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Leo stopped what he was doing.

He had been typing so fast because he wanted to get into the system to override the remote control.

However, Oraman had just destroyed it.

There was no point in hacking the system anymore.

The only good news was their goal had been achieved.

Although Oraman himself smashed the remote control, they still got what they wanted.

As a result, Leo didnt think his efforts had been wasted.

If he hadnt been doing this, maybe Oraman wouldnt have smashed the remote control.

He believed he was the cause.


President, youve changed…” Upon hearing Oramans strange speech, Maruse felt Oraman had turned into a devil from hell!

“Maruse, if I want to, you can drop dead at any moment just like that soldier.

But I didnt do that.

I appreciate your talent, so Im giving you one last chance.

“Be my loyal servant and rule this universe with me, or be ignorant and betray me.

Its your choice.”

Maruse took a deep breath and said in a trembling voice, “Oraman, youve completely lost your mind!”

“Lost my mind” Oraman saw what Maruse meant.

“Have I Maybe I have! Maybe this is just a crazy world!

“Maruse, Id like to ask you one last question before you die.

What do you think we live for”

Maruse didnt reply.

He thought Oraman was spouting nonsense.

He wasnt afraid of death.

He had led to the destruction of the remote control, and he found his life worthwhile.

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“You arent answering me because you dont know the answer.

Youre so ignorant.

You have no idea how big this world is! Youve never seen its wonders! Dont you want to know why Im getting younger

“Thats because Im God!

“Goodbye, Maruse, my old servant!”

Oraman raised his left hand and aimed at Maruse and Dr.


Just then, he caught some footsteps.

They werent loud, but he immediately heard them and felt that those people were coming at him.

If he didnt turn around, they would take him by surprise.




Oraman turned around and snorted.

“Whos there”

The footsteps slowed down.

Oraman then saw Drake.

“Drake Soan!”

“Oraman, youve committed heinous crimes! Youre going to die today!” Drake had heard from the passengers what he had done to them.

To keep himself and the soldiers well-fed, Oraman chased millions of people out of the ark and let them die in misery!

That wasnt all.

He even cut the supply of the other passengers to one piece of bread a day.

They were only ordinary people!

Drake was furious when he saw the emaciated passengers.

He wanted to kill Oraman in the cruelest way possible.

However, he calmed himself down.

Once he could think straight again, he felt something was off.

Something was wrong with Oraman.

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“The Soans Its you!

“Such perfect timing! Were only here on Mars because of you!

“No, maybe I should thank you.

If I hadnt come to Mars, I wouldnt have learned such wonderful things!”

Oraman had such mood swings that he looked like he was having a nervous breakdown.

As he raised his hand, Drake narrowed his eyes.

That movement made him uncomfortable.

But he couldnt put his finger on it.

“Drake, run! Oraman killed a man just like that! Hes turned into a monster!” Maruse had closed his eyes, thinking he was going to die.

He just realized what had happened.

Seeing Oraman raising his arm again, he warned Drake without thinking.

Would Drake dodge in time

Maruse didnt want to see another person die.

He didnt feel so sorry for that soldier.

After all, the soldiers had sided with Oraman.

But things were different now.

These were the Soans.

They had come all the way to Mars just to help them.

Maruse didnt want to see anything happen to them!

Drake activated his spiritual essence and saw purple smoke rising out of his body.

Was that what made him uncomfortable

After Drake activated his spiritual essence, he finally saw that purple smoke.

Luckily, Maruse had warned him.

Otherwise, he wouldnt know what hit him.

“Oraman, where did you learn this evil trick”

“Why arent you affected Thats impossible! This cant be happening!” Oraman couldnt understand why his ability had stopped working.

He had tested it over a hundred times.

Why did it fail him all of a sudden

It didnt make any sense!

“You shouldnt be worried about me.

Worry about yourself!” Once the uncomfortable feeling was gone, Drake exploded.

He dashed off and was soon by Oramans side.

He focused most of his spiritual essence on his right hand and sent a formidable punch.


Oraman smashed to the ground, the impact making a 10cm dent on the floor.

The floor of the ark was made of steel.

To create such a deep dent on it would require some inhuman strength!


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