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In Atlantiss control room, a few Atlantean robot soldiers saw the flame rising from Himmel Soan and the essence stones around him.

They didnt know what he was doing because he seemed to have gone to another world.

There was a stone in his hand.

It was changing color as they watched and eventually turned into charcoal.

“Whats he doing”

“Tell Mr.

Roams now!”

“I think hes cultivating!”

The robots were divided into two groups.

Some rushed to find Roams, while the others ran into Himmel Soans cell.

They were bounced out of the room by a streak of energy as soon as they stepped into the doorway.

However, the energy disappeared right away, and no more of it came out of the room.

When the robots moved closer, they saw flames rising from Himmel Soans body.

There was also a pale-blue shield 3m in a radius around him.

It was identical to the shield around Atlantis.

They were finally certain that the shield locking down Atlantis came from Himmel Soan.

“There are so many stones! Pick them up!”

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Roams had given orders before, telling them to collect all the yellow stones near Himmel Soan.

The robots charged at him without hesitation.

However, they slowed down when they approached the shield.

A robot reached out to touch the shield.


It immediately exploded.

This shield was even more lethal than the shield around Atlantis, which isolated it from the outside world.

Nothing could leave the kingdom, and the plasma cannon couldnt penetrate the shield.

It was even harder for other equipment.

At first, Atlantis wanted to send another transmitter to the surface to control the fishmen.

However, the shield sabotaged their plan.

After that, they tried to send a few people out, but they were also stopped.

Atlantis then resorted to force.

They bombed the shield with all the weapons they had, yet nothing could break it.

Roams had been suspecting Himmel Soan, but he didnt have any evidence.

Even if he did, there was nothing he could do.

Despite finding the evidence now, it didnt change anything.

Yes, Himmel Soan was the one who had set up that blue shield, but that shield didnt kill anybody.

The robot was destroyed by a shield around Himmel Soan as soon as it made contact!

Roams arrived with the other robots.

“Himmel Soan, what are you doing” He walked toward Himmel Soan.


Roams, dont!”

“The shield around him is very dangerous!”

Roams finally noticed what was happening.

“It really was you! Get the I-Soldiers here!”


Apart from the I-Soldier, Roams had created Z-Soldiers and T-Soldiers in the past six months.

There were also the Q-Soldiers, his latest invention that ran on essence stones.

The Q-Soldiers could use both the wishing power and the spiritual essence.

Roams wasnt called a genius for nothing.

Even Viclan, William, and Branco put together wouldnt be his match.

By the Earthlings standard, he had an IQ of over 200.

Still, he wasnt perfect.

He was very intelligent in scientific research but not so much in other aspects.

Himmel Soan didnt spare Roams so much as a glance.

He threw away the remains of the essence stone in his hand and picked up another one.

“Is this how this thing works” Roams was surprised by the way Himmel Soan used the stones.

He didnt know that energy could be absorbed by the human body.

Was there some sort of energy storage facility inside him

Was that how he was able to absorb and store this kind of energy

After spending time with Himmel Soan and studying the spiritual essence, Roams knew the substance much better.

However, the more he understood, the more afraid he was.

Spiritual essence was a terrifying substance.

The energy it contained was the sum of all the forms of energy that Roams had seen before.

Nuclear bombs and cobalt bombs were nothing in comparison, not to mention bullets.

Spiritual essence was also very pliable.

The explosion wasnt the only thing it could do.

It could be applied to other aspects as well.

It was as savage as fire and as tender as water.

There was nothing like it.

He couldnt begin to imagine what a person would be like if they had this type of energy inside them.

He was suddenly enlightened.

“Is it possible that people of the sixth or seventh age can do that, absorbing this type of energy No! The sixth age wont be enough! He has to be from the seventh or eighth age! Himmel Soan, youre from the eighth age, arent you!”

This type of energy was very dangerous, and it would be highly risky to absorb it.

No one knew if the energy would show the characteristics of fire or water.

Since Himmel Soan could absorb the energy, he must have mastered it.

A person of the seventh age might not be able to do that.

He was probably from the eighth age!

Holy crap!

He was three ages more advanced than this one!


He was God!

Two ages were already enough to make him a god!

Himmel Soan absorbed one more essence stone.

Then another one!

And another one!




Himmel Soan was quickly restoring his capability.

After he absorbed five essence stones, he had recovered 1/10,000 of his strength.

That was more than enough to destroy Atlantis!

Himmel Soan threw away the shattered stone in his hand and opened his eyes.

It felt as if the entire seabed was shaking.

Atlantis was trembling as if there was an earthquake.

Roams paled.

His speculation was right.

Himmel Soan must be from the eighth age!


Soan! Mr.

Himmel Soan!”

“What is it” Himmel Soan rose to his feet and extinguished the fire with a wave of his hand.

The pale-blue shield disappeared as well.

He was going to take care of Atlantis.

“You can all go to hell!”


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