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Soon, an announcement appeared online.

Everybody cheered when they saw Murai receive his punishment.

He deserved it for the dangerous speeches he had been making online.

“I wont accept it! They cant treat me—” Murai posted an incomplete comment.

He didnt even finish that sentence.

It didnt take a genius to figure out what he wanted to say.

Obviously, he was unhappy with his punishment.

As for why he posted an unfinished sentence, he was probably arrested.

As expected, a video about Murais arrest was posted online before long.

Many people were glad to see how things had turned out.

After Murais arrest, some of his supporters were apprehended and convicted as well.

“Murai has been punished for his inappropriate speeches.

The president is our faith.

Anyone slandering him is unacceptable!

“If anyone has any opinion about the president, they can make suggestions, and well report it to the president once we reach an agreement.

Well offer a suitable reply or explanation after careful discussion.

“Using an extreme approach like Murais is a dangerous method.

We dont want a second Murai!

“Were all Moonians now.

We should love one another.

I think Mr.

Soan would want that, too!”

Henry and Gordon wrote an article together, trying to remind everybody.

There was only one country in this world now.

People shouldnt be looking at things in the old way.

To stop people from creating more trouble, they even mentioned Himmel Soan.

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It worked.

After that, the online world calmed down.

That was right!


Soan wouldnt want to see that!

Nobody wanted to disturb Mr.

Soan because of such things.

After all, he was the greatest scientist on Earth.

He was everybodys God.

He had come up with the idea of a portal and had been working on it.

If they disappointed Mr.

Soan and he stopped building the portal, they would become the ultimate sinners.

Back at the Soan manor, Himmel Soan was in high spirits.

He had been absorbing energy from the meteorite core pieces for the past three days.

He knew what had been happening online, but it didnt bother him.

It was normal for people to have emotions, and quarrels were a part of life.

He wouldnt intervene with that.

After absorbing the energy from the last piece of meteorite core, he rose to his feet.

The energy he gave off affected the world.

Everybody felt a sense of oppression and was filled with fear.

That feeling was much more significant than when they learned a meteorite was going to smash into Earth.

However, it only lasted for a fraction of a second before it disappeared.

It almost felt like an illusion, but everybody knew it had happened.

That was they were much more relaxed after that feeling was gone.

Some people suffering from high blood pressure and heart diseases felt much better afterward.

Some patients with minor conditions even got cured of their diseases.

Many people felt uplifted.

Himmel Soan exhaled the impure energy.

The next second, he arrived at the three divisions room.

“Drake, Phoebe, Liam, how are you doing” He could see through their cultivation level at a glance, but he didnt want to do it.

Everybody was entitled to their privacy, and Himmel Soan had no intention of invading it.

Hed rather have them tell him.

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“Patriarch, Im one step from reaching the Golden Core Stage!” Drake cupped his fists in excitement.

Cultivation was a difficult process, and breaking into the next stage was always exceptionally challenging.

They werent very intuitive cultivators, which was why they were only at the Foundation Establishment and Essence Refining Stages before.

However, the trip to Mars had provided them with such a great opportunity that they were on the verge of reaching the Golden Core Stage.

They would never have another opportunity like this!

They were full of gratitude toward Himmel Soan.

The higher their cultivation levels were, the more they admired him.

Without the opportunity given by their Patriarch, they probably would never reach this level in their life.

“Patriarch, Im not as intuitive as Drake.

Im only at Level 8 of the Foundation Establishment Stage.” Just like Drake, Phoebe was grateful for Himmel Soans help.

Her only mission on Mars was to pick up stones.

She did nothing else.

After seeing Drakes battle with Oraman, she didnt think she should receive such a generous reward.

The purple smoke was defeated because Drake had fought hard, and Liam had lent him a hand.

She didnt lift a finger.

Therefore, she felt undeserving.

“Patriarch, I think you should have given the spiritual essence to my brothers only.

I didnt do anything—”

“No! The spiritual essence should have all gone to Drake.

I didnt do much either.

I wouldnt have defeated Oraman if he hadnt severely injured him.

“Im only on Level 9 now.

If the spiritual essence was all given to Drake, maybe he would have reached the Golden Core Stage already!” Liam cut off Phoebe and spoke his mind.

Phoebe agreed with him.

If the spiritual essence had all been given to Drake, he would probably have made the breakthrough.

Reaching the Golden Core Stage would also prolong his life.

Unfortunately, the two of them had absorbed the portion given to them.

“If all the spiritual essence was given to Drake, he would explode! Your cultivation levels are indeed lower than I expected.

“Firey, train them!”

Himmel Soan created a spiritual essence dome and put all four of them inside.

Absorbing the spiritual essence alone wasnt enough.

They needed to train themselves in actual battles.

Drake hadnt made the breakthrough probably because he needed the practice.

If he went through another difficult battle, he would definitely make the breakthrough!


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