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The comment put a full stop to the speculations.

What they saw was real.

She had indeed covered 150 feet in two seconds!

That speed could break the record of any competition!

In that case, there was nothing to argue about.

Although they were astonished and found it hard to believe, they had to accept reality.

However, wasnt this supposed to be a sword testing

Where was the effect

How was the sword tested

Two seconds had passed, but neither the sword nor the scarecrow had moved.

“I found the shadow of the sword from one of the frames.

Ive uploaded the photo!”

Over a hundred thousand people clicked on that photo in the next minute.

They all saw what looked like a swords shadow in that photo.

But it was only a shadow.

“Did she use the sword or not I thought she was going to strike each item in turn!”

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“Me, too! I didnt expect to see something so astonishing.”

“Astonishing You didnt see anything! Why are you astonished”

“Did she really strike the scarecrow Its still intact…”


As if responding to the question, the scarecrow exploded at that moment.

It wasnt cut into two halves.

It exploded from the center!

Ella had returned to her original spot, showing no intentions of striking again.

“Is that real”

“Even if she did use the sword, why did the scarecrow explode”

“Have they hidden a time bomb in the scarecrow and detonated it just now”

“Why else would the scarecrow explode”

No one tried to retort this suggestion.

They all thought along the same line.

If the scarecrow had been sliced open by the blade, everybody would be awestruck and wouldnt have any doubts.

However, an explosion just wasnt something a sword could do.


Thump! Thump!

The viewers heard some sounds.

Next to the scarecrow, the wooden post and the iron stick also blew up.

What on earth had happened

Was that the effect of a single sword slash

That couldnt be the case!

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It suggested the sword had destroyed all three targets by making them explode from the center.

Such an effect was too incredible to be real.

Was there really a time bomb

That shouldnt be it either.

If that were true, why would Mr.

Himmel Soan start this livestream He would only humiliate himself!


Himmel Soan would never do such a thing, not to mention the time bombs were nowhere to be seen.

“Not bad,” Himmel Soan said casually.

He didnt explain what he was referring to.

He could be talking about the Soanian Sword, or he could be complimenting Ella.

He could also be referring to both.

Roams also grew excited when he saw the result.

These people could release all the energy in the swords!

The other five finally opened their eyes and took out their swords.

Some of them stood where they were.

They simply drew the sword and put it back, and the three objects were cut into halves.

Some walked up to the three objects and effortlessly cut them in half while others repeated Ella, and the objects exploded from the middle.

After testing the swords, they stood behind Himmel Soan and waited for his instructions.

Once everybody had finished, Himmel Soan spoke again, “The test went well.

Just like what youve seen, the swords have done a great job.

The purpose of this experiment is to keep Moon safe.

“Well make a hundred Soanian Swords, which will be given to the members of the three divisions.

Those hundred members will then join the Moonian army as the Soanian Troop.

Theyll be following the presidents order!

“I know everybody is concerned with whats going on, so Im going to pick a few questions and answer them.

“First question: Whats the Soanian Sword made of Why are they made Why are they given to the Soans only”

Himmel Soan paused at that point.

Of course, he had answers to all the questions.

However, he thought giving it a pause would make it easier for everybody to follow.

Thinking that he had waited long enough, he resumed in an unhurried tone, “The Soanian Sword is made of Martian rocks we collected when we rescued those people from Mars.

“Weve forged the Soanian Swords to strengthen Moon.

Although this is the age of firearms, those weapons arent the answer for everything.

Sometimes, cold steel is still useful, which is why weve built the Soanian Swords.

“As for why theyre for the Soans only…

“Theyre complicated weapons that only the Soans can master.

Itll recognize the first person who smears their blood on the blade as its master.

If other people try to use it by force, the sword will explode!”

Himmel Soan didnt go into details.

It was impossible to explain.

He couldnt tell the people that the Soans were cultivators for which the swords were built.

Therefore, he made up a rough description.

He then moved on to answering the other questions.

Most people only cared about the first question.

Many people lost interest when they heard the swords were for the Soans only.

They had imagined owning an awesome sword on their own.

Once that was out of the picture, many related questions disappeared.

For instance, the price of the sword.

Ordinary people couldnt use the sword, and it had a risk of exploding.

Even if they could buy the sword, it would be like a ticking time bomb.

No one would want to keep such a thing at home.

However, they were still intrigued.

Those five people demonstrated how powerful the sword was.

It could cut iron like cutting through butter.

Everybody would want one of their own.

Even if they couldnt use it, they could still enjoy its presence.

Unfortunately, the sword could explode.


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