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Those idiots!


Koji was furious when he saw the news online.

Those people were going to get him killed!

Charles never mentioned Flamia when he rearranged the countries.

It was obvious that he wasnt happy with them!

Flamia used to be Neiges lackey, and everybody saw what Neige had become under Oramans leadership.

Moons technology level had surpassed Neige by decades.

Even Atlantis, a fifth-age kingdom, had joined Moon.

Any force that had set itself against Moon never ended well.

Koji felt like he had been set on fire.

He immediately posted an article to clarify things.

“I used to be the Flamian president, and Im now the regional head of the Flamia Region under the Soilia State.

I dont have any objection to President Chow!

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“I dont have nearly enough ability to be the new president.


Chow is the only one qualified for that job.

Im happy to be where I am now.

“Im sorry for what I did before.

Ill do my best to lead this region and contribute to our country with everything I can offer!

“All those discussions about Flamia have nothing to do with me!”

Koji was a little relieved after the article was posted.

He didnt let those people use him as an imaginary leader.

Flamia had never been Moons friend.

Now that everybody had joined Moon, Koji only wanted to become an ordinary regional leader that wouldnt catch anybodys attention.

However, that moron Murai decided to become a star, spoiling his plans.

Koji had no choice but to demonstrate his loyalty to Moon.

He wasnt a president anymore.

Otherwise, he would have arrested Murai for all the bull** he had said.

Other states and regions also posted corresponding articles once Koji made the move.

It had set an example for them.

They didnt want something like that to happen to them because they were no longer presidents.

If they didnt clarify things in time, they might soon become suspects themselves.

They were all once presidents of various countries and understood how such things worked.

As the leader of this movement, Murai saw Kojis article as well.

He was perplexed.

He thought that with their effort, Koji might actually become the president of the entire world.

However, the article shattered his dream.

“I see! President Koji is a humble man.

Thats why he wrote that article!” Murai laughed when he thought he had seen through Kojis intention.

While thinking that if he worked harder, Koji would reward him once he became the president, Murai started typing again.

“Everybody, do you see how humble the Flamian president is He used to be the president of a country, but hes so modest now and is working for Mr.

President without complaint!

“It shows no matter where he is or what job hes doing, hes always diligent.

Hes only a regional leader now, but hes doing his best to run the Flamia Region.

What if he becomes the president

“When he becomes the only president in this world, hell do an excellent job.

Hell discuss with all of us before setting these complicated rules!

“Something like this would never have happened under his leadership.

Charles Chow refuses to listen to our opinions.

He even set up all those laws and threatened us.

I wont recognize him as my president!

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“Koji is the ideal choice for the job!”

Many people reposted the article.

They didnt really care who the president was.

They only cared about their own benefits.

The Moonian rules had harmed their personal interests.

Even if Murai hadnt said anything, someone else would have done the same.

They were glad someone had spoken up for them.

“Thats right.

I think the only president on Earth should listen to his people!”

“How can we all follow the Moonian rules”

“Some of the rules should be removed!”

“Thats right! Why are there regulations on setting up websites That doesnt make any sense at all!”

“This rule is also very unreasonable!”


Over ten million people supported Murai.

It had only been a little while since he posted that new article.

As time passed, more people would show their support.

The number could reach a hundred million!

“The Moonian rules are all very considerate!”

“You people were begging to join Moon earlier.

Now that youve become a Moonian, youre criticizing it! It doesnt work like that!”

“Thats right.

I knew this was going to happen when they joined Moon!”

“If you cant adapt to your new country, you can give up your nationality! Stop nagging!”

“We never said anything about your vice, but youre complaining about our rules! How ridiculous!”

“You wanted this, so quit complaining! Who gave you the idea that you could change the president”

Many Moonians couldnt stand those people anymore.

Even the Atlanteans hadnt complained about anything when they joined Moon, and they were from the fifth age.

Why were those people so demanding

They had joined Moon, and all they needed to do was to adapt.

The Moonian rules werent strict.

They only concern basic morality.

Why couldnt they live with such rules

They were nitpicking!

“Murai of the Flamia Region has been making reactionary speeches online, inciting the public.

Such behavior wont be tolerated! He is sentenced to life imprisonment!”


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