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Where did the Atlanteans hide their essence stones

“Where does it come from” Although Himmel Soan didnt know where the stone came from, it was still great news for him.

It was a small essence stone, but once he absorbed the spiritual essence, he would be able to break the chains.

He didnt need to touch the essence stone.

As long as it was nearby, he could absorb all the spiritual essence inside.

After a while, the essence stone turned black and would crack open at the slightest touch.

Himmel Soan had recovered 0.1% of his spiritual essence.

It was more than enough to activate his Innate Vigorous Energy.

Something flickered, and his Innate Vigorous Energy was activated.


Four more essence stones appeared out of the blue.

It was utterly strange.

“What…” Himmel Soan looked around and pondered.

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“I see!

“The Atlantean sea water would crystallize when making contact with the Innate Vigorous Energy.

“The crystal is the essence stone!”

The Atlantean sea water was different from the water outside the dome.

Himmel Soan could breathe here.

The seawater wouldnt gush into his lungs.

However, he could only do that for a short period of time.

Eventually, he would take in water into his lungs.

That was why they found essence stones in the underground shelter after the flood.

The stones werent found anywhere else.

There was Innate Vigorous Energy in the underground shelter!

Hence the essence stones!

“I see! So thats how the essence stones are created!”

To verify his hypothesis, Himmel Soan activated his Innate Vigorous Energy again.

Indeed, some more essence stones fell off his body.

“Its true!” That was to say, Atlantis was a great place!

The amount of seawater here would determine how many essence stones he could create.

“What are you doing”

Some robots saw the stones on the monitor, so they rushed into the room and aimed their guns at Himmel Soan.

“Give them to me!”

Himmel Soan was still very weak.

He recovered 0.1% of his spiritual essence and then used all of it on activating the Innate Vigorous Energy.

Right now, his spiritual essence was still empty.

He could take down these robots, but doing so would attract more robots.

Especially the I-Soldiers.

They were so much more capable than the ordinary ones.

Even if he broke his chains now, they would catch him in the end.

He couldnt absorb the spiritual essence so fast, so he closed his eyes and let his dantian do the job.

A robot picked up all the essence stones and took them to Roamss lab.

Roams was analyzing some data with a grave look on his face.

“Can no one leave Atlantis now”


The Atlanteans noticed the shell outside the dome had grown stronger, and it was extremely difficult for them to leave.

Even their shuttle ships couldnt get through the barrier.

It looked like a layer of transparent film.

The film was also what had bounced back their transmitters.

“Shit! Whats going on Why cant I detect anything”

A robot came in with a pile of essence stones in its arms.

“Roams, we found these around Himmel Soan.”

“Around him”

“Yes, they suddenly appeared around him.

You can check the video.”

Roams picked up a stone and asked curiously, “What is it”

It was soft to the touch but quite heavy.

Roams had never seen anything like it before.

“Test the stone for energy.”

He then checked the surveillance footage.

It was just as the robot said.

These stones suddenly appeared at Himmel Soans feet.

Soon, the robots gave him the test result.


Roams, this stone contains an enormous amount of energy!”

Roams didnt think much of it.

He watched the screen and asked casually, “How enormous”

“Its incredible! It has 10 million times more energy than the plasma cannon!”


“Its true, Mr.


Ive sent you the data.

You can have a look.

The calculation is accurate.”

Roams immediately opened the test result.

It said the stone contained 10 million times more energy than the plasma cannon.

Further results were beyond the computers ability.

“I cant believe it! I didnt know such a thing could exist! Ive always thought energy fusion is the most powerful reaction, but this is even stronger!”

Roams was thrilled.

He quickly typed some code on the keyboard, and the computer ran a simulation.

The 3D model of Atlantis was shown on the screen, and the AI used the model where this energy was Atlantiss new power source.

The analysis result then showed up on the big screen.

“Its successful!” Roams was even more excited.

“The success rate is over 98%! Thats incredible!”

He was simulating how to push Atlantis out of the ocean.

Because of the moon, Atlantis couldnt rise about 40,000m.

Even the energy fusion couldnt provide that much power.

42,000m was its limit.

However, if they used this new energy as the source, the success rate would be over 98%.

It would push Atlantis right out of the ocean.

There would be a new continent.

“It worked! What kind of energy is this Its so powerful!”

Roams grabbed the stone and charged into Himmel Soans cell.


Soan, what stone is this Where did you get it Its not a mineral on the land, is it”

Himmel Soan opened his eyes, smirked, and closed his eyes again.

Roams ground his teeth.

“Himmel Soan, do you really think I cant do anything to you”


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