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Maruse only heaved a sigh of relief after Oraman was gone for 30 minutes.

He didnt dare breathe too hard.

With him gone, his muscles finally relaxed.

As the leading scientist in the ark, Dr.

Leo was one of the first people to hear the news online.

Upon learning that Himmel Soan was sending a rescue team, he immediately informed Maruse.

They blocked the signals in the ark.

Neither of them wanted Oraman to know the news.

If he was kept in the dark, maybe they still had a chance.

But it was impossible to keep the news from everyone.

They could only block the signal of the soldiers electronic devices.

“I hope the people outside wont do anything stupid.”

If the passengers couldnt keep the news to themselves…

Leo and Maruse couldnt begin to imagine what would happen.

Since they came to Mars, Maruse found Oraman more and more unreasonable.

At Oramans age, he was dragging out his remaining years.

But that guy didnt show any sign of aging at all.

Maruse even felt the old man was getting younger.

The other day when Maruse tried to steal the remote control while Oraman was sleeping, he heard the sound of him having sex with a woman.

Maruse even suspected if this Oraman really was Oraman.

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He decided he should hack the arks system first.


Leo had designed the system, so it wasnt a difficult task.

Since Oraman was threatening everybody with the remote control, Maruse wanted to hack the system to override it.


Leo soon started typing in front of a screen.

He told Maruse, “I should be able to finish it within the day.”


A few hours soon passed.

The passengers on Mars kept looking up at the sky.

Each time, they hoped they could see the spaceship.

It was as if hope had become the only thing holding them together.

They couldnt imagine living on Mars anymore.

Oraman was exploiting them even now, let alone in the future.

Mars had become their eternal nightmare.

“Look! Is that little dot the spaceship” Someone spotted a dot of light in the sky.

Seeing that it was growing larger, the person shouted in excitement.

The others all looked up at the sky when they heard the cry.

It was true!

There was a little dot in the sky.


It had become a much bigger dot.

It was moving fast!

They could already make out the shape of the spaceship.

It really was a spaceship!

Needless to say, it was the Mars Savior!


“It really is a spaceship! Were going to be saved!”

“Thank you, Mr.

Himmel Soan! Thank you for saving us!”

“Finally, we can go back to Earth!”

“Im so touched! I must do something to repay Mr.

Himmel Soan when I go back!”

“Despite what weve done, Mr.

Himmel Soan is still willing to take us back! We must repay his favor!”

“I dont want to do this anymore!”

The man then tossed away the tool in his hand.

He couldnt hold back his rage anymore.

When there was one, there would be a second.

The other passengers also threw away their tools.

Since the Mars Savior was coming, there was no need to obey these soldiers.

They had endured so much these days.

The soldiers also frowned.

“Whats going on Are they so hungry that theyve lost their minds”

“Whats with that Mars Savior But that really looks like a spaceship…”

“How would they know”

“Theres no internet on Mars! Where did they get that information”

“Thats why theyve been looking up at the sky the whole day!”

“Stop talking! We must inform Mr.


The soldiers got flustered when they saw the spaceship.

They felt their good days were over and didnt know how to react.

Only when someone mentioned they should report to the president did they remember they still had a leader.

They decided it was Oramans responsibility and would let him worry about what to do.

They went to Oramans room and knocked on the door.


President! Somethings happening!

“The Earthlings have sent a ship!”

Oraman was with a woman when he was interrupted.

Just as he was about to lose his temper, the report shut him up.

He immediately put on his clothes and grabbed the remote control.

Opening his door, he asked casually, “Whats going on Did you say the Earthlings have sent someone”

A soldier nodded.

“A spaceship is coming our way! The passengers seem to have known it already.

Theyve dropped their tools and are waiting for the spaceship.

And theyre calling it the Mars Savior!”

Mars Savior

Oraman narrowed his eyes.

He hadnt had an inkling about that.

How did the passengers know

The spaceship was so close that they could see it with their naked eyes.

He shouldnt be told by the soldiers.

It should be Leos job!

As the leading scientist, Dr.

Leo should be the first to notice the spaceship, but he still hadnt said anything!

Oraman narrowed his eyes.

He had suspicions about Maruses loyalty before, but it had never occurred to him that even Leo would betray him.

“Take me to Maruse!”

“But… Outside…”


Oraman glanced at the soldier.

The soldier felt his blood had gone cold.

Why was this happening

Their president had his temper, but he had never been like this before.

The soldier didnt dare think too much, fearing that Oraman could see through him.


The soldier dropped to his knees and trembled.


President, I shouldnt have said that!”


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