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Yes, the search for Himmel Soan had been turned into a show.

It was also one of a kind.

The name of the show was “Searching for Himmel Soan.” People from over a hundred countries participated in it.

Most of the passengers on the aircraft came from the five countries, but there were people from other countries as well.

They were all volunteers and wanted to help in the search for Himmel Soan.

It was a great honor.

Himmel Soan had a lot of fans on Earth, and most of them couldnt come here.

Besides, there were other requirements.

One couldnt just come here.

All the countries selected their most talented people and sent them here for the mission.

However, the Soan empire turned down most of them.

Tens of thousands of people had come, but the Soan empire only accepted over a hundred of them.

People all over the world gave them an impressive nickname.

“Guardians of the Savior.”

GOS was the abbreviation.

No matter if they could find him in the end or not, their names would be remembered forever.

They were envied by everybody.

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Since all the countries needed rebuilding, not everybody could join the mission.

The Soan empire wouldnt let them either.

They could only switch on their phones when they had time and watch the operation from afar.

Another two months passed.

The aircraft carrier still remained where it was.

“How long has it been Three months Is there still no news”

“The ocean is too deep!”

“They have made some progress.

The furthest they can reach has increased to 35,000m.”

“Are people of the Himmelian Pavilion even humans Even submarines cant go that deep!”

“Is 35,000m very deep”

“I see youre only 13 years old.

In that case, I wont laugh at you.

If you were an adult, I would teach you a lesson!”

Cruz, a doctor in oceanography, wrote, “I read some comments recently, and some people have sent me messages, asking me how deep the ocean is.

Ill post my explanation here.

“Normally, a submarine can dive 400m into the ocean.

The deeper they go, the higher the water pressure.

At 400m, the pressure can crush an elephant.

Some special submarines dive twice that depth and maybe more, but they cant go deeper than 5.5 miles.

“Thats as deep as most oceans in the world will go.

The deepest places are usually 10,000m.

However, there are deep valleys and trenches at the bottom of the ocean, and they can all be deeper than 10,000m.

“Atlantis is at the bottom of a great trench.

Its the deepest spot in the world.

I dont have the exact number, but according to the information Mr.

Soan sent back, the trench can be as deep as 50,000m, and Atlantis is at its bottom.

“With our current technology, submarines will reach their limit at 10,000m.

I cant begin to imagine the water pressure beyond that.

The people of the Himmelian Pavilion can dive 20,000m into the ocean, and thats already incredible.

With some equipment, they can reach 30,000m.

Do you understand how amazing that is now”

Over 100,000 people liked the comment in a minute, and it was pinned to the top of the timeline.

Many people visited Dr.

Cruzs blog and watched his experiments on water pressure.

One could have a more direct idea of how terrifying it could be.

After watching the videos, the netizens were amazed by the Himmelian Pavilion.

Those people were almost like gods!

Just like with Himmel Soan, their ability was beyond ordinary peoples understanding.

However, even they couldnt keep diving further into the ocean.

Modern technology couldnt do it either unless Earth could make the breakthrough and enter the fifth age.

However, it was easier said than done.

If it were that easy, Earth would have reached the next age already.

“Good luck, my brave soldiers! Im so sorry that I cant go there and help you.

If Moon needs anything, please let me know.

Ill help you even if it costs me my life!”

“What good will that do Your life isnt that important! There are things you cant achieve no matter how hard you try!”

“Why havent we heard from Atlantis Whats going on down there”

“Thats right.

Atlantis mentioned its partnership with Mr.

Soan and Moon…”

“If you say one more word about that lie, Ill rip your face off! Do you seriously think Mr.

Soan and Moon are friends with Atlantis If that were the case, you would have died a long time ago!”

“I agree! I wont let anyone slander Mr.

Soan and Moon!”

“After everything Mr.

Soan and Moon have done for us, some ungrateful people are still suspecting him! I want to kill them all! I can promise to Mr.

Soan that Ill get rid of all the bastards for him!”

“There, there.

Dont be mad.

He didnt say such things.

Im sure he didnt mean it! TodaysSearching for Himmel Soan is going to start! I want to see if they have got any news about Mr.


Searching for Himmel Soan wasnt a live stream but was recorded first and aired at seven oclock every day.

Even the news report was pushed to half-past seven.

They made little progress today, and a few members of the Himmelian Pavilion had died.

Three of them were killed by the water pressure, and the other two were killed by giant beasts in the ocean.

Days went by.

Earth was slowly recovering.

After six months, 30% to 40% of Earth had recovered, and life was much better.

Searching for Himmel Soan was aired daily, but its popularity was decreasing.

At first, tens of billions of people watched the show online, but now, only a billion tuned to it.


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