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Cultivators could absorb both the meteorite core and the supreme essence stones.

Himmel Soan knew they couldnt bomb Mars.

Otherwise, he would lose the core forever.

Himmel Soan posted, “Dont attack Mars! Were sending people there!”


Soan is back online!”

“Great! Mr.

Soan is back, but what does he mean”

“We cant bomb Mars And we have to send people there Why Are we going to save those passengers”

“No! Mr.

Soan, theyre all scumbags! Why should we help them”

“Thats right! I dont understand! Why should we go there”


Soan, we cant do that! I disagree! Mr.

Soan, we cant help those people!”

“Thats so true!”

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Since Himmel Soan was online and the other presidents hadnt left the conference, the Moonian president took the opportunity to start another conference call.

Himmel Soan joined in after some hesitation.

He was using his account on Skynet while Skynet was using his network.

The videos on Skynet were available to the whole world.

When Himmel Soan joined the conference, the others didnt see his face on the screen.

Instead, they saw everything from Himmel Soans perspective.

It was a white room with an interrogation table.

In front of Himmel Soan were two layers of pale-green films.

They were the two shields he had mentioned before.

There were the clangs of metal chains as well.

When Himmel Soan looked around, the viewers could see that his hands and feet had been chained to the wall.

Over on the other end were the presidents attending the conference.

Everybody was astonished.


Soan has been chained in Atlantis this whole time!”

“Is that Atlantis When Mr.

Soan said he was trapped there, I thought he couldnt get away.

I didnt know he was chained down!”

“Thats awful! How can the Atlanteans treat Mr.

Soan that way”

“I cant stand it! I want to become a fishman so that I can rush to Atlantis and help Mr.


“Dont do anything rash! Mr.

Soan said hes blocking Atlantis with some technology.

If we go there, were only going to sabotage his plan!”

“Is Mr.

Soan telling the truth Can he be lying to us Maybe he just said that to reassure us!”

“Damn it! How dare those Atlantean beasts do that to the Patriarch!”

Even Phoebe couldnt stand it anymore.

“No! Im going down there to help the Patriarch! Theyve chained him like an animal! Those bastards!”

Drake stopped Phoebe and scolded, “What do you think youre doing Are you questioning Patriarchs ability You dont need to worry! If he says hes fine, hes fine!”

When the other presidents saw this, they all rose to their feet.

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“I didnt know Mr.

Soan had gone through so much in Atlantis that we could live in peace in the past six months.


Soan, thank you!”

The Pantherese president was the first to bow to Himmel Soan.

The other presidents followed suit and bowed as well.

Ordinary people were also praying for Himmel Soan online.

“Thank you, Mr.

Himmel Soan!”

“Thank you, Mr.


“I suspected Mr.

Himmel Soan before, and Ive returned kindness with ingratitude.

I only knew what I had done after I studied the Moonian culture.

Im sorry, Mr.

Himmel Soan!”

“Im sorry, Mr.


I dont know what we can do for you.

Thank you for everything!”

Seeing Himmel Soan, the passengers on Mars became excited.

They immediately asked him for help.


Himmel Soan, please help us!”

“Were dying here! We cant hold on for much longer! Mr.

Himmel Soan, youve extended the network to Mars.

Im sure you can find a way to get here!”

“Thats right! Mr.

Himmel Soan is God! He built the space cannon, a weapon that doesnt belong to our age.

Even Neige couldnt do that.

If Neige could come to Mars, Im sure Mr.

Soan can do it, too! Mr.

Himmel Soan, help!”


Himmel Soan, please help us! Please listen to our plea!”


Soan, it was all our fault! We should have listened to you.

The underground shelter was the right way to go! We should never have listened to Neige.

Eternity and all the arks were a lie! We know how wrong we were! Please have some mercy and come to Mars! Oraman is an animal!”


Soan, Im begging you!”

After those comments appeared online, the people on Earth started accusing the passengers.

“Shut up! Mr.

Himmel Soan has gone through so much, and youre still asking him to help you on Mars! You dont deserve him!”

“Yes! Mr.

Soan, you cant help them! Theyve shown you no consideration! Theyve even ordered you around! Thats inhumane! They chose this life, and they have to live with it!”


Soan, remove your network from Mars! Dont let them use it! They can rot on Mars!”

“Theyre all animals! Mr.

Soan has gone through as much as they did, if not more! Cant they see the state Mr.

Soan is in How can they make that request They have no heart!”

“Shut up!” Himmel Soan used his mental force to stop everybody on Mars and Earth from posting any comments.

“Listen to me—”

The door opened before he could finish.

Roams ran into the room, laughing like a crazy person.

There was a strange tool in his hands.

It looked like a gun and a fan at the same time.

He said, “Mr.

Soan, I invented this with the energy in that stone.


He then ordered the robots to bring in a basket of octopuses.

He raised the tool and gave a little wave at the basket.


The wind created was as sharp as blades, and the octopuses were immediately cut into tiny pieces.


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