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The other villages had doubts about his words.

“Oech, are you kidding me”

“Even if the animals have eaten over half of the bear, whats left of it is still too heavy for the two of you to carry!”

“Even twenty villagers cant do that!”

“Oech, please tell us the truth.

What happened Does it have something to do with him”

“Were all from the same village.

Are you going to keep things from us”

The villagers were full of questions, and they all wanted an answer.

Oech frowned and bit his lips.

He had spent most of his life here and knew what the villagers were like.

He didnt want to tell them the truth about Himmel Soan.

If he did, they might chase Himmel Soan away.

They might even exploit the teenagers strength and give him too much work to do.

Oech didnt like either possibility.

“I made a breakthrough.

Thats how we were able to carry the carcass.

We took many breaks on our way back.

Enough on that subject.

We should let the hunters return and share the bear.”


No one quite believed everything he said.

However, Oech was right.

The most important thing now was to share the meat among the villagers.

It had been a while since they could eat as much meat as they wanted.

With the size of the bear, every villager would get a considerable amount.

At that thought, they forgot about everything else.

All they saw was this big chunk of meat.

Before long, the hunters came back, all looking defeated.

They hadnt caught anything today, which utterly disappointed them.

However, they were dumbfounded when they returned.

No one could believe their ears when they heard what had happened.

“Did you say Oech brought back this bear”

“Are we going to share its meat”

“Has Oech recovered his strength”

The hunters were more astonished than the villagers.

They had spent the most time with Oech and knew what he could and couldnt do.

Even if he had recovered his full strength and made a breakthrough, he wouldnt be able to carry that bear back.

But they didnt say anything.

Just like the other villagers, they wanted to share the meat first.

They needed the food.

That was always the top priority.

Otherwise, they wouldnt have let Oech take Himmel Soan away this morning without any objections.

Before long, the bear was divided into over 50 portions, each one over 100 pounds.

They wouldnt need to worry about food for the next week.

If they rationed their food, it would last two weeks.

By the time they finished sharing the meat, the sun was setting.

They all went back home.

Oech and Himmel Soan also returned home.

With the meat, they could have a feast tonight.

Oech cut over two pounds of meat and made a big meal to thank Himmel Soan.

Without the teenager, he would never be able to bring back that bear.

After dinner, Oech couldnt help but ask, “Who are you How could you lift that bear so easily”

Himmel Soan said, “Im just an ordinary person.”

“How could an ordinary person do that—wait! You can speak!” Oech was astonished.

He stared at Himmel Soan in disbelief.

“I couldnt before, but I can now,” Himmel Soan said calmly.

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After two days, he finally figured out the language of this world, though it still required some practice.

It took Oech a moment to digest the information.

Himmel Soan could finally communicate with him.

He could ask all the questions he wanted.

“I didnt know you could speak.

Thats why Ive been talking to myself.

But you can speak now… thats good.

What do you mean by you couldnt before Did you lose your memory” Oech asked tentatively.

Himmel Soan hesitated.

He had been looking for an excuse to ask questions about this world.

He couldnt tell them he had fallen into this world from some other universe.

No one would believe him and would regard him as crazy.

However, Oech had provided him with a good excuse.

Himmel Soan nodded.

“How much do you remember” Oech asked.

“Not much.

I only know my name is Himmel Soan.”

“Soan! You should change your surname! That surname is forbidden here!” Oech looked terrified as if he had heard the most terrifying news.

Himmel Soan frowned.

It was just a surname.

Why would he have such a big reaction

“Why Why cant Soan be mentioned”

Oech didnt reply immediately.

He thought for a long time, trying to figure out what to say.

“I dont know why you have that surname, and Im not telling you to change it, but youd better hide it.

Dont let other people know.

“As for why, I dont know the answer.

It has been a rule in Stelladom for a long time.

No one has that surname because itll get you in prison.

Youd better keep it to yourself.

“You can have whatever surname you want as long as its not one of the royal surnames.”


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