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“Is there no other way We can pay Moon! I can give them every penny I have in the bank!” someone said to the wealthy Moonian.

The Moonian snickered.

“Do you think your bank still exists now How much money will you pay for a life If Moon really sends their army, the fifty thousand Neigerian soldiers will probably kill ten or twenty thousand of them.

How much are they going to pay for the loss of their lives

“Moreover, most Moonians wont agree to intervene when they hear this.

Although Im on Eternity now, I wont want Moon to send its people here.

Its not worth it!”

The mood in the cabin grew heavy, and the passengers felt even more hopeless.

They imagined their future life on Mars.

They could only have one slice of toast and half a bottle of water daily.

Even deep breaths became a luxury.

The idea made them want to commit suicide.

“What about…” Somebody looked at the Moonian wealthy man.

“I think we should try it.

Maybe Moon will come to help us!”

“Thats right!”

Many people chimed in.

“We should give it a go.

Maybe Moon isnt as petty as we think!”

“I think we should try it! I dont think they are a petty nation.

Maybe theyll do things that we deem impossible!”

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“Yes, lets try it! Mr.

Maruse, please find a way to contact Moon!”

“Moon is a generous nation! It has always taken responsibility for international affairs.

There are so many people here.

Im sure theyll help us!”

“Thats right! Moon has always branded itself as a generous nation.

Its time to show their quality!”

A few Moonians heard the conversation and were displeased.

“Whats that supposed to mean Are you trying to use Moon again Do you think its their duty to save you”

“I dont understand you people.

Why do you take everything for granted Moon doesnt owe you anything! It doesnt need to prove itself to you!”

“Even if Moon agrees to help you, once the Moonians know how ungrateful you are, they wont help you anymore! You deserve to die here!”

“When you return to Earth and dont need Moon anymore, youll turn against Moon again, wont you What do you mean they can do impossible things Do you want Moon to fulfill your needs all the time Moon isnt your servant! You cant order the Moonians around! Are you going to consume my country when you need to”

What those people said was quite shocking.

The Moonians on Eternity couldnt stand them anymore.

They would rather die here with those people than let Moon bring them back to Earth.

Of course, they hadnt always believed in their home country, which was why they had ended up in Eternity!

They were ashamed of what they had done, but they still had a conscience.

They wouldnt betray their country again.

It was understandable that they would think that way.

That was how they had been taught.

Not all the countries had a history as long as Moon.

Some countries still had barbaric ideologies!

Maruse grew impatient.

With a wave of his hand, he said, “Forget about it.

Well discuss it another day!”

He left the cabin with the soldiers.

Two and half months had passed.

The seawater receded over a month ago.

Two weeks ago, the Himmelian Pavilion and the arks of the five countries arrested 99% of the fishmen, restoring things to normal.

So far, there were fewer than ten thousand fishmen left.

They were the real villains!

It wasnt that they hadnt been found, but they would run away whenever they were spotted.

They didnt want to recover!

They would sneak ashore during the night, killing or infecting ordinary people.

They had turned into pirates!

When they were caught, they were executed right away.

After the past two months, most countries on Earth had gone back to normal.

They didnt return to the state before the catastrophe though.

That wasnt possible.

Not after ten more years.

Some places couldnt be restored within a decade.

Still, people werent starving, and everybody had a roof over their heads.

That was good enough for now.

The Moonians had moved out of the shelters under the Pegasus Grassland.

When the two billion people started working, no one was as efficient as them.

They rebuilt ten badly-destroyed cities in less than a month.

However, even they couldnt restore things to once they were.

They could only repair the buildings that hadnt collapsed and clear away the water on the roads so that the cities could operate.

“General Marlow, we built a service tower today.

The internet is back!”

By now, the internet was working in most countries.

Moon and Panthera built signal towers in many places, but not the entire country was covered.

One had to stay close to the tower to use the internet.

But it was enough to send messages.

“Good job!”

“But we received a message from outer space!”

Gordon asked curiously, “What message”

“Its a distress signal!”

The secretary sent the file to Gordons computer.

“I think its from Eternity, the ark that has fled from Earth.”

“Eternity hasnt been destroyed” Gordon thought that the ark had disappeared into space already.

“No, it hasnt.

By the looks of it, it has reached Mars and has been there for about two months.”

Gordon laughed.

“Lucky bastards!”

“General Marlow, are we going to help them”


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