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Bliss Care Center.

Where there were people, there was gossip, and reporters loved such news.

They would never miss such an event.

Many influencers had also gotten wind of it and already set up their cameras.

“Daily News here.

An hour ago, Miss Stella Shane, a member of the girl band, revealed her secret past, hinting that her foster father had molested her.

Were here outside Bliss Care Center, trying to find the fathers side of the story.

Please keep tuned for our update.”


“Channel A here.

The incident with the abandoned 70-year-old has taken a different turn.

The old gentleman is suspected of molesting his foster daughter and has gotten what he deserved.

Well find more about the truth later.

Please keep watching.”

“Hi, everyone.

This is Bliss Care Center, and the old pervert that has molested Stella is right inside.

Anyone wants to go in and have a look Leave a message in the comment section below.

Ill break down that door as soon as my followers reach 100,000.”

“Hey, guys, Im right outside the place that the old bastard lives in.

Follow my account, give me a thumbs-up, and Ill take you to him!”

“Youre watching Entertainment Tonight.

To prove that Miss Stella is telling the truth, Ill go inside and confront that old bastard.

Fellas, click the button below and show me some support in the comment section!”


It was like a circus.

Since Warren had paid the care center, the staff was doing all they could to block the gate, but there were simply too many people.

The front gate was barely hanging on the doorframe.


Seeing that the defense line was going to be breached, several crossbows were aimed at the bustling crowd from on top of the surrounding buildings.

There was no fear or sympathy in the bowmens eyes.

Rage was their only emotion because this trash had defiled their god.

The old man inside was ten million times more important than all those people put together, and their deaths wouldnt be enough to atone for their crimes.

They were about to release the arrows when a fleet of cars arrived, their horns blaring.

Over a dozen latest Bugatti cars surrounded Bliss Care Center.

One of the doors opened amid the stunned gazes.

The crowd saw a pair of high heels step out.

Then some long legs.

The person wore a pair of beige wide-leg pants with a blazer of a matching color.

Her shoulder-length hair was swaying in the wind, giving her a capable and efficient look.

She was an extremely beautiful woman.

She had a delicate chin, finely arched brows, a pretty nose, and very kissable lips.


She was in her mid-20s and was a rare beauty.

If she were the moon, Stella would merely be a firefly.

No one could look away from her.

Such a beauty was hard to come by.

The woman stood still and coldly glanced at the crowd in a contemptuous manner before she made a gesture at the people on the rooftops.

She didnt care if they could see her or not.

She then announced, “Clear this place.

Get them out of my sight.”

More car doors opened, and bodyguards in dark suits filed out of the other cars, charging at the crowd that was attacking the front gate.

The unorganized crowd was a rabble of people.

Although they wanted their five-minute fame, they valued their lives more.

Most of them fled the scene right away, but some still wanted to take the risk.

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“Who are you people You have no right to make us leave!”

“Thats right! Im a reporter! The people have the right to know the truth!”

“Touch me, and Ill post your face all over the internet!”


However, the bodyguards ignored all the protests and started throwing punches.

The young woman standing behind them was the only one that could give them orders.

She was Caroline Soan, Himmel Soans first adopted daughter.

He took her in when she was only a baby, and that was 26 years ago.

Himmel gave her a billion dollars when she turned 20 and sent her away to make a career of her own.

Six years later, her security company was worth 10 times more than when it was first established.

It had business in every corner of the world.

Although she wasnt as influential as Warren, she still could have everything she wanted.


Hearing that Himmel Soan was in Bywater, she pushed away everything else and rushed here at once with her elite employees.

She smirked when she saw the crowd cry and scatter, thinking, Pathetic ants.

You wont be slandering my father again.


Ten minutes later, everything quieted down, and the well-trained security officers fell back to their cars and covered the perimeter.

The staff of the care center was dumbfounded.

At first, they were worried that no one would be paying for the old mans stay after six months.

Moments later, they feared that they wouldnt get paid if they didnt guard the door.

But now, they had begun to form new ideas.

“Whos the demented old man Why is he such a big deal And whos this beautiful woman How can she afford so many security guards”

Someone spoke gingerly, “I think shes Miss Soan.”

“Which Miss Soan”

Everyone was intrigued.

“Caroline Soan, the president of IF Security.”


“Shes Caroline Soan”

“Shit, I remember now! She was in the Orient Chamber of Commerce meeting the other day…”

The manager of the care center shuddered after he said those words.

So that was why the middle-aged man inside looked so familiar.

He was Warren Soan, the head of the Orient Chamber of Commerce!

But why would such an influential man come here That old man…

The manager looked at the bodyguards and then at Caroline, who was slowly walking toward the front gate.

He seemed to have realized something.

He immediately told the others to open the front gate and welcome Caroline in with a low bow.

“Miss Soan, are you looking for Mr.

Warren Soan”

Caroline nodded.

“Where is he Take me to him.”

The manager was thrilled when he heard the affirmative answer. Damn! I was right!

Such a bigshot was actually here, in his care center!

Recalling the indignant speech Stella Shane gave in the press conference, the manager clenched his fists.

That starlet had no idea who she had offended.

Warren and Caroline Soan werent someone she could mess with.

He couldnt wait to see what would happen next.


Soan is this way.”

He showed Caroline to the room.

She nodded and opened the door.

The tough young woman, who wouldnt even blink when someone pointed a gun at her head, burst into tears as soon as she spotted Himmel.

“Father, Ive been searching everywhere for you!”


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