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Being the leading scientist on Earth, Roams had great authority.

He was second to Himmel Soan only.

They were both the best scientists.

Although Roams would never surpass Himmel Soan in his lifetime, no one could deny that he was the second best scientist behind Himmel Soan.

Now that Himmel Soan wasnt around, his words made the most sense.

Other people lost hope after hearing what he said.

They had to wait so long! Two or three decades!

Charles and the Soans all fell silent.

To Charles, Himmel Soan was the faith and God of Moon.

With him gone, Moon would lose its God.

Moon was able to unify the world and became so powerful all because of Mr.

Soan, the incredible man.

If he wasnt coming, Charles didnt know what would happen next.

He couldnt imagine how the public would react once they received this news.

He didnt dare imagine.

For the Soans, they felt they would lose their purpose in life if the Patriarch didnt come.

They had lost their Patriarch once thirty years ago.

Were they going to lose him again

Himmel Soan slowly opened his eyes.

He saw a forest with tall trees.

Each tree was 10 feet wide and over 150 feet tall.

“Im not on Earth, but this is not K18 either.”

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He had never seen such trees on Earth.

There were no large forests like this on K18 either.

Himmel Soan tried to explore the woods and the planet with his mental power.

However, something blocked him.

His power couldnt go beyond 300 feet.

He was astonished.

But he soon calmed down and analyzed his current situation.


He remembered.

A moment ago, he was on Earth and was going to K18 through the portal.

Just as he was about to reach his destination, he saw Gina.

He was inside the portal when he saw her.

Overcome by tumultuous emotions, the drastic change affected the space around him.

Even the portal became unstable.

Himmel Soan didnt care about any of that.

He only wanted to tear open the portal and return to Earth.

He wanted to see if it really was Gina.

500 years.

He had waited for 500 years!

He was beyond anxious when he saw Gina again.

No one could understand his feelings.

However, he was momentarily blinded by bright white light when he tore down the portal.

The white light was so intense that he couldnt open his eyes.

Now that he could finally open his eyes, he realized he wasnt on Earth.

To make it worse, he wasnt even on K18!

He was a little flustered when he found out what had happened, but it was better than when he was in the portal.

His top priority was to find which planet this was.

Then, he would return to Earth.

That was all he could think of.

Although he had only caught a glimpse of Gina, he still wanted to return to Earth even if he could only find very few clues.

Yet no matter how hard he tried, he couldnt expand his metal force further than 300 feet.

“What is this place” Himmel Soan searched his memory.

He had scoured through every corner of the universe when he was looking for Gina, combing every single planet.

Most planets could jog his memory at first glance.

He still remembered something about K18; that was why he could set up the portal so fast.

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He didnt recognize anything on his planet.

This place didnt exist in his memory.

An incredible idea jumped into his mind.

“Am I not in the universe where Earth was in Ive torn open the wall of the universe in the past, and theres only a void outside.

How can anything exist beyond that

“But this is real.

This isnt my universe, but can I find Gina here

“Did Gina lead me to this world”

Himmel Soan thought of many possibilities.

The probability of any of them happening was very low.

However, he would test each conjecture as long as it was relevant.

If it turned out to be true, he would find Gina.

With that thought in mind, he studied his surroundings.

Gina could be on this planet.

To find her, he needed to know everything about this place.

“The spiritual essence is so dense here!”

Only then did he notice the density of the spiritual essence.

To a cultivator, spiritual essence was like water and food to an ordinary person.

Himmel Soans cultivation ability was invincible, but he couldnt do much if he didnt have spiritual essence.

That was what happened in Atlantis.

He had used up his spiritual essence, or he wouldnt have been locked up.

After sensing the spiritual essence, he realized his own situation.

He had recovered 0.3% of his full strength before using 0.1% to transport the materials.

However, he had almost run out of his spiritual essence again!

He only had 0.01% left!

He could replenish his spiritual essence here, but he wouldnt stay.


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