behind Himmel Soan and punched him in the back.

It didnt hurt him at all, but it did surprise him.

“Thats the effect of the wishing power!”

Atlantis indeed had some very talented people!

They had combined the wishing power with robots.

The robot used wishing power to disappear from his original spot.

That was an ability of the sixth age.

Technically speaking, these new robots all belonged to the sixth age.

They were the I-Soldiers that Roams built earlier.

“Interesting!” Himmel Soan rubbed his back and chuckled.

Roams appeared on the big screen.


Soan, youre a capable man, and I admire you for that.

However, Im just as capable as you.

Youve underestimated me.

You only have two options now.

You can surrender to Atlantis or—”

“Ill take the second option!” Himmel Soan laughed before Roams could finish.

“Do you seriously think you can stop me with this pile of metal”

“If they dont intimidate you, why are you running”

“Bring it on, then!”


Soan, do you have to fight against Atlantis What do you want Atlantis can give you everything, even if you want to rule the world!”

Roams flew out of his building at the bottom of the ocean, something that looked like a miniature submarine.

He had some balls!

Roams believed he was going to win this battle.

He thought Himmel Soan could no longer pose any threats, so he came to talk to him in person.

He had seriously underestimated Himmel Soan.


Soan, do you see how beautiful Atlantis is”

Roams pointed at the city down below.

“This is the fifth age! I know youre from the sixth age or higher, and maybe Moon really is your home country, but thats alright! We can keep Moon unharmed, as well as any other country you want us to! Take your pick!”

Roams appreciated Himmel Soan so much that he was willing to grant all his wishes.

“If you want to look like a hero and protect the whole world, we can make that happen, too! Mr.

Soan, are you not tempted by such terms”

Seeing that Himmel Soan wouldnt speak, Roams said, “What on earth do you want Atlantis Do you want to be the king You can be the leading scientist, too!”

Himmel Soan smirked.

“Then what about you”

Roams said, “Ill be your assistant! If you come to work for Atlantis, I can be your subordinate! Im obsessed with the sixth age, and Ill pay anything to take Atlantis there!”

His face then darkened.

“If you turn my offer down, Ill have to destroy you no matter how much I appreciate your talent.

Its unthinkable to have you as our enemy.

Arent you flattered, Mr.


Himmel Soan chuckled.

“Not exactly.

I find you rather silly.

Are you the one who invented these wishing power robots”

“What do you think Arent I talented I call them I-Soldiers!” Roams said excitedly.

Himmel Soan laughed.

“Youve combined the wishing power with robots, which means youre a clever man.

Then why are you making such a dumb mistake”

“Dumb Where Youre my prisoner now, and Im dumb”

Himmel Soan narrowed his eyes and suddenly disappeared.

Almost simultaneously, another Himmel Soan appeared in front of Roams.

He grabbed Roams by the neck and picked him up.

“Youre dumb because you came out to meet me!”

Roams laughed.


Soan, Im anything but dumb.

Do you seriously think I didnt see this coming You killed Kabaron.

Of course, I need to protect myself.”

With his neck in Himmel Soans grip, Roams should have difficulty speaking.

But that wasnt the case.

He spoke fluently as if the hand on his neck didnt exist.

Himmel Soan ripped off Roamss robe and saw metal underneath.

He had used up most of his mental force, which was why he hadnt noticed this.

On his better days, he would have immediately noticed that the Roams in front of him was a robot.

Roams laughed.


Soan, you didnt see that coming, did you I knew you would attack me! Do you really think Im stupid enough to meet you in person Thats a very life-like robot, isnt it”

“Go to hell!” Himmel Soan snorted and crushed the fake Roams.

Roams knew the negotiation was over.

Since Himmel Soan wouldnt give in, he was going to kill him.

“I-Soldiers and robots, kill Himmel Soan! I dont care what the cost is, but he cant leave Atlantis!”


The I-Soldiers howled and charged at Himmel Soan from all directions.


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