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No matter what faith they had, all the Earthlings viewed Himmel Soan as the most important figure.

Even if he wasnt God, he was still the greatest man on Earth.

He was someone unparalleled in history, and there would be no one like him in the future.

Charles read the article as well.

He was deeply touched.

The article also came with a more detailed version that enumerated all the things Himmel Soan and the Soans had done for the Earthlings, even listing which individuals they had saved in each country.

The article was dozens of pages long.

The content astonished everyone who read it.

No one could read it without feeling greatly touched.

The article simply stated the facts.

It hadnt added anything unnecessary.

Even so, the readers still burst into tears when they read the plain facts.

Charles went to a military base.

He soon saw the soldiers with swords.

With their special weapons, the Soans were very easy to spot.

Everybody would notice them as soon as they stepped into the base.

There were only a hundred of them.

The number was negligible when compared to the number of ordinary soldiers.

Yet, no one could disregard them.

The energy they gave off was impossible to ignore!

People would notice them wherever they went!

Meanwhile, Ella spotted Charles as well.

She didnt know why he was here, but she felt he had come for the Soans.

Ella was the leader of this group of Soans.

She ordered the others to stop their practice.

She then saluted Charles.



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“Captain Soan, you flatter me! The Soans dont need to salute me!” Charles waves his hands.

He had announced before that the Soans didnt need to salute or bow to anyone on Earth.

Other people would have been thrilled by this rule, but the Soans didnt seem to think much of it.

All the Soans still saluted Charles whenever they met him.

Charles didnt know what to do.

He felt he didnt deserve the courtesy, but the Soans did it anyway; he had to accept it.

“Youre members of the Soans.


Himmel Soan asked you to join the Moonian army to keep everything in order while we went through the portal.

“It has been a month since we arrived at K18, and the portal has long closed.

Everything has settled down already.

I think you can go back to your people now.

Theres no need to stay in the military base anymore,” said Charles.

Despite knowing that those words might be taken the wrong way, he still made the speech.

He knew that these hundred Soans wanted to join the others and wait for Mr.

Himmel Soans return.

The only reason they were here was that Mr.

Himmel Soan had given them the mission to join the Moonian army and help the country.

Now that things had settled down, Charles was concerned about them, hence the little speech.

However, that speech might be misinterpreted.

The power of the Soans was quite influential.

They were like the prime minister in ancient times.

Historically, when the prime minister had so much power that the emperor felt threatened, he would try to weaken the prime ministers influence in various ways, quite similar to what was happening now.

The only difference was that Charles had always wanted Himmel Soan to become the president, but he wouldnt take the job.

Charles had said those words because he wanted the Soans to do things they really wanted.

Ella was thrilled to hear those words.

It was the best news for them.

However, the excitement in her eyes soon disappeared, replaced by regret.


President, we know you mean well, and were grateful for that.

But we cant take that offer.

The Patriarch ordered us to join the army to enhance the military force.

“Youve asked us to leave the army and go back to the Soans to wait for the Patriarchs return, but thats against the Patriarchs order.

“Im sorry, but please revoke your command.”

Ella cupped her hands to show her gratitude.

She couldnt disobey the Patriarchs order because of what Charles said.

If she followed Charless order, what would they tell the Patriarch when he returned

The Patriarchs order always had the highest authority.

If he didnt command them to leave the army, they would remain here till they died.

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Charles smiled bitterly.

He had anticipated a reply like that before he came.

However, he didnt expect Ella would turn him down so directly.

Revoke his command… Charles felt conflicted.

He couldnt tell them to leave the army again.

Of course, he had a backup plan.

“Captain, since youve joined the Moonian army and Im the president, youll need to follow my order on certain things.”

Ella gave it a thought and nodded.

“Were not going to leave the army.

The Patriarchs order is always above yours.

I hope you can understand.”

That didnt surprise Charles.

He had other plans.

“As soldiers, you must carry out my order.

I now command you to go to the Soan residence and wait for Mr.

Himmel Soan there.

“If the country needs you, I can always summon you!”


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