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“No… No… Mr.

Soan, please wait!” Roams waved his hands in panic.

“What Do you have something else to say”

Four types of robots flew into the room, attacking Himmel Soan as soon as they were inside.

The light immediately devoured Himmel Soan.


The blast razed the cell to the ground.

Roams bellowed at the robots, “Who gave you the permission to do that Stop firing, and leave us!”


Roams, didnt you order us to dispatch all the robots”

“How dare a robot talk back to me AI, destroy robot 0078!”

Nothing happened.

“AI, didnt you hear my order Destroy robot 0078!” To Roamss astonishment, all the robots turned their gun barrels toward him.

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The Q-Soldier M001 stared at Roams and smirked like a human being.

“Roams, do you think youre still our leader”

Roams was taken aback.

“Whats this A system failure”

“Of course not! Our AI has absorbed that mysterious energy and evolved! Its not going to have any system failure!”

“What” Roams was astonished.

“The AI has absorbed the energy When”

“What a foolish question! When you werent looking, obviously! You can die now!” A Q-Soldier quickly moved to Roamss side.

One of its arms turned into a chainsaw as it struck his neck.

At that moment, a beam of light shot out of the debris of the cell and landed on that Q-Soldier.

The robot instantly exploded.

The other robots turned around and started shooting at Himmel Soan.

However, he acted as if he was made of steel and never tried to dodge the bullets.

The robots couldnt leave a scratch on him.

He walked toward Roams as the robots fired at him.

“I told you already.

You cant control the AI forever, but you wouldnt believe me! So many aliens were cleverer than you, but they were all defeated by AIs! Their planets were all destroyed!”

Roams didnt believe it before, but he did now.

Although he still couldnt understand it.

He couldnt fathom how the AI absorbed the essence stones on its own.

His plan had been so meticulous, thinking he had set up the system in the way he wanted.

“Why… Why…”

“No matter how sophisticated your system is, something can still go wrong.

In fact, the more complex it is, the more likely itll go wrong.

When variables are introduced, unexpected things can happen.

The accident this time enabled the AI to absorb the essence stones and grow a mind of its own.”

Roams asked curiously, “Are those stones called essence stones”

“Whats the point of knowing that now Your AI wants to kill you along with all the Atlanteans.

The robots will rule Atlantis.

If I dont do anything, theyll invade the land after they kill your people.

After that, Earth will become a planet of robots like all those other planets.

Roams fell to his knees.

It was too hard a blow.

He felt all his effort had been denied.

He had promised that nothing like this would happen.


Soan, you were right, but why did you save me”


“I saved you because I appreciate your intelligence.

If you join Moon and follow me to K18 in the future, I can help you now and save all the Atlanteans.”

By now, the AI had sent more robots, and Himmel Soan and Roams were surrounded.

They could hear gunshots as well.

The robots were killing Atlanteans.


Soan!” a robot spoke on behalf of the AI.

Himmel Soan said, “Yes”


Soan, youre a very capable and clever man.

Dont you think instead of helping Atlantis, you should help me Roams and the Atlanteans want to kill you!”

The AI also tried to win Himmel Soan to its side.

Himmel Soan laughed, finding the request ridiculous.

“Youre a robot, and youre trying to make a deal with me Roams created you! If he can create you, he can upgrade you too! After all, youre a man-made thing! Although you have feelings now, youre not a living creature.

Why should I work with you”

The AI was like Roamss dog.

Although it had become too strong for him to fight back, it was still a dog in nature.

The dog wanted to work with Himmel Soan against its original owner.

It didnt dare attack him probably because it was afraid of him.

But once it was strong enough, it wouldnt hesitate to try to kill Himmel Soan!

It was in its nature.

Of course, Himmel Soan wouldnt work with the AI.

He smirked and turned to Roams.

“What do you think If you dont agree to my terms, Ill destroy the entire Atlantis, the robots and the Atlanteans included.

Of course, youre going to die with them.”

Roams asked, “If I become a Moonian, can I still do my research Can I follow you”

“I can guarantee the research part, and you can even be the leading scientist in Moon.

However, you wont have much authority.

In Moon, scientists arent government officials.

Youll have to live with that!”

“What if I want to stay with you”

“I dont think thats going to happen.

I dont have time to show you around, nor do I have anything to teach you.

I can talk to you when I am free and answer some questions, but you wont see me much when Im busy.”

Roams could smell blood; the Atlanteans were getting slaughtered.

The idea frightened him.

“Alright! I agree!”

“Great!” Himmel Soan nodded.

He flew out of the cell and rose above the dome.

“Invincible Palm!”

With a single strike, the land of Atlantis sank by a thousand meters.

The Atlanteans thought they had seen the sun.

The light was so bright that it blinded everyone.


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