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Himmel Soan wasnt as confident as he appeared.

After all, he didnt have much spiritual essence left.

But he wasnt too worried.

He had passed the recovery phase, and nothing could kill him now.

No weapon in this world could cause him any physical damage.

Even contorted space and time separation could harm Himmel Soan, not to mention these people.

Their attacks felt no more than a tickle on his skin.

The I-Soldiers were very capable, though.

They were much more powerful than cultivators like Drake and Liam.

Drake was only a junior cultivator and was the most advanced in the Soan empire.

He was in the Foundation Establishment Phase, which was the peak of the Essence Refinement stage.

All other cultivators in the three divisions were in that stage, too.

After fusing with the wishing power, the I-Soldiers were about as capable as cultivators in the Golden Core Phase.

It made them exceedingly fierce.

Although there were only over a dozen of them, they could destroy half of the world.

They could even wipe out all three divisions.

It showed how frightening the wishing power was.

After extracting 500 million points of wishing power, who knew how many I-Soldiers would be created

Himmel Soan began to slow down as his spiritual essence ran low.

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More robots kept charging at him.

At first, he could kill hundreds of robots at one time.

However, his attack power grew weaker, and he could only destroy dozens of them.

Eventually, he could only finish a few robots per strike.

Roams knew Himmel Soan was running out of juice.

However, he was still astonished by Himmel Soans power.

Even now, the guy could still kill two I-Soldiers.

Calling him terrifying would be an understatement.

The battle lasted for half an hour.

Finally, after losing nearly a million robots, five I-Soldiers caught Himmel Soan.

If one were to divide Himmel Soans spiritual essence into 100 million portions, he only had three portions left when he went into the ocean.

Now, he had run out of his spiritual essence.

There was nothing left.

He had about five portions of mental force remaining.

When he entered the ocean, he still had thirty to forty portions left.

After fighting for so long, he was drained both of his spiritual essence and his physical strength.

Otherwise, they wouldnt have caught him.

Even in such a state, Himmel Soan was could kill hundreds of thousands of robots.

The five I-Soldiers grabbed Himmel Soans limbs and aimed all sorts of weapons at his neck and head.

They were going to kill him if he moved a little.

Seeing this, the real Roams came out.


Soan, if I ask you the same question again, will your answer be any different” Roams sounded very pleased.

Himmel Soan chuckled and said indifferently, “What Are you so sure that youre going to win”

Roams shrugged.

“Why shouldnt I think so Theres no way you can get away from us.

Do you have some amazing ability that can somehow set you free”

“You know nothing about divine power!” Himmel Soan snorted.

Roams laughed.

“Divine power I didnt know you were into supernatural powers as well.

Im sorry, but its not my thing.

To me,gods are actually people from higher-level civilizations.

People of the fourth age will view people of the fifth age as gods.

We Atlanteans are gods to your people, and you, Mr.

Soan, will be my god!

“However, gods arent omnipotent, nor are they invincible.


Soan, I caught you, didnt I That confirms my hypothesis all along.

Do you have any last words”

Himmel Soan smiled.

“Do whatever you want if you think you can kill me.”

Roams raised his eyebrows and chuckled.

“Why do you think Ill keep you alive Do you think Ill trade you with the space cannon Youre wrong! Without you, the human race is nothing! My top priority now is to bring down the artificial moon so that Atlantis can get to the land.

“After that, the entire Earth will be mine! No country can withstand the Atlantean robots, not even yours! Without you, the space cannon is there for Atlantis to take! I dont need to trade! I can simply take it away!”

Himmel Soan laughed.

“Of course, if you insist.

Youll see what will happen when I recover some strength! Youre going to die!”

“Recover some strength Mr.

Soan, do you think Im going to lock you up Dont be so naive! Im going to execute you right here!”

Since Himmel Soan wasnt going to join Atlantis, Roams decided to kill him.

After giving the order, he turned his ship around and headed back to Atlantis.


When the sword landed on Himmel Soans neck, it sounded like it had hit a rock.

The blade broke.

Roams turned around when he received the information.

“What You cant kill him Dont be ridiculous! Do it again!”

This time, the robots aimed their cannons at Himmel Soans head.


Dozens of robots fired all at once.

The energy beams exploded when they hit Himmel Soans head.

Yet, they were useless.

After the foam dissipated, Himmel Soan reappeared.

His hair was unkempt, but that was about it.

There wasnt even a scratch on his face.

“Whats that…” Roams was dumbfounded.

“What kind of technology is that”

Himmel Soan smirked.

“Science cant explain everything.

However, metaphysics might.

No such technology exists because youre witnessing divine power.”

“Bull**!” Roams waved his hand.

“Prepare the plasma cannon! Tear him into pieces!”


Roams, the plasma cannon may damage Atlantis!” said a scientist next to Roams.

Roams kicked the person out of his ship.

“Dont tell me what to do! Fire the plasma cannon!”

The robots around Himmel Soan immediately moved away.

Meanwhile, a beam of light lit up from below and charged at Himmel Soan.


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