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Oraman walked up to Dr.

Leo and patted him on the shoulder.

“Do you remember my fifty guardians I think theyll be very happy if I give your daughter to them.

They love pretty girls like her…”

Leo wanted to kill Oraman.

If he could, he would crush his bones into ashes.

“Oraman, karma will get you eventually!”

“Karma Ive killed people.

Do you think Im worried about karma Dr.

Leo, dont worry.

Im not going to do it just yet.

I only need you to work with me.

If you can successfully refill the energy cannon and get in touch with Earth, I can consider letting your daughter go.

If not, she will be in trouble.

So will your mother!” Oraman smirked.

“Oraman, youre an animal! Curse you!”

“Curse me Get Mrs.

Leo here, and lets give him a show!”


Leo panicked and begged for mercy.


Oraman, Im sorry! Ill do it now! I can do it! I promise!”

Oraman laughed.

“Are you sure”

“Yes! The energy this stone contains is compatible with the energy cannon! I can definitely refill the canon!”

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Oraman laughed.

“How many launches can you ensure, then”

“About three thousand.

The energy it contains is so abundant that it probably can do more than that!”

“What!” Oraman was pleasantly surprised.

One launch could destroy most of Earth.

Two launches could turn the planet into dust.

It had never occurred to Oraman that such an ordinary-looking stone could provide the energy cannon with over three thousand launches.

That was amazing!

“Three thousand Thats much more effective than Himmel Soans space cannon! How fast can you make it work”


Seeing Leo hesitate, Oraman said grimly, “What Is there a problem Do you want to give up your daughter”

Leo immediately shook his head.

“No, its not like that! Mr.

Oraman, the stone contains a lot of energy, but its very difficult to extract it.”

“Bull**! If you can find the energy, why cant you extract it”

“Its not the same! To extract the energy, Ill need equipment and factories.

Itll be a mere stone if I just crack it open! Its not an egg I can simply crack and take out the yolk! If youve mixed cement with water, itll become concrete.

You cant easily extract the water!”

Oraman didnt believe him.

“Are you lying to me”

“You have my entire family! How can I lie to you”


Ill ask other people about it.

If their answer is different than yours, youre dead! Now, tell me how to extract the energy!”

“Well need a processing factory!”

“A processing factory”

When the soldiers delivered the message to the passengers, the latter were terrified.

They had been starving for months and were all skin and bones.

Many people had been starved to death.

The survivors were the more fortunate ones.

They barely had any strength to speak, yet these soldiers ordered them to build a factory.

After six months, the soldiers werent as civil as before.

They realized they enjoyed power and authority.

They didnt live the same way as the passengers.

They and their families had all been living comfortably, and they could reunite with their families once a week in Cabin-8.

The five million people used to need at least 15 million bottles of wine, 15 million packs of bread, three million bottles of water, and 20 million steaks a day.

The ration changed everything.

All the expenses had been reduced to a fraction of what it was before, and the provisions were distributed to the 50,000 soldiers.

The original expense of a day could feed them for more than a month.

Hence, they started loving life in Eternity.

It was what Maruse and the others had been worried about.

Even if they tried to turn the soldiers against Oraman, they wouldnt do it.

The passengers lives were much more miserable.

They had little food and even less air.

They had been living in this condition for four months.

Only the strongest ones could still speak now.

The weaker ones didnt have the energy to make any sounds.

People fighting over a mouthful of bread became a common scene.

Eternity had become an “inferno.” There were no eternal lives but only death!

Women had started selling themselves to the soldiers for food.

Bread robbers appeared two months ago.

It had been a month since a large number of people were starved to death in various cabins.

These passengers used to be the wealthiest people in the world, both men and women.

However, they would sell everything they had for a mouthful of food now.

What a tragedy.

All in all, Eternity had become a living hell.

Some people chose to kill themselves so that they wouldnt have to suffer anymore.

But not everybody had the courage to take their own lives.

Most people would go down on their knees if it kept them alive.

The mention of a processing factory filled them with despair.

They could barely walk, let alone build a factory.

However, they didnt have any choice.

When the whip landed on them, the excruciating pain made them struggle to their feet and move toward Cabin-50.

Cabin-50 was at the center of Eternity.

The floor had been removed, and the walls made direct contact with the surface of Mars.

Eternity now looked like an empty bowl set upside down on the ground.

Beneath it was the water source.

However, the passengers had to stay inside Eternity because there wasnt enough oxygen outside.

They could only turn this “bowl” into a confined space and work inside it.

There was oxygen on Mars, and the scientists were already working on filtering it.

The area from Cabin-50 to 90 had its floors removed and was known as the “land of hope.”

This land would determine if Oraman could settle down on Mars.


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