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The snow stopped once Himmel Soan woke up from his reverie.

Firey kept holding him from behind.

He didnt look back, still staring out of the window.

The only difference was that his expression wasnt as empty as before.

There was something tender about it as if he was cherishing the memory of someone.

Outside, people were still gazing up at the sky.

They kept guessing when the snow would stop.

Some said the next day, some said two days later, while others said it would never stop.

The snow was so heavy, and the weather was so abnormal.

Everything from the drizzle to this snow was out of the ordinary.

No one should be able to remain dry in the rain.

The weather change had reached the supernatural realm that even the scientists couldnt offer an explanation for.

“I wonder what Mr.

Himmel Soan thinks about the weather.

He must have some unique views.”

“I agree.


Himmel Soan is a scientist, so he must know whats going on.”

“Not necessarily.

The weather is too abnormal.


Himmel Soan hasnt said anything yet.

Maybe even he doesnt know what to do.”

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“Maybe hes resting! Weve been asking him to analyze things all the time.

He must be tired!”

“Thats right.

So what if Mr.

Himmel Soan wouldnt analyze it No one can even collect the rainwater.

How is he going to analyze it when you have nothing to study”

“But everything has happened so fast.

The snow became heavy, then it just stopped.

Its incredible.”

“Incredible Thats not the most incredible thing! The snow is waist-high, and it should slowly melt away.

At least it should turn into the water first, but the snow just disappeared.

Look! Theres nothing on the road.”

“I collected a jar of snow, but it has disappeared.

Even if it melted, there should be water in the jar, yet its completely empty.

Thats so strange!”


Charles was reading the comments online.

He was very concerned with the drastic change in the weather.

He was more eager than anybody to find out the cause.

After all, he was the president, and he needed to know such things.

He couldnt afford to have things go wrong.

However, the strange weather was gone as fast as it started.

It was as if nothing had happened.

He didnt know where to start his investigation.

He had contacted Dr.

Leo, Roams, and other scientists.

None of them could give Charles a definitive answer.

They all said they couldnt collect anything, and there was nothing they could work on.

So far, the whole thing remained a mystery.

“Will Mr.

Soan know the cause I think so.

If it cant be explained scientifically, what about from a supernatural angle Maybe we can find out the truth.”

He looked at his phone again.

He had sent Himmel Soan a text message, but he hadnt replied.

Charles was a little uneasy.

“It shouldnt be a big deal… If something bad is going to happen, Mr.

Soan should be the first to detect it.

Hell call me immediately if things are serious, or hell talk about it on a livestream to tell us how to solve it.

Since he hasnt contacted me, Im sure nothing is out of the ordinary.”

Charles felt much more relaxed.

He had no doubt that Mr.

Soan would be the first to detect abnormal things.

For instance, the incoming meteorite earlier.


Soan was the first to notice it, and he quickly offered a solution.

This weather should be the same.

If it would affect Earth, Mr.

Soan would have noticed it first and tried to solve the problem.

Therefore, Charles concluded that the weather wouldnt affect Earth.

Otherwise, Mr.

Soan would have said something.

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However, that conclusion wouldnt be enough.

The more important thing was to explain it to the rest of the world.

The weather was so strange that if an explanation wasnt offered, people would have all kinds of speculations.

If one wanted to, they could shift public opinion and instigate a lot of people.

Charles wondered what explanation he should give.

Should he explain it on behalf of Mr.


But Mr.

Soan hadnt replied yet.

If he used him as an excuse without his permission, he could offend him.

Charles soon gave up on that idea.

Even with everything that had happened, he still needed to respect Mr.

Soans opinion.

He checked his phone again before making up his mind.

If Mr.

Soan didnt reply in the next hour, he would go see him.

Meanwhile, people were discussing the weather online.

It became the most popular subject.

“I thought the snow was never going to stop, and Earth was going to be buried in snow!”

“Thats right.

The snow was falling so fast.

I thought it was the end of the world!”

“It was so strange! I tried to melt the snow with fire, but I couldnt! It didnt seem real.

Then it just disappeared.

Theres nothing left!”

“So weird! I think its the sign of the end of the world!”


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