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Himmel Soan took Firey to the west of the flatlands.

“Master, I can control my energy freely now!” Firey was glad when she sensed the change inside her.

To call her a fast learner would be an understatement.

She was so talented.

No matter what she attempted to learn, she mastered it after a brief trial.

She was a born genius, especially fast on things concerning fire.

It had been only a few days, but she had reached the Golden Core Stage.

There was hardly any spiritual essence left on Earth, yet Fireys cultivation level kept rising as if she didnt need any spiritual essence to do that.

“Master, I feel something very familiar on you.

You smell like one of my own! Youre like family!” Firey looked at Himmel Soan curiously.

She seemed to want to find out what that feeling was.

One of her own

He was an immortal, while Firey was the essence of nature.

How could they be of the same kind

Himmel Soan soon came up with an answer.

The essence of nature would find familiarity in another type of essence of nature.

That was to say, Firey had sensed the desert spirit that he carried.

After figuring that out, Himmel Soan took out the desert spirit.

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“Is this what you sensed”

“Yes, sir!”

Firey drooled over the sand Himmel Soan took out.

She said excitedly, “Master, its yummy! Can I eat it I can make great progress!”

As for how much progress she could make, Firey couldnt say for sure.

She couldnt even tell exactly how capable she was.

She only knew she kept getting better.

If she could eat the sand, she would be a lot stronger.

“Does the essence of nature get stronger by consuming other essences I see…” Himmel Soan now knew why so little essence of nature had taken the human form.

Those that hadnt taken the human form had all been consumed by those who had.

That was how they got stronger.

Himmel Soan wanted to give the desert spirit to Firey and see how much stronger she would become.

But he would lose the desert spirit.

He needed it to open the portal.

Without it, the portal wouldnt work.

“You cant eat it.

I still have some use for it, and its not evil in nature.

Its a kind spirit.

I cant let you consume it!”

Himmel Soan then went on to tell Firey the difference between good and bad.

Mars Savior was finally back.




It landed right in front of Himmel Soan.

Once the door opened, the passengers all ran out of the spaceship in a frantic state.

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Himmel Soan understood their feelings, so he didnt stop them.

He only used his spiritual essence to discreetly change their directions so that they wouldnt start a stampede.

Over two million people soon left the spaceship.

Drake and the other members of the three divisions knelt at Himmel Soans feet.

“Patriarch, weve completed the mission.

We rescued 2,813,729 people on Mars.

Among them, there are 3,321 scientists, 2,597 top artists, and 9,628 doctors.

“We lost one man.”

Himmel Soan nodded and broadcast the briefing.

People all over the world heard the numbers.

What they didnt understand was five million people had boarded Eternity.

Only half of those people had come back.

Where was the other half

They were still confused when they saw two familiar faces on the screen.

Maruse and Leo knelt at Himmel Soans feet and repented.


Soan, Im Maruse, the Neigerian defense minister.

Thank you for saving all those people on Mars.

“Oraman blackmailed me into giving him the remote control to detonate the ark.

Then he threw half of the passengers off the ark to save the food, saying we only had enough provisions for a month.

“I feel so sorry for all those dead people…” Maruse banged his forehead on the ground.

He kept doing it until he was bleeding, but that didnt stop him either.

It looked as if he wanted to bang his head two million times.

The viewers didnt know how to react.

They didnt really feel sorry for those people.

After all, they had boarded the Neigerian ark and went to Mars willingly.

They got themselves into this mess, and they only had themselves to blame.

However, the viewers couldnt bring themselves to watch what Maruse was doing.

“Thank you, Mr.


“Thank you, Mr.

Himmel Soan!”

“I love Earth! The air is wonderful!”

“Even the soil is sweet! Thank you, Mr.

Himmel Soan! Ill do anything for you!”

A man kissed the ground and shouted those words.

He wasnt the only one.

Many people were kissing the ground like him.

Before, they would find the soil too dirty to get on their shoes.

Returning to Earth was the best thing that had ever happened to them.

Himmel Soan cut the video feed at that moment.

Some things were too important to let other people see.

“Drake, Phoebe, Liam, come onto the spaceship.”

“Yes, sir!”

The three people boarded the spaceship.

Drake then took out the purple smoke.

“Patriarch, this is the purple smoke Oraman was using.”

“Here are some books from Mars.

I didnt dare read them.” Phoebe took out the books.


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