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Before, Oraman and his men thought Earth would explode, and they were having conflicts with other countries, which was why they went to Mars.

They had made plans on how to survive on Mars before arriving.

They had a 30% survival rate.

The most important thing was to find water on Mars.

It took them half a month to reach Mars, and they spent another six weeks searching.

They found nothing.

Neige had some very advanced technology.

Fifteen days to travel to Mars was enough proof of their advanced technology.

More importantly, they succeeded!

Humanity had set foot on the moon, but landing on other planets had been an impossible task.

Being the wealthiest country in the world, Neige concealed its true capability.

The energy cannon was one of the trump cards.

The theory was discovered over twenty years ago.

However, the process was too complicated, and some key technologies were missing.

Therefore, no one believed the cannon could be built.

Yet, they built it without letting other countries know.

It was similar to the history of the moon landing.

All countries wanted to send their people to the moon because it demonstrated their national strength.

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Neige was the first country to send people to the moon.

They succeeded in the 1940s.

However, they had kept it a secret for a long time.

Hooya, the predecessor of Panthera, astonished the world when their people landed on the moon, but it was already in the 1970s.

It took them thirty more years.

Neige was the only country that wasnt impressed by this achievement.

They had always been like that.

It had been seventy years since the Neigerians landed on the moon.

In these seventy years, they had made great progress in their space technology.

Eternity was equipped with the top technology in the country.

Other countries would find it impossible to send people to Mars.

But Neige felt they could give it a go.

They made it.

It was a success!

However, they didnt know Mars very well.

As no one had set foot on Mars before, all their data came from photos and the analysis result of the Martian soil.

They thought they knew everything about Mars.

But the planet was much more complicated than they expected.

Maruse already began to waver.

However, he didnt dare say anything before Oraman did.


Oraman…” Maruse hesitated.

Oraman let go of Leo and glared at Maruse.

He had a feeling he wouldnt like what Maruse was going to say.

“What Speak!”

Maruse went silent for a little while.

“I also think we should return to Earth.

Look, the planet is intact.

It means Himmel Soans space cannon worked.

Maybe we wont be the greatest country anymore, but being the second-best wont be too bad.

Eternity contains most of our technology—”

“Shut up!” Oraman cut him off.

“I have to be the best! Neige was the greatest country on Earth.

I wont let it drop to the second while Im the president! There are so many women on board.

I only need to find water on Mars, and Ill be able to build a formidable army in twenty years! I can then take back Earth! Ill be the owner of the entire planet!”

Oramans voice was filled with hatred.

It was impossible to make him change his mind.

No one could.

Maruse couldnt figure out who the hatred was directed at.

Was it Moon

Or Himmel Soan

Neither of the two had ever targeted Neige.

Was it because Oraman was too proud to be the second-best

Yes, that was the reason!

Oraman was petty like that.

He would rather lose Neige than become the president of the second-best country.

“But Mr.

Oraman…” Leo pleaded, “If we dont go back, were all going to die here!”

Oraman bellowed, “Kill them, then!

“Havent I told you that already Kill them until the remaining people have enough water and food for a year! Well eat their flesh when we run out of food! Well survive!”

Everybody else in the control room looked terrified when they heard those words.

Oraman had lost his mind.

He had become a bloodthirsty monster!




Oraman, we cant do that!”

“We all have a right to live! Isnt Neige a free country We cant take away other peoples lives!”

Everybody was pleading with Oraman.

Oraman grabbed the gun on Maruses waist and aimed it at the crowd.

“Are you going to disobey me Just because youre a scientist doesnt mean I wont kill you! Im the president! Eternity is mine! Im the only owner! Ill kill anyone who wont follow my order! Do not question my decisions!”

One of the scientists said hopelessly, “Mr.

Oraman, I have to say something even if youre going to kill me! Mars is inhabitable.

Even if you kill everybody else on this ship, you wont last more than ten years.

We need some major construction work to make Mars suitable for living, but we cant do that! Maybe we can do it if we can transport resources from Earth, but now—”


Oraman pulled the trigger without hesitation, blowing off the scientists head.

“Bull**! I dont need excuses! I need answers! Just tell me if you can do it!”

He aimed the gun at another scientist.

“Can you do it Answer me!”

The scientist trembled and repeatedly said, “Yes! Yes!”

Oraman then aimed the gun at Leo.

“Doctor, what about you”

Leo gritted his teeth.

He didnt say a word, but the expression on his face had answered the question for him.

“Im asking you! Can you do it or not Do you want to die”


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